How Data Leaders Empower Teams through Governed Data and AI – Informatica

Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on digital businesses in this eBook, "AI Is Propelling Data Management’s Evolution." from our partners at Informatica. As AI becomes a driving force across various business facets, organizations must rethink data management strategies. However, inherent risks such as biases, data privacy concerns, and security vulnerabilities demand careful consideration before fully committing to AI adoption.

Discover how AI adoption urges organizations to elevate their data management maturity, focusing on scalability, quality, and governance of data for AI systems. This eBook emphasizes the growing importance of data security, privacy, and governance for CIOs and IT leaders. Legacy technologies and manual data management processes pose challenges for IT teams, hindering reliable data fueling AI initiatives. Learn how AI-enabled data management platforms can empower IT teams to modernize capabilities, decentralizing the power of AI-driven decision-making across the enterprise. Dive into the contemporary challenges of data and explore how implementing modern data and AI governance can accelerate successful business outcomes.

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