CISO Institute: USA

CISO Institute: USA

Location: New York City 

Date: Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Time: 08:30 am - 6:30 pm EST

Event Summary

The Global CISO Institute: New York City flagship event gathers the foremost minds in the industry to delve into the pivotal issues shaping the role of tech leaders today.

As we navigate the ever-evolving realm of technology, this event stands as an indispensable forum, spotlighting the paramount challenges of our time: from harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and fortifying cyber-security defenses to deciphering the intricacies of emerging technologies, orchestrating digital transformations, and revolutionizing customer experiences.

Join us in this collaborative journey to unravel the complexities, share insights, and chart a course toward an innovative and resilient future.

2023/2024 Featured Attendees

2023 Chair

Introducing our esteemed event chair at the Global CIO Institute: New York City flagship event, Pat Stahl! In his current role, the Vice President of Technology for WABC-TV, specifically with ABC's Local Television Stations, Pat and his team oversee all aspects of news gathering, production, and distribution.

With a remarkable 17-year career in media technology, Pat has consistently delivered on business needs, showcasing his operational strategy leadership skills. Pat is known for building high-performing, customer-focused teams to execute large-scale, mission-critical projects.

Pat's educational background includes a BA from Rutgers University and an MBA from Columbia University.

Join us at the Cornell University ILR School’s New York City Conference Center on October 18th and benefit from Pat's invaluable insights and passion to mentor and develop diverse teams as he guides us through this exciting event. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from an industry leader dedicated to innovation and customer success!

2023/2024 Speakers

2024 Agenda

Delve into the magical world of AI and Machine Learning. Uncover how these technologies can enchant your business processes, transforming data into actionable insights and automating complex tasks with a flick of the algorithmic wand. The focus is on demystifying AI and ML, moving beyond the buzzwords to practical applications in business settings. This includes understanding how AI can optimize decision-making, improve customer experiences, automate complex processes, and provide predictive analytics. It also covers the challenges in AI implementation, such as data quality, ethical considerations, and the need for skilled personnel.

Addressing the unique challenges posed by a remote or hybrid workforce. Topics include securing remote access, managing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, and ensuring consistent security practices across distributed environments.

This Boardroom discussion delves into the critical realm of securing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are pivotal in modern digital interactions and data exchange. The topic begins by highlighting the importance of APIs in contemporary technology ecosystems and the consequent rise in security threats they face. It addresses how APIs, being gateways to sensitive data and services, are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, making robust security measures essential. The piece then transitions into an exploration of current best practices and challenges in API security. It discusses strategies like implementing robust authentication and authorization protocols, such as OAuth and OpenID Connect, to ensure that only legitimate users and services can access the API. Encryption of data in transit and at rest is emphasized, alongside the importance of rigorous input validation to prevent common attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Implementing a Zero Trust security model is a paradigm shift in cybersecurity. This topic examines the core principles of Zero Trust, which include strict identity verification, micro-segmentation, and least privilege access control. It also discusses practical steps for implementing Zero Trust architectures, the challenges involved in transitioning to this model, and how it can significantly enhance organizational security posture.

Developing a comprehensive cloud strategy is key for modern organizations. This topic explores the various cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), the benefits and challenges of cloud migration, strategies for cloud security and governance, and how to optimize cloud spending. It also looks at hybrid and multi-cloud environments and their role in enhancing business agility.

In the digital age, ethical considerations are paramount. This topic covers the ethical use of technology, particularly AI and big data, the implications of digital decisions on privacy and society, and strategies for developing ethical guidelines and policies

Choose your lunch table based on your preferred discussion topic

  • Security,
  • AI,
  • Digital Transformation,
  • Leadership and talent development,
  • Data Strategy.

Embrace your role as a Data Guardian, protecting the realm of enterprise data from chaos. We'll discuss strategies for robust data governance, ensuring compliance, security, and integrity in a world brimming with data threats. Data governance is crucial in today’s data-driven landscape. This topic covers the development and implementation of policies and procedures that govern data access, quality, and security. It also addresses compliance with evolving regulations, the role of data governance in strategic decision-making, and how proper data management can be a competitive advantage.

Effective IT budgeting is critical for aligning IT initiatives with business goals. This topic covers budget planning processes, cost-benefit analysis of IT investments, strategies for cost optimization, and communicating the value of IT expenditures to stakeholders. It also addresses the challenge of budgeting for rapidly evolving technology needs.

This topic emphasizes the creation and execution of a dynamic Incident Response Plan (IRP), focusing on early detection, swift action, and effective recovery. It delves into forming a skilled Incident Response Team, prepared to tackle various cyber threats and mitigate damage. The discussion highlights the importance of regular plan updates and learnings from past incidents, ensuring the organization's cybersecurity measures evolve to meet new challenges.

Quantum computing presents both opportunities and challenges in cybersecurity. This topic explores the potential impact of quantum computing on current encryption methods, the race for quantum-resistant cryptography, and the need for organizations to start preparing for a post-quantum world. Discussions also cover understanding the timeline of quantum development and proactive strategies for ensuring long-term cryptographic security.

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