CIO Institute: USA

CIO Institute: USA

Location: Booth School of Business, Gleacher Centre, Chicago

Date: Thursday March 28th 2024

Time: 08:00 - 18:30 CST

Event Summary

This year, we're thrilled to announce a ground-breaking addition: CIO Institute will be co-located with the CDO Institute, CISO Institute and the NEW LAUNCH of our AI Institute stream. The only event series in the world that unites the entire Technology Board of Directors, offering delegates a unique opportunity to select from 4 distinct content streams. This convergence of events is not just about sharing physical space; it's about creating an environment where professionals from diverse domains can synergize, network, and engage in shared learning experiences. The fusion of insights from these distinct but interconnected fields promises to open up a whole new world of possibilities and collaborations.

CIO Institute has everything for you, whether you're steering the technological vision of your organization, safeguarding its digital fortresses, or harnessing the power of data, this conference provides an unparalleled platform to connect, learn, and chart the course ahead.

The future of tech leadership is now, and this conference is your compass. Mark your calendars, and get ready for an unforgettable day of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Agenda Highlights include:

  • AI Advancements: Dive into the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative impact on businesses.
  • Digital Transformation: Learn strategies to navigate the digital transformation landscape and harness its full potential.
  • IT Architecture Insights: Gain insights into cutting-edge IT architecture trends and best practices.
  • Leadership Challenges: Explore leadership challenges in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem and uncover solutions.

And there's more! We're excited to introduce peer-to-peer networking sessions, a first-of-its-kind opportunity in Chicago. Forge valuable connections, share experiences, and build a network of like-minded professionals. Your journey towards tech leadership excellence starts here.

2024 Attendees

2024 Speakers


Join us for coffee and pastries to prepare for the day of learning and networking


  • Sandeep Pulavarty. CIO - Paper Transport
  • Sanchita Sarkar, Global Vice President, Corporate Enterprise Systems at Marriott International
  • Glendon Schmitz CISO , Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  • Prashant Mehrotra Head of Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence - Allstate

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming businesses across all industries. In order to stay ahead of the competition, CxOs across the board need to be leading the AI transformation within their organizations.

This session will explore the key role that you play in leading AI transformation, and will provide insights on how to successfully implement AI initiatives.

  • Setting the AI strategy for the organization and ensuring that it is aligned with the business goals.
  • Building a strong team of AI experts and ensure that they have the resources they need to succeed, how be a champion for AI within the organization and work to overcome any resistance to change
  • Skills and qualities that CxO's need to be successful in leading AI transformation


  • Mike Leuzinger , AVP & Chief Architect, Information Risk Management - Nationwide

What does trust look like in our rapidly digitizing world, where social media, generative AI, and digital deception are omnipresent?

'Beyond Assumptions: Zero Trust in 2024' offers an insightful look at the intersection of human behavior and technological advancement. Join us for an exploration of the core principles of the Zero Trust mindset and how they apply to a disruptive world that is full of assumptions.


  • Tejas Gadhia, Lead Developer Evangelist at Zoho

In growing enterprises, the synergy between business and IT teams is crucial for the organization's success.


Business teams require multiple software applications to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape. But despite their best efforts, the IT team cannot meet such requirements quickly enough, which creates a backlog of business-critical applications stuck in the development pipeline. There's also the challenge of technology adoption because most business teams feel the software is not tailor-made for their processes.


One technology that effectively addresses this problem and helps both business and IT teams come together is Low-Code. It enables you to:


  • Build faster with visual development and abstraction.

  • Empower non-IT teams to build under your supervision.

  • Increase adoption owing to tailor-made software that fits your organization's unique needs.

  • Eliminate shadow IT.  

  • Reduce tech debt.


Join this session as we discuss best practices for low-code adoption. You will leave with a clear understanding of the latest capabilities in low-code platforms and when to use or not use low-code for your needs!


  • Muri Thirumale, General Manager of the Cloud Native Business Unit at Portworx by Pure Storage 

Got Containers?  Leading Global 2000 companies are deploying containers to accelerate application development, drive AI/ML pipelines and ramp modern applications across on-prem and cloud environments.  Learn some of their best practices and how a focus on data management and data services provides the best business outcomes.


  • Mark Troller, CIO at Tangoe

From Generative AI to generating revenue, next-gen CIOs must accelerate the pace of the business all while sharpening operational excellence.

In this session, Tangoe’s CIO Mark Troller explores innovation economics and the balancing act of investing wisely in emerging technology while combating technical debt. Don’t miss his perspectives on the art and science of mitigating risk to make technology investments sustainable for the future.

3 Takeaways ·

GenAI’s hidden costs and how they can bankrupt innovation ·

Three strategies to avoid the sticker shock of surging cloud costs ·

Tips for making IT dollars go the distance in 2024


  • Scott Francis - CEO at BP-3 Global

We’re all being challenged to inject AI into our businesses to create value - but how do we do that? in this discussion, we want to help participants unlock strategic opportunities by identifying key business challenges, AI-aware solutions, and practical paths forward to unlock those opportunities


  • Glendon Schmitz,CISO at Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and Board Chairman for Tech for Troops

How are you leading technology teams effectively in today’s dynamic business landscape? The focus of this enlightening discussion is on three core pillars: C-level Engagement, Business Objectives, and Collaboration and Motivation. Starting through C-level Engagement, exploring the vital role of top executives in setting a tone of cooperation and forward-thinking. Once you have the strategy in place, focusing on the Business Objectives, aligning team efforts with the overarching goals of the organization, ensuring that every member understands and contributes towards these targets. Lastly, Collaboration and Motivation, tackling the challenges of fostering a productive and innovative environment where team members are encouraged to collaborate and stay motivated.

Join Glendon Schmitz,CISO at Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and Board Chairman for Tech for Troops, to unpack this comprehensive discussion, tailored specifically for CIOs and CISOs, and aiming to equip them with the insights and strategies needed to lead their tech teams to new heights of success and innovation.


  • Sandeep Pulavarty. CIO - Paper Transport

Hyperautomation, the fusion of AI, ML, RPA and other technologies is reshaping industries by achieving comprehensive automation. Real-world applications across industries demonstrate its effectiveness in enhancing workflows and customer experiences. This session addresses benefits, implementation challenges and strategies for success, emphasizing the significant competitive advantage hyperautomation offers in the pursuit of end-to-end automation.

Enjoy a catered buffet lunch while you network and build valuable relationships with your fellow delegates


  • Aidan Walden, Global Director, Cloud Devops Engineering & Architecture at Fortinet

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been integrated discretely into individual components across the security practice. The challenge of bringing tools into a framework that improves SOC efficiency and provides human scale remains elusive. Complications center on bringing multi-provider and multi-vendor ecosystems into harmony across security workflows, recruiting multiple organizational roles as security contributors, and managing the practice with scarce resources in people and skills. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide a path to solve for these challenges, drives down risk, and allow security practitioners to focus on evolved threat hunting activities.


  • Devin Shirle - CISO, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Looking at new and upcoming advances in technology, such as AI and quantum computing and how their effect on the threat landscape.  Devin will discuss potential use cases where bad actors may leverage these technologies and will also discuss how organizations can leverage the same technologies to protect themselves.  Additionally, as technological advances are made, we will see new regulatory requirements along with demands of our customers that will impact how organizations implement security.  Devin will take a look at how companies can prepare and adapt to these changing risks.      


  • Grant Ecker -VP, Chief Enterprise Architect -Danaher

Enterprise Architecture is the most effective when it is positioned to help curate, contribute and drive
the evolution of a holistic IT strategy over time. An IT strategy’s outcomes provide the Enterprise
Architecture practice with a clear and consistent understanding of the measurable outcomes they need to contribute to in their business capability plans, information asset curations, technology roadmaps,
architecture designs, governance, and standards management activities across the landscape.

Companies often embark on an Enterprise Architecture Journey without a comprehensive vision or
strategy for IT which, in its absence, erodes into a stakeholder-specific approach. This will generally
reduce Enterprise Architecture activities into a series of disconnected segment architectures and tactical
plans that don’t progress Enterprise business goals.
In this session we’ll discover the crucial few steps together that are needed to bring the CIO’s team
together to drive enterprise business outcomes through EA-supported IT and business partnerships.

Let’s discuss how we can truly leverage the power of an Enterprise Architecture function by laying out
the foundations and empowerment that is needed to ensure the success of the EA program.

Speaker: Francisco Diazluna, CIO - Producers National

The emphasis on flexibility and efficiency at a granular level is paramount, particularly when enhancing the customer experience. Join Francisco Diazluna, CIO at Producers National, for this insightful discussion, highlighting the significant role of these attributes in reshaping how businesses interact with their customers. The core of this conversation revolves around harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to dissect and understand customer behavior meticulously.

For Chief Information Officers (CIOs), this presents a transformative approach to customer interaction. AI's ability to analyze vast datasets enables a nuanced understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations. By integrating AI tools into customer relationship management systems, businesses can not only predict customer needs but also tailor their responses in a highly personalized manner. This level of customization ensures that each customer interaction is not just a transaction but a unique,


  • Jeff Kruger, Vice President - IT Recruitment at Gallagher

In the dynamic realm of technology, executives face the crucial challenge of acquiring and retaining top technical talent. We will discuss best practices to empower leaders in effectively navigating the complexities of talent acquisition while staying up to date on the ever-evolving market and trends. 

Key Points: 

  • Proactive Recruitment Strategies: Utilize diversified channels like specialized job boards, networking opportunities, and educational partnerships to proactively engage top-tier technical talent. 

  • Alignment with Organizational Goals: Calibrate talent acquisition strategies with organizational objectives, ensuring a workforce prepared for current and future challenges. 

  • Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace Culture: Create an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration, advocate for diversity, and encourage continuous development to recruit and retain a best-in-class team. 

By mastering technical talent acquisition, CIOs can strategically position their organizations for sustained success in the digital age, drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to stakeholders. 


IT Executive: Senior Advisor to ACIO - Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

As organizations prioritize digitization, the focus on cloud security is rapidly growing. Unfortunately, many organizations still consider data and application security as an afterthought, creating a void that bad actors can easily exploit. Generative AI can be a powerful tool for organizations to proactively identify new threats and take corrective actions. As the frequency and severity of cybersecurity threats continue to rise, the likelihood of attacks also becomes increasingly high.


This session provides some good insights and thought-provoking ideas on how to leverage Gen AI technology and enhance the digital cybersecurity posture. However, generative AI requires significant training and cultural change to ensure confidential data is not compromised. Additionally, the security data model training infrastructure requires a significant investment and strong business support. We will also discuss the challenges in this adoption.

Join us as we serve up a tempting selection of beverages and canapés tofinish the day.

But that's not all – by sharing your valuable feedback throughout the day, you not only help us improve but also stand a chance to win big in our exciting prize draw.

This is your opportunity to unwind, mingle, and celebrate both new friendships and the potential for fabulous prizes. Let's make memories and connections that last a lifetime!

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