CISO Institute: UK

CISO Institute: UK

Location: Celtic Manor

Date: Thursday 10th October 2024

Time: 08:30 - 17:30 GMT

Event Summary

The Global CIO Institute Event Series is coming back to Oxford, delivering a world-class full day of collaboration, networking, and discussions focusing on the latest trends and challenges currently faced within the industry. Provided through a dynamic combination of thought leadership and best practice strategies, our exceptional end-user-driven academic platform assists digital business leaders in improving productivity and growth within their organisations.

Some of the key challenges to be explored throughout the day will include the next steps for digital transformation, scaling up cybersecurity, driving business value through data and the importance of technology leadership and culture.

Featuring 80-100 hand-picked C-level & senior IT leaders from our global IT community, the day will consist of thought-provoking Panel discussions, Keynote presentations, interactive Boardrooms, 1-2-1 brokered business meetings, and networking opportunities. Discussions are driven by experts in the field, basing their insights on key business outcomes and allowing all to access powerful and useful content throughout the event.

Dr Beverly McCann

Senior Cyber Security Analyst





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Fabian Libeau

VP of Sales, EMEA


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Pete Shorney, Experienced CISO
Pete Shorney, Experienced CISO

2023 Agenda

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Join this Opening Panel session moderated by Pete Shorney, Experienced CISO, where we will be discussing the importance of leadership in technology -

Points of discussion -

- What it means to be a technology leader in the ever changing digital world
- Creating a inclusive working culture
- The quality and skills of a successful leader
- Leaders engaging and communicating with their teams
- Empowering employees by providing opportunities to share ideas and collaborate

Panellists - 

Steve Janoo, Chief Data Analytics and Digital Technology Strategy Officer, Diageo

Mary-Jane Newton, Digital Transformation Strategy Director, Imagine Learning

Alex Goldbloom, CTO Domain Lead, Nationwide Building Society

Daria Grishina, IT & Data Director Danone UK & Ireland, Danone

Join this Keynote session in association with Akamai -

How can implementing a Zero Trust strategy help you to improve business resilience in the long-term?

Every single day there is a ransomware attack somewhere in the world. In 2022 the rate of ransomware attacks increased by 80% year-over-year. Attackers are constantly developing new evasion techniques, decreasing the effectiveness of detection and response products. Organisations need to enhance their cyber resilience in order to ensure business continuity. Join Richard Meeus, Akamai's EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy to discover why Zero Trust Segmentation is fundamental to business resilience and how your organisation can begin the journey to zero trust.

Attend the session to:

  • Uncover ransomware attack trends
  • Understand the steps you need to put in place to ensure complete business resilience against ransomware 
  • Learn Akamai’s recommended fundamentals to achieve zero-trust

Richard Meeus, EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy, Akamai

Join this Keynote session with William Harris, Group Chief Digital Officer, IQEQ -

We are all aware of the impact AI, Machine Learning, Automation and advanced technologies are having on our business’, but have we taken the time to really understand the impact it is having on our people and our society as a whole?

Join this Keynote session with Wil Harris, Group Chief Digital Officer at IQ-EQ will be discussing his research into the field of the Impact of Applied Artificial Intelligence on Diversity in the workplace. We commonly track KPIs such as EBITDA, Cost reduction, Employee engagement but have we taken the time to look at the long term impact of adopting these technologies and what actions we need to take to avoid having unexpected, negative impacts on our workforce and therefore our business objectives?

Join this Keynote session in association with Tata Communications -

Points of discussion -

- Data fusion at the centre of your customer management strategy
- Personalisation as the key goal for every customer interaction
- High degree of Automation to manage operational complexity
- Customer journey management is key to competitive advantage

Paul Abbas, Sales Director, Tata Communications

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Proofpoint -

While cyber security rides high on the global risk charts of leading industry bodies, local executive management have more tactical challenges. Dealing with economic restrictions, staffing shortages and supply chain issues to name a few.

Right now, it's imperative that leadership find a balance between risk and cost to ensure they invest their enterprise budgets wisely in controls that make a difference, whilst not overspending and wasting funds that would be better utilized for business growth.

Join this session run by Proofpoint's Resident CISO, Andrew Rose, to discuss with other CIOs:

  • Which security controls make the biggest difference to the safety & resilience of your organisation?
  • In an area where ROI is almost impossible to calculate, which controls present the biggest value?
  • What questions should you ask your CISO to uncover the value & priorities within their budget?
  • If time allows, we'll explore whether security can truly be a business enabler, and how it can add to the perceived value of your enterprise.

Andrew Rose, CISO, Proofpoint

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Nick Harris, CIO, Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd SATCoL -

The Salvation Army has recently completed major IT Digital Transformation to improve on security, collaboration and communication among its 1000 staff, 4000 volunteers, 250 Shops, Donation Centres and Superstores, 8000 public donation clothing units, underpinned by an extensive logistics and export operation. Join this interactive and engaging session with Nick Harris, CIO, Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd SATCoL for an open discussion sharing experiences and advice on your Digital Transformation projects.

During this session the boardroom will share their thoughts and discuss -

  • What has been done to achieve success during major digital transformation
  • The challenges faced and lessons that were learnt during the period of transition
  • Share advice and insights based on your own experiences and what should the next steps be in the journey?

Join this Keynote session in association with Okta -

Hybrid work is here to stay. What began as an experimental, stop-gap initiative for ‘keeping the lights on’ in 2020 has now established itself as the working model of choice for organisations around Europe. But what does this mean for the leaders tasked with defining and enabling workplace strategy for the long-term?

In this deep dive of Okta’s latest Hybrid Work Report, we will do a deep dive into how European business leaders are approaching hybrid work, how they are navigating the challenges inherent to this shift, and what factors are driving their decisions, including the role that trust and identity play in building future-fit hybrid working models.

Ian Lowe - Head of Industry Solutions - EMEA, Okta

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Cohesity -

Hear the lessons drawn from working first hand with dozens of enterprise victims of ransomware and wiper attacks across the globe, despite some of them having invested significant dollars annually on cyber security. In this session, we’ll look at why the legacy approach to cyber security has failed to prevent crippling ransomware impacts.

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Francesco Federico, Executive Director of Global Marketing & Technology, JLL-

Chatbots and live chats have long been used to engage with customers, but a new breed of AI-powered technology is taking this kind of interaction to the next level. Some of the discussion points for this session will be -

  • How we integrated technology, sales and marketing processes at JLL
  • Using AI-enhanced conversational marketing tools achieving commercial growth and operational efficiency

Join this Keynote session in association with CI&T-

The first digital transformation phase, where organisations worked to invest and digitise their products and services is mostly completed. The next phase for organisations is to scale and accelerate their operations and ways of working to create efficiencies and growth from their investments in digital. From CI&T’s experience working with hundreds of companies on this journey, this talk will focus on how to create success in this phase in particular looking at
  • The internal ownership of “digital” and the alignment of objectives and data between commercial and Technology,
  • Improving agility as we we move from a Project to Product mindset and its organisational implications
  • Creating and scaling efficiencies across the business both in processes and in the introduction of new technologies (e.g. Generative AI)

Ross Sleight, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA, CI&T

Join this interactive boardroom session in association with Beyond Identity-

Authentication is broken, and longer, stronger passwords combined with first-generation MFA will not save the day. Hopefully, this is no longer controversial. We have over a decade's worth of data showing how most successful breaches involve stolen credentials. Now we are witnessing a rapidly rising number of breaches bypassing existing MFA. It is beyond time to address this problem head-on, but what are the key requirements for MFA that is up to the task? While the situation is dire, this will be a very hopeful view of the path forward. Help IS on the way!
Jonas Anemiche, UK Director, Beyond Identity

Join this interactive boardroom session with Nate Tombs, CISO, Man Group -

2022 saw the rise of Generative AI models such as ChatGPT. In this panel, we will be discussing the risks and opportunities associated with the use of generative AI models in cybersecurity.

- Risks;

Social engineering attacks: Generative AI models can be used to generate highly personalized and convincing phishing emails or other social engineering attacks, increasing the risk of successful attacks and data breaches.
Malware generation and repackaging: Generative AI models can be used to generate new variants of malware or to repackage existing malware in a way that evades detection by traditional cybersecurity tools, increasing the risk of successful attacks and data breaches.
Lack of transparency: The use of generative AI models in cybersecurity can be opaque, making it difficult for end-users to understand how their data is being processed and protected.

- Opportunities;

Security automation: Generative AI models can be used to automate various security tasks, such as threat detection, vulnerability scanning, and incident response, allowing security teams to focus on more strategic activities and reducing the risk of human error.
User behaviour analysis: Generative AI models can be used to analyse user behaviour and identify suspicious activity that may indicate a potential cyber-attack or insider threat, helping organizations to quickly detect and respond to potential security incidents.
Threat intelligence: Generative AI models can be used to analyse data from various sources to identify potential cyber threats and provide valuable intelligence to security teams, helping them to proactively prevent and mitigate potential security incidents.

Join this Keynote session with Anwar Mirza Data Strategy & Governance Fedex Express EU & Robin Smith, CISO, Aston Martin -

This insightful keynote will put Data and Information Security frameworks into perspective of business strategy & objectives. The multiple frameworks applied in our business embed the necessary processes, controls and measures into standard business practices. This session will show how the alignment between two critical business areas deliver value by accelerating trust, quality, speed, consistency and scale in our business operations. This keynote will propose an approach and methodology that enables:

  • Placing Data & Infosec Frameworks into the Business Strategy roadmap.
  • Identifying and connecting key processes, controls, risks & mitigation activities.
  • Educating the enterprise to embed the appropriate a security and data culture.
  • Automating core framework components to accelerate value delivery.

Join this Keynote session in association with Island Technology -

The application enterprises use the most is the browser. In fact, in most enterprises it has become our primary work environment, but the browser we most often use was built for consumers. What if the browser was designed for the enterprise? What could that do for security, productivity and work itself?

Join this session to discuss:

- Introduction of innovative possibilities for critical application protection
- Simplifying and securing third-party contractor & business process outsourcer access
- Providing viable and easy to consume BYOD strategies
- Creating an employee experience centered on productivity and flexibility
- Reimagining how IT leaders can enable users while creating unique business value

Brian Kenyon, Chief Strategy Officer, Island Technology

Join us for this interactive Boardroom session in association with Box -

Content is your business. Valuable assets like sales contracts, product specs, marketing assets, and videos are at the heart of every process, no matter your industry. But your content faces constant threats from malicious hackers and even well-meaning employees.

Access to corporate networks tended to be more controlled pre-Covid as employees were either in the office and secured via local and network credentials or used VPN to access systems. In both cases, employees are accessing content through corporate-controlled mechanisms. Now, this is not their sole access point with transition to a hybrid work environment.

In this boardroom discussion let’s evaluate how you can create a unified approach to protecting the content that supports your customers and enables your teams — anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Jessi Yi, VP of Customer Success, Box

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Darryl Beckford, Chief Architect - Digital, John Lewis Partnership -

*Full details will be released soon*

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Boomi -

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, CIOs are under increasing pressure to drive digital transformation initiatives that can help their organizations stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers. However, many organizations struggle with executing successful digital transformation strategies. This boardroom discussion, delivered by Boomi, will focus on key strategies that CIOs can employ to build a strong foundation for successful digital transformation.

Discussion Points:

● Developing a Comprehensive Digital Transformation Roadmap: During the discussion, we will explore best practices for developing a digital transformation roadmap, including how to identify the right technology solutions, how to prioritize initiatives, and how to measure progress.
● Building a Robust Integration Strategy: We will discuss key considerations for building a strong integration strategy, including how to identify the right integration platform, how to design and implement integrations, and how to ensure that data is secure and compliant.
● Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Agility: Find out the strategies for building a culture of innovation and agility, including how to empower employees to take risks and experiment with new technologies, how to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, and how to measure and celebrate success.

Mike Kiersey, Head of the EMEA Technology Organization, Boomi

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Hoxhunt-

Gartner’s recent Insight report identified that over 90% of cybersecurity functions have an awareness program, yet 69% of employees admit to intentionally bypassing their enterprise’s cybersecurity guidance during the past year.  How do you address these engagement levels and reduce the human risk of phishing?

In this session we will explore

  • Approaches for behavioural and cultural change to create a more cyber aware and engaged workforce.
  • How better management & reporting helps reduce the human risk to organisations
  • How these changes improve companies overall cyber security posture from Board level and across the whole organisation.
  • Overview of Hoxhunt capabilities and the refreshing game mechanics employee experience that drive’s the right behaviour.

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Swagat Choudhury, Global Head of Digital Products: Content & Media Transformation, Diageo -

Join us in this engaging session to discuss the impact of using AI & Automation to accelerate your marketing and drive your organisational efficiency, effectiveness and agility.

You can expect to hear and share thoughts on -

- How is AI powering marketing automation and how is this impacting your business?
- Exploring the Role of AI and Machine Learning in the marketing space
- How marketing automation is driving sustainable business growth?

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Darktrace -

In the face of skyrocketing cyber risk, detecting and responding to attacks is no longer enough. Organizations must take proactive steps to prevent threats before they happen, and to recover if compromised. In this session, Darktrace unveil an ambitious new approach to security, with core engines powering AI technologies to prevent, detect, respond, and ultimately heal from attacks across all areas of their digital environment. Together, these engines combine to strengthen organizations’ security posture in a virtuous AI feedback ‘loop,’ which provides powerful end-to-end, bespoke, and self-learning solutions unique to each organization.

Hanah-Marie Darley, Head of Threat Research, Darktrace

Join this Keynote session with Steve Janoo, Chief Data Analytics and Digital Technology Strategy Officer, Diageo-

*Full details to be released soon* 

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