Navigating the Transition to Production-Ready AI: Insights for AI Practitioners – Wallaroo AI

It’s imperative for data scientists to recognize that AI models contribute to the overarching strategic objectives of their organization. Their efforts, alongside those of AI teams, are dedicated to advancing the company’s broader goals. This alignment between exploration and application underscores the multifaceted role of data scientists in bridging the gap between theoretical potential and […]

If AI is The Far West – Who’s the Sheriff? – Castordoc

With the release of ChatGPT, companies pledged data assistants to empower users, yet the reality falls short. Crafting transformative chatbots for data interaction proves complex. The gap persists: there’s still no viable data assistant. Integrating a chatbot into chaotic data landscapes only adds chaos. The key? Strong governance, akin to a town needing a good […]

How CIOs Are Weighing The Risks And Benefits of Generative AI – Glean

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of technology, CIOs are now at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge solutions into their organization’s workflows, particularly when it comes to generative AI. Although risk reduction and cost efficiency may have made CIOs initially hesitant to fully embrace it, this latest survey from our partners at Glean discovered that IT […]

Understanding and Implementing the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) – Little Fish

Explore the vital NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) to manage cyber security risks effectively in this blog post from our partners at Littel Fish. Developed by the National Cyber Security Centre, it aligns with the NIS Regulations 2018 and proves adaptable for diverse sectors like healthcare and government. Uniquely, the CAF covers both IT and […]

Generative AI – Cracking the Code to Buisness Growth – Ciklum

Unlock the secrets to business growth with this eBook from our partners at Ciklum, “Generative AI – Cracking the Code to Business Growth.” Download this guide to delve into the transformative power of Generative AI (GenAI) and discover how to revolutionize your business. Gain insights into the significance of customer-centricity in GenAI implementation and learn […]

The Art of Mastering Data Quality for AI and Analytics: 7 Essential Tips for IT Leaders – Informatica

Gartner reports poor data quality costs organizations $10.8 million yearly, likely increasing in digitalized business environments. AI’s significance is evident, with Accenture noting a 40% higher share price likelihood when leaders mention AI. Widespread AI use hinges on quality training data, emphasizing the need for a robust data quality strategy. To capitalize on AI insights, […]

How Data Leaders Empower Teams through Governed Data and AI – Informatica

Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on digital businesses in this eBook, “AI Is Propelling Data Management’s Evolution.” from our partners at Informatica. As AI becomes a driving force across various business facets, organizations must rethink data management strategies. However, inherent risks such as biases, data privacy concerns, and security vulnerabilities demand careful consideration […]

Experience the future at TCS Pace Port™ London

TCS PACE PORT London, a 9,000 sq. ft agile innovation hub, is set to launch in early 2024 in Bishopsgate, London. The facility aims to combine TCS’ capabilities to foster innovation at speed and scale. It offers a physical-digital convergence with superior talent, innovation ecosystems, trendspotting, sandboxes, and tools to transform technology ideas into business […]

Red Sift Report – The Global State of Cyber Resilience

To help organizations achieve cyber resilience, Red Sift conducted a global survey of top executives across diverse industries to better understand the challenges and opportunities they face in safeguarding their digital assets. They released the survey findings recently in a new in-depth report, the “State of Cyber Resilience 2023.” Results in the research report underscore […]
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