Conversational AI is blind: The parallels between AI and accessibility challenges – Atos

This blog post delves into the shared challenges faced by people with visual impairments and conversational AI in a digital landscape designed for visual interaction. It draws intriguing parallels between the limitations of AI in interpreting visual content and the reliance of visually impaired individuals on screen readers. Emphasizing the pivotal role of accessibility, the […]

Accelerating Digital Efficiencies With The AI Multiplier

We wanted to share a new and insightful report, ‘Accelerating Digital Efficiency With The AI Multiplier,’ crafted in collaboration with CI&T, a global digital specialist.  This report explores the intricate landscape of digital transformation across European enterprises. It unveils a stark reality – only 7% of businesses feel they are meeting or exceeding their digital […]

Companies are Evolving to Quality Engineering – Planit

Explore the evolving landscape of digital initiatives and the pivotal role of Quality Engineering (QE) in a comprehensive report from our partners at Planit. Delve into how QE goes beyond testing, designing a quality-optimized lifecycle that ensures quality from the start. Gain insights into why organisations are adopting QE and the business benefits it brings. […]

Unleashing the Power of Data: Transforming the Corporate Landscape – SCSK Europe

by SCSK Digital Welcome to the era where information reigns supreme, and its value has never been more pronounced. In the dynamic realm of data-driven enterprises, it’s not just about having data; it’s about democratizing it-making it accessible and usable by everyone within an organization. This concept shift, known as data democratization, is rapidly emerging […]

Setting a Strategy to Embrace AI and Emerging Tech – Global CxO Institute x Tata Communications

In today’s complex enterprise landscape, data is the key to unlocking the full potential of your business. But without the right strategy in place, many businesses are failing to manage and utilise such vast volumes of data effectively, let alone automate related processes. This report, produced in collaboration with Tata Communications, will explore some of […]

Top 5 CIO Challenges and What to Do About Them – OutSystems

CIO challenges in 2023 reflect the ever-increasing expectations, visibility, and importance of the role. Companies expect CIOs to participate in board-level discussions about cybersecurity and tech investments for organizational initiatives. They influence planning, strategy, implementation, and operations. So, as a CIO, you probably feel like there is no area in your company that you don’t […]

90% of your data is unstructured — and it’s full of untapped value – Box GmbH

Uncover the future of streamlined business operations with our latest blog post. Explore the challenges faced by organizations dealing with dispersed teams, security risks, and economic uncertainty. Learn how the Content Cloud by Box can revolutionize the way businesses work, helping them consolidate, collaborate, and secure their content seamlessly. Dive into real-world success stories and […]

Hacker-Powered Security Report 2023 – Hackerone

This report explores insights from hackerone customers & the world’s top hackers including emerging threats, vulnerability rankings & ways to combat cybercrime. Download the Report

How CIOs are changing IT strategy to adopt generative AI – Automation Anywhere

Explore the transformative power of Generative AI with insights from a seasoned IT leader from our partners at Automation Anywhere. Learn how this technology can streamline your application portfolios, reimagine user experiences, simplify data processing, and reshape your team structure. Gain valuable strategies for addressing budget implications and navigating new challenges, ensuring you lead confidently […]
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