Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



As a Delegate, I agree to the following terms and conditions set out by GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC.  These terms and conditions, and the delegate registration form submitted by the Delegate, comprise the agreement between the Delegate and GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC governing the Delegates' participation and attendance at the event.  


To ensure that the Delegate receives maximum value from the sessions and the pre-arranged one-to-one meetings, the Delegate will be directed to complete a profile for inclusion on the Global CIO Institute website. GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC will provide profiles of Sponsors/Solution Partner organisations and other Delegates to assist the Delegate in the selection process for one-to-one meetings. A deadline will be specified by which time session selections and meeting choices must be submitted to us. Participation in pre-arranged one-to-one meetings is at the discretion of GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC. The Delegate agrees to complete and return all Delegate profiling, meetings, and workshop selections before the requested deadlines, as specified by GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC. GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC will not be held liable to the Delegate for any change in the number or identity of other attendees or for any attendees who do not keep scheduled meetings. 


The Delegate hereby confirms they will participate in a minimum of one (1) full day’s participation, including attendance to their pre-arranged networking meetings (if applicable). 


The Delegate hereby confirms that they are appropriately qualified to attendance at the event and will conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner at all times. If the event is cancelled or postponed by GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC due to events or circumstances beyond reasonable control, we will reschedule the event and the Delegate will be transferred to the appropriate re-scheduled event within 12 months.


There is no financial obligation for a Delegate to attend the event and full participation for the entire event is expected. 


A Delegate who is unable to attend the event may nominate a suitable replacement from the same organisation, at a similar organisational level and expertise.


I agree that in the case of cancellation within eight calendar weeks of the event or if I fail to materially attend any scheduled appointment or meeting I will be liable to pay a cancellation fee to GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC for £500 (at the discretion of the Events Organiser) if a without a suitable replacement is not found.  Cancellation received within 7 days of the event (without replacement) will be charged £1000. This cancellation charge is a genuine estimate of loss suffered by the Organisers including but not limited to the administration resulting from late changes to the organisation of the Event and the knock-on effect on other Delegates’ and Exhibitors’ meeting arrangements. 


If a delegate attending the forum is there to sell their company’s products or services, does not keep to their itinerary, or does not have the genuine purchasing responsibility that they have indicated on the booking form the organisers reserve the right to charge such delegates the full cost of accommodation, meals and the equivalent cost of being an exhibitor at the Event. Delegates are responsible for the cost of gratuities that might include the following expenses: Use of leisure facilities at the venue, Parking, Alcohol (where applicable), Travel, and any other items not arranged by GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC as part of the event. 


The Delegate attends the Event as a representative of the Company named on the Booking Form. In the event the Delegate is no longer an employee of the said Company, the booking of the Delegate is no longer valid, in which case the terms and conditions relating to the cancellation fee of £500 will apply. This booking may be transferred to a suitable replacement within the said Company whose acceptance is, however, at the sole discretion of the Organisers. If appropriate, the Organisers may extend a booking form to the Delegate to represent their new Company. Cancellation fees are not applicable for digital events.


I agree that if I cancel I can substitute an equally qualified and senior colleague from my organisation and he/she will also agree to the above terms and conditions. GB Intelligence Ltd and Global Business Intelligence LLC reserves the right to make changes to the programme, location, and/or speakers without prior notice. 


When you apply to be a Delegate you MUST consent to us collecting and storing your personal information. You will not be able to complete your registration process without consenting to us storing your personal data. We will only use the personal data supplied by you for the purposes of administering our events. In certain circumstances we may transfer/share your information with our sponsoring companies in connection with an event that you are attending. In these circumstances, the personal data made available will be limited to the necessary information required for the event and will be supplied strictly on condition it is only used for that purpose. By registering for an event you agree to us using your personal data including email address and phone number for marketing purposes through email and SMS campaigns. You are able to opt-out at any time.


Global CIO Institute events will be recorded and content may be used for marketing purposes. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to the use of the video containing your comments and imagery.

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