CDO Institute: USA

CDO Institute: USA

Location: Booth School of Business, Gleacher Centre, Chicago

Date: Thursday March 28th 2024

Time: 08:00 - 18:30 CST

Event Summary

We are thrilled to extend our invitation to the highly anticipated CDO Institute Chicago, which promises to be an even more remarkable event. In 2024, we are proud to introduce an exciting new feature to our gathering: co-located streams designed to cater not only to CDOs but also CIOs and CISOs.

This unique event offers delegates the opportunity to customize their experience by selecting sessions from these three streams. Whether you are shaping your organization's technological vision, safeguarding its digital fortresses, or leveraging the power of data, this conference provides an unparalleled platform for networking, learning, and charting the path forward.

Event Chair

Doug Laney

Doug Laney is a prominent data and analytics expert, best known for originating the field of infonomics and authoring the best-selling book "Infonomics." He currently serves as the Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow at West Monroe and is also an adjunct clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, teaching infonomics and business analytics. His previous roles include being a distinguished analyst at Gartner and launching the Deloitte Analytics Institute. He is a three-time recipient of Gartner’s annual Thought Leadership Award and contributes as a Forbes author. Laney's influence extends to his role as a World Economic Forum advisor and co-chair of the MIT Chief Data Officer Symposium.



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As businesses & society alike continue to embrace the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence, ethical considerations are becoming increasingly crucial. Furthermore, the evolving role of the Data Professional puts them and newly-found place to help drive profit in a number of ways across the enterprise. Striking a balance between these two facets of the developing skillset of the CDO is key to ensure Trust is maintained by a number of different stakeholders. From the ethical collection and use of data to the responsible deployment of AI technologies, finding synergy between innovation and moral responsibility has emerged as a pressing concern for data professionals globally.

This panel discussion will bring together leading experts & thought leaders from various fields to delve into the complex intersection of Data, AI, and Ethics. The panellists will explore some of the following key topics:

- Ethical Considerations in AI Deployment: Exploring the importance of ethical guidelines and principles in the deployment of AI technologies, and how these considerations impact business decisions and societal perceptions.
- The Evolving Role of Data Professionals in Driving Profit and Ethics: Discussing how data professionals, especially Chief Data Officers, can balance their growing role in profit generation with the ethical implications of data use and AI applications.
- Maintaining Trust with Stakeholders through Responsible Data Practices: Addressing the need for transparent and responsible data collection, usage, and management to maintain trust among various stakeholders including customers, employees, and the wider community.
- Synergy between Technological Innovation and Moral Responsibility: Debating how to find a harmonious balance between leveraging the latest AI innovations for business advancement and adhering to moral and ethical responsibilities in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Join us for an insightful industry keynote that delves into the untapped potential of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) beyond their conventional use in marketing. Mark Tack, a seasoned expert in the field, brings this critical perspective to light, emphasizing the need for organizations to harness the full spectrum of customer data across various business functions.
The presentation will spotlight real-world examples, showcasing diverse use cases where customer data has been pivotal in driving tangible business outcomes. Mark will take you through success stories that demonstrate the transformative impact of leveraging customer data across customers, use cases, and business outcomes.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of how customer data can be a powerful force across your entire organization. Mark Tack's keynote promises to be an engaging exploration of the strategic use of CDPs, offering practical insights and actionable strategies to unlock the full potential of your customer data.

This keynote address given by Syed Wafa, Department Head of Strategy & Innovation with Samsung Electronics America, will provide a comprehensive overview of diverse AI deployments, highlighting both successful and challenging cases. It will delve into the key factors that contribute to the success or failure of AI initiatives in various sectors, emphasizing the critical role of data management and strategic implementation. Attendees will learn from real-world examples how AI can drive innovation and efficiency, as well as the pitfalls to avoid in its application. The presentation will also focus on future trends in AI, offering insights into how senior executives can leverage AI for sustained competitive advantage.

Join this roundtable discussion where leading experts discuss the challenges and strategies for maintaining data privacy in business environments increasingly driven by AI technologies. They explore the balancing act between leveraging AI for business growth and adhering to evolving global privacy regulations. The discussion also highlights innovative privacy-preserving techniques, such as differential privacy and encrypted data analysis, that enable businesses to harness AI's potential while protecting individual privacy rights.

Hosted by Skyflow.

Join this Keynote address hosted by Patrick Chew, Global Head Data Enablement with AIT Worldwide Logistics, as he explains the critical role of strategic data management in harnessing the power of AI for business growth through data enablement. We will explore the reasons for businesses to deeply understand their data, processes, competency, internal alignment, and the capabilities of AI tools in order to attain the full value of the technology’s potential. Furthermore, this address will conclude with an emphasis on the fundamental principles of data enablement as key to effectively leveraging AI technologies in decision-making, value creation and realization towards a data-driven organization.

In this boardroom discussion, we will bring together leading data governance experts to share their insights and best practices in an interactive setting. This session will emphasize the importance of collaboration across various departments and stakeholders in establishing effective data governance frameworks. Participants will explore how to navigate the challenges of aligning diverse organizational goals with data governance objectives.

  • Developing a Unified Data Governance Framework
  • Balancing Data Accessibility with Security and Privacy
  • Enhancing Data Quality and Integrity through Collaborative Efforts
  • The Role of Leadership in Fostering a Data Governance Culture.

In this boardroom discussion, join industry experts as we delve into how artificial intelligence can be strategically used to enhance user experience and strengthen brand loyalty. It will explore innovative ways in which AI can personalize interactions, predict customer preferences, and streamline service delivery. The discussion will also highlight the importance of balancing technological advancement with human-centric approaches to ensure a lasting, positive impact on customer relations and brand perception.

Join this Keynote address hosted by Robin Patra, Director of Strategy for Data, Analytics & AI with ARCO Construction, where he will give in-depth insight about the evolving landscape of data monetization. They will explore how businesses can unlock the hidden value in their data assets to drive revenue and competitive advantage. The discussion will highlight both the opportunities and challenges organizations face in monetizing data, including ethical considerations as well as how best to follow market trends. His insight into developing effective data monetization strategies that align with business objectives and customer expectations will be a credit to our community and this will not be a presentation to miss!

In this roundtable discussion, experts in artificial intelligence and business analytics explore the transformative impact of AI on enhancing analytical projects in businesses. They delve into innovative applications of AI, such as predictive analytics, automation of complex data processes, and real-time decision-making, demonstrating how these tools drive efficiency and insights. The discussion also emphasizes the importance of integrating AI ethically and effectively into business strategies to maximize its potential and ensure sustainable growth.

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In this panel discussion, Industry Leaders will converge to explore the forefront of data strategy, delving into the latest innovations reshaping business strategies across various sectors thanks to the evolution of both Data & AI. The Panel will address the complexities of data governance and compliance, offering insights into creating robust and effective data-driven cultures within organizations. Furthermore, we will also discuss the transformative role of AI in data strategy, highlighting both the challenges and emerging solutions in implementing and optimizing data strategies in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • What are the Emerging Trends in Data Strategy? Exploration into the latest innovations and how they are shaping business strategies.
  • Data Governance and Compliance: Explore strategies for navigating the complex landscape of data privacy and regulations.
  • What is the extent of the role of AI in Data Strategy? Delve into how AI is transforming data analysis and decision-making processes.

Join Gokula Mishra, Vice President, Data Science with Direct Supply as he provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices essential for the ethical development and deployment of artificial intelligence within business processes. This presentation will explore the importance of incorporating ethical considerations from the inception of AI projects. Furthermore, Gokula will outline a practical framework for our attending executives, ensuring that AI technologies can seamlessly respect company policies, ethical standards and ultimately quickly become an asset to a diverse range of operations.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, enterprises across diverse industries are actively seeking opportunities to enhance operations, improve efficiency, and elevate customer experiences. Among the most promising technologies for achieving these goals is generative Artificial Intelligence, but what are the potential pitfalls of this new technology for a business and what can be done to avoid any issues with its implementation and utilization? Join us in this engaging keynote as we delve into the new era of digitalization and explore present strategies and opportunities for Data Executives

Join this presentation hosted by Yusuf Abbasi, Global Sr Director Data & Analytics - Centre of Excellence with Whirlpool Corp as he delves into the critical importance of effectively communicating the value and impact of analytics initiatives within organizations as well as to Senior Leadership. A key theme of this discussion will be exploring the various approaches one can take when bridging the gap between data analysts and decision-makers, ensuring that data-driven insights are translated into actionable and strategic business decisions that are understandable up and down the organisational hierarchy. Understanding how to effectively articulate the immense value of such analytical projects ultimately helps to identify and unlock hidden value within organisations and will not be one to miss!

In this roundtable discussion, hosted by Michael Silvestro, Enterprise Privacy Leader with RSM, leading privacy officers and technology experts will converge to discuss the evolving landscape of privacy in the era of advanced artificial intelligence. This dialogue will explore how AI technologies are reshaping the concepts of data privacy and personal information security. Participants will examine the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in developing robust privacy strategies and policies.

In this roundtable discussion lead by Mohan Putcha, Global Vice President, Digital Transformation with Aon, join senior executives from the fields of Technology, Data, and AI to explore the critical challenges that businesses face when dealing with unstructured data that is critical to the successful deployment of GenAI. We will discuss how poor management of this data can lead to missed opportunities, inefficiencies, and increased risks, particularly in an era dominated by big data and advanced analytics. This conversation will also delve into strategies for effectively harnessing unstructured data, highlighting innovative approaches and best practices in data management and the remedy that is AI integration.

In this boardroom discussion, hosted by Sam Hicks, Director of Product Analytics at CNN Digital, experts will explore the effective strategies that can be deployed when scaling analytics projects in large markets. The focus will be on identifying and implementing best practices that ensure the successful expansion of analytics initiatives; key topics will include managing complex data, integrating advanced technologies, and navigating market-specific challenges. Furthermore, there will be focus on how to effectively manage and inform team members whilst pursuing the most fruitful analytical outcome possible. The insights that will be provided from our participating industry leaders will give valuable guidance and ideas for organizations looking to enhance their analytics capabilities in expansive and dynamic market environments.


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