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Advisory Board Objectives

"Looking to help identify and define the challenges that should be at the top of any CIO’s agenda"

Lee Cowie, CTO - Merlin Entertainments

"I’d like to make a difference, big or small, to how CIOs, CISOs, CTOs etc share insight, collaborate and influence industry and organisations in what is a fast moving and exciting time for technology and innovation.”

Pankaj Mistry, CISO - EMIS Group

"Offering my support and experience to peers working on current and upcoming challenges"

Wolfgang Bitomsky, CIO - FCC Environment CEE

"I am excited to be able to share the voice of those in the Charity sector with my CIO /CTO colleagues and to help shape the agenda that will benefit us all for today and tomorrow."

Claire Deuchar, CIO - RNLI

"One of the biggest challenges in IT is staying ahead of the curve. Let’s help each other do that!"

Jered Markoff, CTO - World Health Organization

“Helping reshape IT as a business partner and be part of the evolution of management methods to empower our teams”

Xavier Mangin, CIO - Global Blue

"Looking forward to thought-provoking, intriguing exchanges and co-shaping a tangible digital & data agenda across industries"

Michelangelo Canzoneri, Global Head of Digital & Data - Healthcare Merck Group

"Excited to participate with an amazing panel of experts, shaping the agendas of tomorrow"

Pascal Leprovost, CIO - Yves Saint Laurent

"Share best practices so that the CIO is perceived as the first business partner of our companies and inspires our teams so that they are in line with all the changes in our business"

Ghislain Colas des Francs, CIO and Digital Transformation VP - SNCF TER

"Great pleasure to be able to share my experiences alongside so many top technology executives in UK and Europe"

Rui Pedro Silva, Group CDO - Eriks

"In a digital world, companies need world-class IT to drive and sustain digital transformation and to prosper. Let's learn, make mistakes, and share experiences together to help each other succeed!"

Mark Robinson, VP of IT & CISO, EMEA - Ricoh Europe

"Develop IT leaders in a disruptive world to also become effective business leaders"

Sharm Manwani, Executive Professor of IT & Digital Leadership - Henley Business School

"The conference and events industry has become really crowded and it’s difficult to find events that are designed keeping the audience and attendees in mind. My aim is to be the voice of the attendee and provide input enabling CIO Institute to deliver impactful content and events that helps and supports the target audience. It’s about making a difference by leveraging this opportunity to be part of the advisory board."

Jitender Arora, UK CISO, Professional Services

"Our fantastic handpicked advisory board will be looking after the broader interests of the CIO community”

Charmaine Baker, EMEA Head of Production - Global CIO Institute

Benefact Group

Graeme Howard


Covea Insurance


John Gibbs

Chief Information Officer

International Airlines Group


Sharm Manwani

Executive Professor of IT & Digital Leadership

Henley Business School


Joanna Drake

Chief Information Officer

The Hut Group


Adam Forde

Chief Information Officer

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Sundeep Shetty

Sudeep Shetty



Lee Cowie

Lee Cowie


Merlin Entertainments

Mark Allsopp

Mark Allsop

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Digital Officer



Pankaj Mistry


EMIS Group


Ghislain Colas des Francs

CIO and Digital Transformation VP


Xavier Mangin

Xavier Mangin


Global Blue

Valeria Fernandes

Valeria Fernandes

CIO Europe


Mark Robinson, VP of Information Technology & CISO EMEA,

Mark Robinson


Ricoh Europe

Annette Hamann

Annette Hamann



Michelangelo Canzoneri

Michelangelo Canzoneri

Global Head of Digital & Data

Healthcare Merck Group

Jered Markoff

Jered Markoff


World Health Organization

Claire Deuchar



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Rui Pedro Silva

Rui Pedro Silva

Group CDO


FCC Environment CEE

Wolfgang Bitomsky


FCC Environment CEE

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Jitender Arora

UK CISO, Professional Services

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