CISO Institute: UK

CISO Institute: UK

Location: Ascot

Date: Thursday 21st March 2024

Time: 08:30 - 17:30 GMT

Event Summary

The Global CISO Institute Event Series delivers a world-class full day of collaboration, networking, and discussions focusing on the latest trends and challenges currently faced within the industry. Provided through a dynamic combination of thought leadership and best practice strategies, our exceptional end-user-driven academic platform assists digital business leaders in improving productivity and growth within their organisations.


Some of the key challenges to be explored throughout the day will include the next steps for digital transformation, scaling up cybersecurity, driving business value through data and the importance of technology leadership and culture.


Featuring 80-100 hand-picked C-level & senior IT leaders from our global IT community, the day will consist of thought-provoking Panel discussions, Keynote presentations, interactive Boardrooms, 1-2-1 brokered business meetings, and networking opportunities. Discussions are driven by experts in the field, basing their insights on key business outcomes and allowing all to access powerful and useful content throughout the event.

Dr Beverly McCann

Senior Cyber Security Analyst





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Fabian Libeau

VP of Sales, EMEA


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2024 Agenda

- Explore frameworks that empower CIOs to cultivate a culture of innovation within your teams and discuss the importance of aligning technology initiatives with overall business goals and how strategic innovation can drive long-term success

- Delve into the strategies to effectively navigate and capitalise in digital disruptions and how to successfully adapt to technological changes, emphasise bold decision-making and proactive approaches to stay ahead of the curve

- Examine practical steps and elements to foster a fearless, resilient and forward-thinking IT leadership culture

Graeme Howard, Group Technology Director, Benefact Group - Moderator

Panellists - 

  • Elizabeth Akorita, Group Deputy Director, Digital Delivery, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
  • Praveen Kumar Vadlamani, CDIO & SVP Infrastructure & Technology, Technicolor Creative Studios
  • Mary-Jane Newton, Group Head, Digital Education Products, Nord Anglia Education
  • Danny Attias, CDIO, London Business School

We’ll explore what organisational resilience is, how to measure it and provide some common traits that successfully resilient organisations share.

We’ll look at how these organisations integrate resilience into top management and board level meetings, and associated trends.

We’ll explore how organisations make better decisions, with some real-world examples of how organisations tackle the most complex cyber security and IT operations challenges.

Shaun Cooney, Field CTO, Splunk

In this session, we will explore the current state of email security and the role of automation in combating evolving cyber threats. Join us as we discuss the feasibility, benefits, and challenges of fully automated email security solutions, and gain valuable insights into the future of safeguarding your digital communications.​

Key discussion points:​

· The Journey of Email Security--Take a stroll through the history of email security, spotlighting the key problems it's tackled. We'll unpack how classic strategies have morphed to meet the shapeshifting landscape of cyber threats.​

· Automation Tech Unleashed--Zoom in on the freshest breakthroughs in automation with a spotlight on GenAI and machine learning. Peek behind the curtain to see how these powerhouses are revolutionizing the email security scene, transforming how we spot and smack down threats.​

· Real Talk on Automation's Impact--Let's dig into the nuts and bolts of what fully automated email security brings to the table. We'll sift through real-life examples and gold-standard tactics to figure out if the era of automated email security is now and how it reshapes your cyber game plan.

Justin Pemberton, Sr. Director of Sales, UK & Europe, IRONSCALES

In our digital age, the concept of security has evolved beyond the traditional layers of the OSI model. With our daily dependence on web-based applications and services, browsers have become the primary gateway to information and transactions – in both our personal and professional lives. The security implications of this are profound, and enterprises are struggling to manage this new reality.

Most organisations fail to acknowledge the vital role the browser plays in the enterprise technology stack. While a broad variety of solutions exist to protect the browser, understanding how these fit with your specific business needs and provide the correct capabilities, is an important first step to best address, at scale, the growing volume of threats targeting the browser, the user, and applications.

What will be covered in this roundtable discussion:
- Why organisation need to evaluate the different approaches to browser security
- How the threat landscape is evolving to bypass browser security
- Why browser security is enhancing productivity for users and security teams
- How rethinking browser security can reduce costs and duplication
- What aspects of browser security secure access and data – both for managed and unmanaged endpoints

By the end of this conversation, delegates will learn how to:
- Evaluate browser security options as part of an enterprise security strategy
- Deliver the business and productivity value of rethinking browser security
- Reduce risk while increasing the visibility and control of applications and data

Dan Foster, Menlo Security

- Delve into the current threat landscape and gain a comprehensive understanding of proactive strategies to mitigate risks and safeguard your cloud assets
- Explore the evolving threats targeting cloud environments and understand the implications these can have to your data
- Discuss the prevalence and impact of data breaches in cloud environments, including common attack vectors

Martin Jimmick, Head of Information Security, Whitbread

Today, organisations are collecting more threat intelligence data, more frequently, and from more sources than ever before. But are they getting the most out of it? In this session, Searchlight Cyber’s Head of Threat Intelligence Engineering, Rob Fitzsimons, will explore how you can elevate the use of threat intelligence in your security team to focus on what matters to your business.

Through a mix of presentation and facilitated discussion, we will cover:

- The common pitfalls in gathering threat intelligence and how to create a constructive dialogue with your analysts.
- How to refine your data sources to cut through the noise and identify threats.
- How to ensure the intel you gather is meeting your company’s cybersecurity requirements and delivering a return.

Robert Fitzsimons, Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer, Searchlight

Deep dive into the power of AI triangulation solutions that can simplify cybersecurity complexities through reducing risk, accelerating response times and achieving measurable cost savings. Join industry leaders for an evening of insightful discussions, sharing valuable perspectives on navigating the cyber landscape with confidence. This is your opportunity to stay ahead and ensure resilience in an ever-changing digital world.

David Atkinson, CEO/Founder, SenseOn

A successful cloud security strategy needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of the business and growth of the cloud. Cutting-edge security teams are coming up with new approaches and initiatives to improve their company’s agility through security and accelerate the business. In this session, learn how Wiz helps esure take a modern approach to cloud security.

Tom Finch, Head of Solutions Engineer UKI Region, Wiz

- How does a Security Governance Framework prioritise and address emerging cyber threats in the current landscape?
- Can you elaborate on the key elements that make the Governance Framework adaptable to evolving threat landscapes?
- How do you ensure a balance between proactive risk management and the need for business agility within the organisation?
-How can this Framework align with compliance requirements and standards for risk management, particularly within regulated industries?
- Can you share insights into the integration of threat modelling within the risk management aspects of the Governance Framework?
- How do you communicate the value of the Security Governance Framework and its impact on risk reduction to leadership and stakeholders?
- How does the Framework accommodate and secure the use of emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning while maintaining robust security measures?
- What strategies are employed to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to stay ahead of emerging threats in the cybersecurity landscape?

Andy Piper, CISO, Barclays

- Understand what integrated cyber capabilities entail, encompassing a comprehensive approach that combines various tools, technologies, processes and expertise to defend against cyber threats
- Explore the challenges and benefits of integrating diverse cybersecurity tools, systems and processes to create a cohesive defence posture
- Define the role of governance, risk management and compliance frameworks in guiding the implementation and operation of integrated cyber capabilities, ensuring that they align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices

Lida Rragami, Head of Cyber Security, Sonnedix

Adam Forde, Chief Digital Officer, HBK

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