PGS Case Study

Case Study: PGS Software

PGS Software

PGS Software delivers custom-made IT solutions to clients around the globe. We specialise in providing  a range of services in Cloud Computing, Data Science, and UX/UI Design. Our offer also extends to include Software Development, Business Analyst, and Quality Assurance. Among our existing clients are Yell, Omio, Volotea, Foodback and many more.


The Challenge

We don't just want to advertise to potential clients - we want to meet new businesses, learn  about their challenges and remain active in our core market. It's important for us to  engage in face to face interactions - and for that, we needed the right kind of event. 

The Solution

We are always searching for ideal events and opportunities. With GB Intelligence's CIO  Event, the 1-2-1 meetings were of key interest for us, especially as both sides agree  beforehand. Combined with a speaking slot, this provided an ideal way for us to engage  and communicate.  

The size was small enough that we could stand out, but large enough to produce a lot of  activity throughout the day.

“Our first CIO event impressed us with a great focus on direct, personal interaction that makes it possible for us to connect and get to know people (and their companies) on a close level.“

- Edward Marsh, UK Marketing Specialist - PGS Software


The Results

The feedback from the event was good - the number of interactions and level of  conversation was great.  

We've maintained a number of conversations since the event, based on their openness to  explore key issues and questions from their own side.

The Feedback

The 1-2-1 meetings were highly useful and a great way to make introductions that naturally  lead into engaging conversations. The attendees at CIO Event want to talk and share - and  we want to answer their questions.

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