The challenge we have recognised is:

Event companies when recruiting CIOs for their sponsor led event, they will complete a registration form - usually a tick box exercise - and they will use the topics of interest to match the CIO with a sponsor or to "qualify" the CIO for the event.
The obvious challenge here is if a CIO chooses 'Cloud' this can mean so many different things. It could be that the CIO is at the beginning of their cloud journey, at the planning stage and the event is valuable for them so they can uncover challenges, and gain support for their upcoming cloud project.
But... it could also mean they have just completed their cloud project and are locked in with a solution provider.
The first offers value to the sponsor, the second offers zero potential for ROI.

Project Intelligence initiative

The Project Intelligence initiative delivers clear data on each individual CIOs future projects, objectives and challenges to allow us as the partner of choice to deliver value from all the attendees and ensure each CIO is in a position or has a need for the services of the sponsor.


"I truly enjoy the experience and the opportunity of exchanging the current and most relevant topics for CIOs and the Business Driven Initiatives, great job GBI!"

Esteban Remecz, CIO - Iochpe-Maxion, S. A.

"Great team, with CIO enabling networking approach to exchange ideas and experience"

Aleksandar Rodic, Global CIO - Fiege Logistik Group

"A great opportunity to share ideas and learn from others in the industry"

Caroline Knight, Head of Technology - Heathrow Airport

"One of the best and most informative events I have been to in a long time. The power of shared learning and experience was invaluable. Especially as the whole world seems to be transforming through digital. Great event run by great team. Thanks for making it fun."

Kevin Gohil, COO - Copyright Licensing Agency

"CIO Institute brings leaders together on a platform which helps a wider business community and professional"

Satish Kumar, Head of Global IT Domain - AKZO NOBEL

"A top initiative to discuss with peers without filters and exchange best practices"

Helmi Bessaies, CIO - Unilever France

"A useful and informative digital boardroom session that gave opportunities to share experiences whilst also hearing about potential solutions."

André Simm, CIO - Voyage Care

"Superb speakers featured in high quality sessions"

Robin Smith, CISO - Aston Martin

"Find these events invaluable both to share knowledge and experiences with peers but also to be updated on advances in the market"

Mark Parr, Global IT Director - HFW

"Event very agile and effective, doesn't break your agenda and plenty of real life stories. Brilliant!"

Paolo Brusegan, Global Head of IT - Pirelli

"The CIO events have been excellent and the added value to any decision maker was fundamental. The discussions have been on core topics that we all really care about and not a sales pitch."

Friedrich Rub, CISO - Raiffeisen

"CIO Institute gives a platform to good exchanges on an international level over different industries and sizes of organizations. I really appreciate it and it helps to verify if my vision is similar to others or if approaches are completely different"

Robert Hellwig, CISO - University of Siegen

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