CDO Institute: UK

CDO Institute: UK

Location: London

Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

Event Summary

The Global CDO Institute offers a curriculum of world-class, Chief Data Officer-driven academia helping executives respond to their top challenges and make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship event provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice discussions, and networking sessions.

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Fabian Libeau

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2023 Featured Attendees

2023 Event Chair

Adam Nagus, Experienced Chief Data Officer
Adam Nagus, Experienced Chief Data Officer
Adam Nagus, Experienced CDO. With over 20 years of experience, Adam has been an integral part of numerous extensive digital transformation programs across various major vertical industries. He is recognised as one of the pioneers and drivers of the visual analytics movement, which aims to revolutionise the creation and adoption of business and market intelligence across enterprises and private equity sectors. As a result of his efforts, the visual analytics practice fused with business intelligence, giving rise to Visual Intelligence, an organisation that boasts a workforce of 16,000 individuals. Adam possesses a comprehensive vision for data that encompasses various areas typically addressed in data visions and strategies. However, his primary focus lies in showcasing to the executive, board, presidents, and data leaders the transformative potential of data as a revenue driver, rather than merely a cost. Top 100 Influential Data Leader 2023 Ton 100 Data Leader CDO Magazine 2022

2023 Speakers

2024 Agenda

Navigating the Data-AI Nexus: Exploring the integration of AI strategies with data governance frameworks to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Ethical AI and Responsible Data Stewardship: Discussing the importance of ethical AI practices and how leaders can implement these in their organisations.

Tackling the Talent Challenge: Insights on cultivating in-house expertise, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and the importance of diversity in tech teams to bring varied perspectives.

Predicting Future Trends: Forward-looking perspective, on the next wave of trends in the data and AI landscape.

Join us for a talk exploring how the exponential growth in data volume, variety, and velocity poses unique challenges and opportunities for businesses.

  • Challenges in Big Data governance and the principles of data quality management.
  • Practical strategies and best practices for implementing robust data governance and quality frameworks will be shared, highlighting real-world examples and case studies.
  • Upcoming changes and advancements in the field.
  • Techniques for understanding customer data a to drive business decisions.
  • Exploring innovative methods to leverage customer data for product development, marketing, and customer service improvements.
  • Addressing privacy concerns and ethical implications of using customer data.
  • Success stories where data-driven strategies significantly impacted customer understanding and business growth.

Understanding Data Silos and Their Impact: Delving into how these silos impede the efficient use of data, limit collaboration, and hinder decision-making processes.

Strategies for Data Integration: Practical and strategic methods for integrating data silos and leveraging modern technology solutions.

Realising the Full Potential of Integrated Data: Discussing the benefits of breaking down data silos looking at data-driven decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to unlock valuable insights that can drive innovation and competitive advantage in today’s data-centric business environment.

Understanding the Innovation-Security Interface: Discussing how to understand and navigate this dynamic, ensuring that their pursuit of technological advancements doesn't compromise organisational security.

Harmonising Innovation with Security Goals: Exploring effective strategies that enable organisations to align their innovative efforts with robust security measures.

Learning from the Leaders: Case Studies and Best Practices

Generative AI Impact: Examining its role in industry transformation through data generation, predictive analytics, and content creation, along with its business capabilities and limitations.

Ethical Challenges in AI: Focusing on data privacy, bias management, and data authenticity as key considerations for CDOs and CAIOs in generative AI usage.

AI Integration and Trends: Highlighting strategies for incorporating generative AI into existing frameworks and preparing for future developments in AI technology.

Bringing together leading data experts and business leaders the session focuses the practicalities and challenges of cultivating a data-driven culture in organisations, looking at:

  • The essence of a data-driven culture and how to overcome barriers of building it.
  • Leadership, team dynamics and its role in success strategies.
  • Real-life case studies on sustaining progress and adopting to change.

CDOs as Strategic Drivers: Explore the pivotal role of Chief Data Officers in shaping organisational change and driving data-centric opportunities within corporate strategy.

Integrating Data Insights into Corporate Planning: Discuss the integration of data analytics into strategic planning, emphasizing the transformation of insights into actionable business strategies and fostering a data-centric culture.

Case Studies of Successful CDO-Led Strategies: Review real-world examples where CDOs have significantly influenced corporate strategy, focusing on the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of these data-driven initiatives.

  • Delve into the art of turning raw data into strategic insights and winning business strategies.
  • Uncover the magic of predictive analytics in forecasting future trends and customer behaviours.
  • Cultivating a data-savvy culture for measurable impact
  • What Are the Key Elements of Global Data Privacy Laws?
  • How Can Organisations Achieve Compliance with Diverse Data Privacy Regulations?
  • Examination of case studies showcasing successful navigation of data privacy challenges.
  • A forward-looking discussion on emerging data privacy trends and technologies, with strategies for adapting to and staying ahead of regulatory changes.
  • Understanding the complex regulatory landscape surrounding data.
  • Strategies for navigating compliance and regulatory challenges.
  • Best practices for maintaining data integrity and legal compliance.

Navigating Multi-cloud Complexities: Address the challenges and strategies for managing data consistency, integration, and interoperability across multiple cloud platforms.

Effective Data Governance in Multi-cloud: Discuss the implementation of unified data governance and security protocols to maintain compliance and data integrity in diverse cloud environments.

Optimizing Multi-cloud Performance and Cost: Explore best practices for enhancing data management efficiency, including data storage optimization, effective migration strategies, and cost-efficient use of cloud-native services.


Laying the Groundwork for AI: Delve into the critical components of a robust data strategy that lays the foundation for successful machine learning and AI initiatives.

Integrating AI into Business Processes: Explore strategies for effectively integrating AI and machine learning into existing business processes, ensuring alignment with organisational goals and values.

Overcoming Challenges and Scaling AI Solutions: Address common challenges in scaling AI projects, from data quality to talent acquisition, and discuss best practices for expanding AI capabilities across the organization.

  • Exploring how the role of CDOs is changing with the advancement of digital technologies.
  • Discussing the strategic importance of CDOs in guiding digital transformation initiatives.
  • Identifying key skills and competencies that CDOs will need in the future.
  • Highlighting the upcoming challenges and opportunities for CDOs in the evolving digital landscape.
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