CISO Institute: UK

Global CISO Institute: UK

Location: Central Hall Westminster

Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

Event Summary

CISO Institute Events - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions.

The agenda covers some of the key challenges facing CISOs today, addressing critical cyber & organisational resiliency against cyberattack, the threat of an ever-growing attack surface against your network and  onboarding and how to combat AI-driven threats as well as influencing the C-Suite and looking ahead at security trends in 2024 and beyond.

Featured Attendees


- Discuss strategies for cultivating a culture of innovation within IT teams and across the organisation, fostering creativity and idea generation
- Identify opportunities for innovation within your organisation and align with technology initiatives with overall business objectives
- The importance of staying abreast of technology trends and leverage emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and IoT to drive innovation
- Explore the role of risk-taking and a tolerance for failure in fostering an environment where innovation can thrive, encouraging experimentation and learning from setbacks
- How we can implement strategies to future-proof organisations by anticipating and adapting to evolving technology landscapes, market trends and customer needs

  • Darryl Beckford, Director of Architecture, Consumer, BT (Moderator)
  • Gabriel Chan, IT Director, GAW Capital
  • Elizabeth Akorita, Group Deputy Director, Digital Delivery, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
  • Nick Harris, CIO, Salvation Army Trading Company
  • Joel Deutscher, Executive General Manager – Technology & Innovation, Planit

- We’ll explore what organisational resilience is, how to measure it and provide some common traits that successfully resilient organisations share.
- We’ll look at how these organisations integrate resilience into top management and board level meetings, and associated trends.
- We’ll explore how organisations make better decisions, with some real-world examples of how organisations tackle the most complex cyber security and IT operations challenges.

Shaun Cooney, Field CTO, Splunk

Developing an Effective Digital Security Strategy
Join this discussion to identify and exchange best practice with senior security & IT leaders. An open conversation examining the pain points, roadblocks and nuances of a comprehensive digital security strategy

- The journey to creating a secure cyber ecosystems
- Strengthening your regulatory framework
- Protecting critical information infrastructure

Jennifer Michael, Director M&A Integration, Cyber & Intelligence, Mastercard

Today, organisations are collecting more threat intelligence data, more frequently, and from more sources than ever before. But are they getting the most out of it? In this session, Searchlight Cyber’s Head of Threat Intelligence Engineering, Rob Fitzsimons, will explore how you can elevate the use of threat intelligence in your security team to focus on what matters to your business.

Through a mix of presentation and facilitated discussion, we will cover:

- The common pitfalls in gathering threat intelligence and how to create a constructive dialogue with your analysts.
- How to refine your data sources to cut through the noise and identify threats.
- How to ensure the intel you gather is meeting your company’s cybersecurity requirements and delivering a return.

Searchlight Cyber

Almost every cybersecurity conversation starts off focusing on technologies, but quickly shifts towards discussions about people and policy. The dialogue surrounding AI, and large language-model systems, is no different. Boards want to embrace the potential of generative AI but must ensure they remain mindful of its risks, while staff seek to realise the productivity benefits that generative AI offers without fearing job displacement by future robots.

Join a select group of your cybersecurity peers and representatives from Mimecast for a roundtable where we'll be discussing how to improve security in the era of generative AI and explore the role of humans in our increasingly automated future.

Mikey Molfessis, Manager of Sales Engineering, Mimecast

Cloud native technologies bring a significant change to the technological landscape, offering unprecedented levels of agility and scalability to modernise IT infrastructure and systems. However, within this transformative journey, they may potentially introduce substantial added complexity, widen the skills gap, and enlarge the attack surface. Unmanaged adoption will inevitably result in increased risk for any organisation. Moreover, techniques and disciplines like threat modelling, security architecture, engineering and incident response need to adapt to the cloud native ecosystem to remain effective and support modern organisations in securely designing, deploying and operating cloud native systems. In this talk, we'll present the most common pain points and pitfalls, to then provide an overview of available countermeasures based on ControlPlane's 200+ combined years of cloud native expertise.

Andrew Martin, CEO, Controlplane

  • Are your team members drowning in a sea of alerts? How can you distinguish critical threats from background noise without overwhelming your team?
  • Fortifying your defences: What tools and technology can you use to enhance your real time monitoring and elevate your security posture?
  • How can you utilise AI to automate your processes to streamline the process of identifying and mitigating high-priority risks

Brad Freeman, Director of Technology, SenseOn

We will discuss how organizations can effectively navigate the shared responsibility model to optimize both security and productivity in their software development processes. By understanding the division of responsibilities between SaaS providers and customers, attendees will learn actionable strategies for enhancing security posture without compromising development speed.

Jamie White, Strategic Solutions Engineer, Postman

This session is not just about acknowledging the looming threats of ransomware, data breaches, and cyber extortion, but rather understanding their evolution, intricacies, and the implications for your organisation. More importantly, it aims to bridge the gap between reactive firefighting and proactive planning, casting light on the crucial role that compliance plays and how to re-think your cyber security strategies to gain an upper hand on the front line of cyber-security warfare. In a world where cyber threats can cripple businesses overnight, compliance is no longer a tick-box exercise but a strategic imperative. The discussions will be far-reaching, encompassing how to balance business agility with robust security, and how regulatory compliance can serve as an enabler for businesses rather than an obstacle. This session is a must-attend event for executives who understand that being prepared is not a luxury, but a necessity in today's interconnected business world.


- Understand the importance of renewable energy in critical national infrastructure (CNI), and share best practices for fortifying cyber protection
- Explore existing regulatory frameworks and industry standards for cybersecurity in renewable energy systems and discuss their adequacy and flexibility in addressing emerging threats
- Discover effective strategies for responding to cyber incidents in renewable energy infrastructure to minimise and avoid disruption to critical operations
- Discuss future trends in renewable energy technology and cybersecurity and explore potential challenges and opportunities in fortifying cyber infrastructure for critical operations
Lida Rragami, Head of Cyber Security, Sonnedix

Integrating AI strategies with robust data governance is pivotal for driving innovation and securing competitive advantage in today's digital landscape. This panel will focus on:

- Exploring how to align AI initiatives with data governance frameworks can catalyse innovation while ensuring compliance and data quality.
- Diving into the criticality of ethical AI practices, and discussing actionable strategies for leaders to embed these principles within their organisations to foster trust and transparency.
- Insights into overcoming the challenges of building in-house AI and data expertise, including fostering a culture of continuous learning and the importance of diversity in tech teams to enrich perspectives and innovation.
- A forward-looking discussion on the next wave of trends in the data and AI landscape, preparing leaders to adapt and thrive in the evolving digital ecosystem.

Jon Clay, Data Director, Solera (Moderating)

Martin French, CDO, Apex Group

Ravi Jay, Head of Agile Delivery, Jaguar Land Rover

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Searchlight Cyber
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