CIO Institute: UK

CIO Institute: UK

Location: London

Date: Wednesday 27th November 2024

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

Event Summary

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Dr Beverly McCann

Senior Cyber Security Analyst





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Fabian Libeau

VP of Sales, EMEA


2023 Featured Attendees

2023 Event Chair

Adam Nagus, Experienced Chief Data Officer
Adam Nagus, Experienced Chief Data Officer

2023 Speakers

2024 Agenda

- Best practices for implementing digital transformation initiatives
- The role of emerging technologies in driving business innovation
- Strategies for fostering a culture of continuous innovation and agility
- The importance of cybersecurity in the digital age
- Aligning digital initiatives with overall business strategy and objectives to ensure long-term success

- We’ll explore what organisational resilience is, how to measure it and provide some common traits that successfully resilient organisations share.
- We’ll look at how these organisations integrate resilience into top management and board level meetings, and associated trends.
- We’ll explore how organisations make better decisions, with some real-world examples of how organisations tackle the most complex cyber security and IT operations challenges.

- Analyse strategies to control and optimise cloud expenses, considering factors like resource provisioning, scaling and reserved instances
- Discuss techniques for improving the productivity of cloud-based systems, adopting proactive strategies to optimise cost without compromising performance
- Explore the challenges of navigating excessive options in the market, which make decision-making a complex task as you strive to align cloud products with your unique organisational needs, performance requirements and long-term scalability goals

- Aligning your digital initiatives with overarching business goals and objectives drive meaningful transformation
- Effectively managing organisational change and providing strong leadership to drive digital transformation initiatives forward
- Integrating new digital technologies with existing systems and processes to create a seamless and efficient operational environment

- What constitutes a digital experience in today's business landscape and what are the key components?
- How customer expectations are evolving with digital advancements? And the strategies for meeting and exceeding these expectations
- Explore the common challenges organisations face in enhancing digital experiences and the best practices and solutions to overcome them

- Identifying and Cultivating AI Talent: Examine strategies for identifying potential AI and machine learning talent within existing teams and effective methods to cultivate these skills.
- Bridging the Skills Gap: Discuss approaches to bridge the talent gap in AI and machine learning, including partnerships with educational institutions, upskilling programs, and recruitment strategies.
- Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning: Highlight the importance of creating a workplace culture that encourages continuous learning and innovation in AI and machine learning to keep pace with technological advancements.

- The importance of shaping strategic vision for the digital landscape and emphasising intelligent automation as a key driver
- Explore cutting-edge innovation frameworks empowered by intelligent automation to drive transformative change within your IT infrastructure
- Discuss the tactical approaches to enhancing operational efficiency through the seamless integration of intelligent automation in existing workflows
- Analysing how intelligent automation can be used as a catalyst for sustainable business growth, aligning technology initiatives with long-term business objectives

- Understand how Generative AI will drive innovation and what potential impact this will have on your organisation
- Address ethical implications and considerations associated with Generative AI and discuss strategies for responsible and transparent use
- Defining KPIs for assessing the success of Gen AI initiatives and how we can accurately measure the ROI of these projects

As more and more employees work remotely, ensuring secure access to company resources is crucial for the success of any organization. In this session, we will explore how a cloud-first security architecture can help you upgrade your remote access capabilities and keep your business secure.

  • Benefits of a cloud-first approach to security, including the ability to scale quickly, reduce costs, and improve flexibility
  • How cloud-based security solutions can help you protect your network and data from cyber threats and attacks
  • Overcoming common challenges when implementing cloud-based security solutions, including legacy systems and cultural resistance to change

- Finding the best people with the right skills is key, what approach can we take to successfully obtain the talent needed to close these gaps?
- The steps to creating a resilient workforce that will endure the constantly changing business environment
- What can you do to become more attractive to potential talent? Equally, what do you need to do differently to retain your current workforce?

- Explore the pivotal role of data executives in shaping organizational change and driving data-centric opportunities within corporate strategy. Integrating Data Insights into Corporate

- Planning: Discuss the integration of data analytics into strategic planning, emphasizing the transformation of insights into actionable business strategies and fostering a data-centric culture.

- Case Studies of Successful Strategies: Review real-world examples where data executives have significantly influenced corporate strategy, focusing on the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of these data-driven initiatives.

- Analyse how the use of AI in cyber threats is changing and escalating, enhancing the need for cybersecurity teams to be proficient in AI technologies.
- Discuss the emergence of AI-powered cyber attacks and explore how your teams can leverage AI for proactive defence strategies, identifying specific AI skills and knowledge that cybersecurity professionals need to effectively combat evolving threats
- Explore the role of AI in automating threat detection, response and mitigation, enhancing the efficiency of cybersecurity operations
- Address ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in cybersecurity and how teams can navigate these challenges responsibly

- Discuss the importance of assessing your current infrastructure and deciding a comprehensive plan for migrating to the cloud and what strategies to implement to optimise the costs associated with cloud infrastructure, including resource utilisation, pricing models and budget management
- Leveraging the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure to optimise performance, meet changing business demands and accommodate growth
- Explore the benefits and challenges of adopting hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to infrastructure management and developing strategies for integration

- Explore methods for analysing and designing efficient business processes tailored to organisational objectives and discuss the tole of technology in automating process, enhancing efficiency and selecting appropriate tools for seamless integration
- Address the challenges of implementing BPM and consider the change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions and employee buy-in, including the importance of fostering collaboration across the business, breaking down silos for a holistic approach to BPM
- Discuss how Business Process Management can enhance regulatory compliance and risk management, ensuring processes align with industry standards and mitigate potential risks

- Explore the strategies and processes to ensure that your organisation can adapt and continue to operate effectively throughout times of change and disruption.
- Topics to be addressed include risk management, business continuity planning and building and maintaining robust systems.
- Learn how to identify vulnerabilities, implement mitigation measures and develop a resilient framework for business operations.

- Explore the implementation of zero-trust approach to enhance security by continuously verifying identities and monitoring access
- Discuss the need for continuous monitoring of user activities and access patterns to detect and respond to anomalies promptly, also the importance of having in place a robust incident response plan to address identity and access-related security incidents promptly
- Address the challenges and solutions related to managing identities and access in a cloud-centric environment, ensuring a seamless and secure transition

- Laying the Groundwork for AI: Delve into the critical components of a robust data strategy that lays the foundation for successful machine learning and AI initiatives.
- Integrating AI into Business Processes: Explore strategies for effectively integrating AI and machine learning into existing business processes, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and values.
- Overcoming Challenges and Scaling AI Solutions: Address common challenges in scaling AI projects, from data quality to talent acquisition, and discuss best practices for expanding AI capabilities across the organization.

- The benefits of implementing a strong CX strategy for your organisation and how this can drive growth.
- What are the key elements that should be considered when implementing a CX strategy that will make a positive impact?
- How to empower your workforce and equip them with the technology needed to provide excellent service is key to successful CX

- Steps to build, scale and accelerate your digital business strategy while ensuring robust security measures
- Developing more agile, efficient and secure business operations to remain competitive
- Discover how to create new products and business models that transform the business, enhance security and the dynamically protect of your organisation

- Delve into the art of turning raw data into strategic insights and winning business strategies.
- Uncover the magic of predictive analytics in forecasting future trends and customer behaviours.
- Cultivating a data-savvy culture for measurable impact

- Examine the critical role of business leaders in driving and championing change initiatives, including setting a vision, fostering a culture of innovation and leading by example
- Explore the psychological and organisational aspects of change, including resistance to change and methods to overcome these challenges
- Discuss the importance of clear and transparent communication throughout the change process including effective messaging, stakeholder engagement and feedback mechanisms

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