CISO Institute: UK

Global CISO Institute: UK

Location: London

Date: Thursday 27th November 2024

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

Event Summary

CISO Institute Events - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions.

The agenda covers some of the key challenges facing CISOs today, addressing critical cyber & organisational resiliency against cyberattack, the threat of an ever-growing attack surface against your network and  onboarding and how to combat AI-driven threats as well as influencing the C-Suite and looking ahead at security trends in 2024 and beyond.

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This session will bring together prescient Security Leaders and other pre-qualified tech leaders to uncover how they can truly understand how to manage risk across their entire enterprise. Improving their risk management practices, elevating their role to high-value leader and harnessing the power of technology to attain a higher level of risk management.

  • Examining the critical role IT has to play in corporate governance, risk management and compliance efforts
  • Bridging the gap between silos to nurture risk expertise cross-functionally and opening lines of communication to gain a broader view on the totality of risk
  • Conducting a business impact analysis to highlight the ways your organisation is vulnerable to risk

Organisations across industry, of all sizes, have experienced a rise in the number of ransomware attacks, amounting to billions of dollars in lost revenue and cost. Senior leaders are desperately seeking solutions to help them become more resilient against the threats posed by these attacks.

  • Educating senior leadership on the importance of a robust cybersecurity strategy, before it’s too late
  • Defining what cyber hygiene looks like for your enterprise
  • Setting your cybersecurity budget in line with the potential cost of your downtime
  • Identifying key risks and vulnerabilities to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities

In this session, hear first hand what it’s like when an organisation realises its data has been breached, and how they reacted in real-time. Reflecting on what they did wrong, what they did right, and what they would do differently could they do it all again.

Recent ransomware attacks have crippled public services and caused significant damage to enterprises across industry. In this session we will explore the latest tools available to protect your organisation from the demands of hackers utilising increasingly sophisticated and prominent ransomware.

  • Assessing the evolution of ransomware and why ransomware attacks are emerging
    Exploring new technologies available to prevent and protect against malware attacks
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities across your enterprise that are open to being exploited
  • Understanding application security and how the implementation of the correct tools can have key benefits for your organisation and improve your cyber resilience
  • How to approach application security to maximise the impact on your organisation
  • How can application security help to keep data secure and protect from sensitive data leaks?

As organizations increasingly look at cloud computing as a means of moving quicker, more agile and increasing flexibility, security demands must keep up with the pace of change. Providing quicker detection, responding in real-time and providing a secure operating model without disruption.

  • Embedding real-time protection & detection efficiency across a hybrid cloud network
  • Taking immediate action on threats to your enterprise through automated response
  • Increasing visibility across your enterprise without sacrificing operational performance

Join this discussion to identify and exchange best practice with senior security & IT leaders. An open conversation examining the pain points, roadblocks and nuances of a comprehensive digital security strategy.

  • The journey to creating a secure cyber ecosystems
  • Strengthening your regulatory framework
  • Protecting critical information infrastructure
  • ‘The human element has been identified as a contributing factor in 95% of all cyber security incidents’
  • What issues arise if security is treated as solely a technology problem and not a whole business/human one with a holistic enterprise security detail?
  • What kind of threats are caused by human error?
  • Why is it important to focus on minimizing the opportunity for human error? In what ways can this be done?
  • How can building a sense of community in your organization create a more resilient business and how can this create real safety and longevity for your business?
  • What are some tips for communicating cyber security best practise?

Hackers are leveraging AI to make their attacks appear more authentic than ever. For senior leadership, it’s not enough to educate your employees anymore, as even the savviest can fall victim. CISO’s need to ensure they are equipped with the right technology to capture these attempts before they reach a human’s hands.

  • Examining the threat that AI poses to your cyber security strategy
  • Finding the right engineer that can blend data science and cyber security to combat next-generation attacks
  • Assessing how AIOps platforms can protect users from future threats

In this session we explore how to effectively work cross functionally to ensure that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to compliance risks. Examining how you can build advocates and champions across the business to protect against risk and guarantee security governance.

CIOs and security leaders are challenged with increasingly complex network security challenges. How can you securely connect anything and everything to bring your entire ecosystem together?

  • Accessing a suite of network connectivity capabilities across your cloud, users and data centres
  • Finding cost-effective and flexible solutions to deliver an immediate ROI
  • Taking a digital-first approach to network security and using tech to augment human behaviours

Businesses face a constant barrage of potential cyber attacks, ranging from simple phishing scams to sophisticated ransomware attacks. It's crucial that you have a plan in place to protect your organization from these threats. This session will discuss the various types of cyber attacks, and the potential impact they can have on your organization's operations and reputation.

  • Automation of threat hunting
  • Proactive risk assessment and event preparedness
  • Ransomware awareness and avoidance

The threat of cyber-attacks is a real and constant danger to organizations of all sizes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your organization is prepared and equipped to deal with these threats effectively.

  • Insights on the latest trends and developments in cybercrime and how organizations can stay ahead of the curve
  • Building a comprehensive cybersecurity framework
  • Critical importance of having a robust incident response plan in place to handle cyber-attacks effectively

Today’s enterprises are more hybrid than ever, which continually represents new challenges for cyber security leaders. This session will explore best practices for keeping your attack surface as small as possible to protect against all vulnerabilities.

  • Managing your risks effectively through rigorous and continuous auditing and best practice cyber hygiene checks
  • Attracting and retaining high quality talent to help create and manage increasingly complex IT environments
  • Keeping up to date with changing regulations and working cross-functionally to ensure compliance

Justifying security investment by making ROI speak for itself, offer a reduction in risk that exceeds cost of adoption - 

  • Learning to speak the language of non-IT stakeholders to achieve organisational buy-in
  • Partnering with key players across the enterprise and understanding their key objectives and performance indicators
  • Key steps to making security an essential component of your operating model
As more and more employees work remotely, ensuring secure access to company resources is crucial for the success of any organization. In this session, we will explore how a cloud-first security architecture can help you upgrade your remote access capabilities and keep your business secure.
  • Benefits of a cloud-first approach to security, including the ability to scale quickly, reduce costs, and improve flexibility
  • How cloud-based security solutions can help you protect your network and data from cyber threats and attacks
  • Overcoming common challenges when implementing cloud-based security solutions, including legacy systems and cultural resistance to change component of your operating model

The threat landscape is continually becoming more complex and dangerous. This session will help you learn about the newest threats and vulnerabilities to your enterprise.

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