CIO Institute: USA

CIO Institute: USA

Location: San Francisco, California

Date: Wednesday, November 13th 2023

Time: 8:00 - 6:30 PDT

2023 Event Summary

The CIO Institute San Francisco – your gateway to innovation, leadership, and progress, where technology leaders from the Bay Area and beyond come together to shape the future of the tech industry. In a world marked by rapid technological advancements and unprecedented challenges, this event serves as a beacon of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation. Our carefully curated agenda spans the most pressing topics in the tech sphere, encompassing AI, digital transformation, cyber-security, and leadership, ensuring that you gain the insights and strategies needed to navigate today's dynamic landscape.

This year, we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition: CIO Institute will be co-located with the CDO Institute, offering delegates a unique opportunity to select from two distinct content streams. Whether you're a CIO seeking to drive technological excellence or a CDO focused on digital innovation, this convergence empowers you to tailor your experience to your precise needs.

At the heart of our event lies a commitment to fostering connections, sharing ideas, and collaborating to find solutions to the challenges that confront the tech industry today. Join us to learn from industry experts, meet and network with peers, and be part of a collective effort to shape the future of technology. Together, we'll chart the course for success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

2023 Featured Attendees

Meet the 2023 Event Chair

Jennifer Krolikowski-Stamer, 

Former CIO, 

Space System Command
Jennifer Krolikowski-Stamer, Former CIO, Space System Command

Jennifer Krolikowski a retired Colonel after having served 27 years in the United States Air Force and Space Force. She
most recently served as the Chief Information Officer for Space Systems Command.

After receiving a Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, Jennifer was assigned to the 49th Test and Evaluation Squadron and accumulated 50+ flying hours in the B-52. She moved to the GPS Joint Program Office where duties included Executive Officer; Branch Chief, GPS III Acquisitions; and Air Force Program Executive Officer’s GPS Staff Director.

Ms. Krolikowski taught at the National Security Space Institute and became their Deputy Director for Mission Support. At HQ Air Force Space Command, she served as Chief, Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Requirements. After graduating Air Command and Staff College, Jen consecutively worked as the Tactical Data Network Program Element Monitor; Deputy, C2 Division; and Chief, Executive Action Group under the Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisitions. She commanded as Materiel Leader of an ACAT I program, Base IT Infrastructure.

Upon graduating Air War College, Ms.Krolikowski became Branch Chief, Integrated Air and Missile Defense Global Requirements on Joint Staff. She then promoted to Military Assistant for DASD/Space, Strategic, and Intelligence Systems, Office of the Secretary of Defense. She commanded as Senior Materiel Leader for Space C2, establishing the United States Space Force software factory, Kobayashi Maru.

2023 Featured Speakers

2023 Agenda

The CIO has changed dramatically in recent years. No longer simply the "keeper of the keys," you are now expected to be strategic partners to the CEO and other senior leaders. They are responsible for leading the organization's digital transformation and ensuring that IT is aligned with the business goals.

This session will discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing CIOs today. We will explore how you can:

  • Develop a strategic vision for IT that aligns with the organization's overall business goals
  • Drive innovation and transformation through the use of technology
  • Build a high-performing IT organization that can deliver on the organization's strategic objectives
  • Manage IT risk and security in the digital age
  • Be a strategic partner to the CEO and other senior leaders


Anthony Moses, Global Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Yamaha Motors

Giri Chodavarapu, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Omnicell

Mark Glenn, CIO, Washington Military Department


Join us for an informative session on Enterprise Generative AI and its potential for digital transformation. We will discuss how it differs from consumer-oriented AI and the important considerations for successful integration within enterprises. Discover how Enterprise GenAI combines the strengths of data analytics and software engineering to automate tasks and deliver innovative solutions that provide tangible business value.  

This session is a must-attend if you're interested in starting a GenAI project within your organization. Explore the fundamental truths and critical steps needed for a GenAI initiative, ensuring you're well-prepared to harness its transformative potential.

  •  The specialized skill sets needed to drive GenAI's digital transformation objectives within enterprises.
  • Data management and analytics prerequisites to ensure the reliability of AI-generated insights.
  • Understand the crucial planning required for data quality, governance, security, scalability, and accessibility in the context of Enterprise GenAI.
Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer, Pythian 

As inflation continues to impact the global economy, CIOs are facing increasing pressure to maximize efficiencies and optimize their IT budgets. In this session, we will explore how you can leverage technology to counteract the budget impact of inflation and deliver maximum value,

  • Accelerating IT initiatives to help cope with rising costs while boosting productivity
  • Monitoring and analyzing data to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Balancing innovation investment and streamlining expenditure

Khalid Turk, Chief Healthcare Info Tech Officer, County of Santa Clara

AI and machine learning have the potential to transform customer experience, by enabling businesses to analyze vast amounts of customer data, and personalize interactions at scale. This session will explore the various types of customer data that can be analyzed using AI and machine learning, including customer behavior, preferences, and feedback.

  • Types of customer data, including customer behavior, preferences, and feedback
  • Applications, including personalized recommendations, chatbots, and voice assistants
  • The importance of data privacy and transparency in implementing these technologies

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the threats that organizations face. To protect their assets, reputation, and customer trust, businesses must remain one step ahead of cyber-criminals. In this round table discussion, cyber-security experts and industry leaders will explore the transformative role of AI in bolstering threat detection capabilities.

This engaging session will provide a platform for participants to delve into the nuances of AI-driven threat detection, sharing best practices, real-world experiences, and innovative approaches. Key discussion points will include:

  • Benefits of custom app design, including increased productivity, streamlined processes, and enhanced user experience
  • Ensure that security is built into the app design process from the outset, including risk assessments, data protection measures, and compliance with relevant regulations
  • Measuring the success of custom app design initiatives, including the use of metrics such as user adoption rates, cost savings, and productivity gains

In today's data-driven world, Business Intelligence (BI) has become a critical tool for organizations to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. However, implementing a successful BI strategy can be challenging, and requires careful planning and execution.

In this conference session, we will explore the critical factors that you should consider when implementing a BI strategy

  • The role of data governance in ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and security
  • Selecting the right BI tools and technologies that can meet the organization's specific needs, budget, and resources
  • Training and upskilling employees to ensure they can effectively use the BI tools and technologies

In today's fast-changing business world, enterprises must adapt quickly. Software plays a crucial role in this, but complex organizations face challenges. To achieve agility, we focus on:

  • Centralizing Technology for Reuse: Efficiently allocate resources and promote knowledge sharing, reducing redundancy.
  • Systematically Incorporate governance and corporate guidelines into the development process
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications and Optimizing Cloud Technologies: Upgrading outdated systems and embracing cloud solutions to enhance scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Streamlining Integration: Enable seamless operation of diverse software components.
  • Supporting Developers: Provide tools and training to simplify tasks, boost creativity, and productivity.
  • Leveraging Gen-AI: Use gen AI for faster, sustainable, and hyper-contextualized code development
  • Embracing Continuous Delivery: Automate software deployment for rapid updates.

These strategies help our complex financial institution thrive in a competitive financial landscape by empowering teams, modernizing technology, and fostering innovation to deliver exceptional value to customers and stakeholders


+1057% growth in volume of development,
11 times faster than 2018

-36% cost of transaction

64% of transaction growth

-40% Infrastructure Cost


Moderated by: 

Mike Abranches - Vice President - StackSpot

Even the most well-protected organizations fall victim to ransomware - what do you do when this happens? Most organizations have already invested and implemented strong layers of security but are still vulnerable to ransomware.

Cybercriminals are constantly outsmarting even the most robust security solutions; evolving methods and behaviors make it impossible for traditional security vendors to prevent them. Endpoint protection is no longer enough.

This session is essential if you wish to stay ahead of the ransomware threat. It will provide you with the following knowledge:

  • What is ransomware containment and how will it change my approach to stopping attacks?
  • How does a containment solution complement and enhance the investment I've already made in my security infrastructure?
  • How will containment make ransomware attacks an inconvenience rather than a major security operation?

Join this boardroom discussion in partnership with Bullwall

Moderated by Mike Lapinsky, Sales Director, Bullwall

As the technological landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the role of tech leaders is undergoing a profound transformation. Join us for an engaging fireside chat where we will explore the future of tech leadership and the skills required to navigate the digital era successfully.

  • Essential skills and competencies needed to thrive as a tech leader in the age of digital disruption
  • The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech leadership and how it can drive innovation and better outcomes
  • Insights into the evolving role of CIOs and IT executives as strategic business partners, driving innovation, and delivering value across organizations

Ahsan Baig, CIO, AC Transit

As the number and complexity of cyber threats continue to increase, traditional network security measures are no longer enough to protect organizations against potential breaches. This session will explore the principles and benefits of implementing the Zero-trust model for a fortified security network.

  • Issues with perimeter-based defenses and the need for continuous monitoring and threat detection
  • Micro-segmentation, and the use of multi-factor authentication and continuous authentication techniques
  • Importance of user education and awareness in implementing the Zero-trust model, including the need for ongoing training and support for employees and other stakeholders.

Ahsan Baig, CIO, AC Transit

Choose your  lunch table based on area of interest for discussion and networking

  • Transformation
  • Emerging Tech
  • Security
  • IT Leadership and Talent Development

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying competitive and driving innovation requires organizations to embrace emerging technologies. Join us for an inspiring keynote session where industry visionaries, technology experts, and CIOs come together to explore strategies for harnessing emerging tech to propel business success.

  • Latest advancements in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and quantum computing
  • How these transformative technologies can revolutionize business models, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency

Srilekha Akula, VP, Software, Networks, Data and Analytics, Optum Health

Embarking on a transformative journey involves inherent risks that can impact the success of any initiative. Join us for an insightful roundtable discussion where industry experts, risk management professionals, and CIOs come together to explore strategies for effectively managing risks to ensure the successful delivery of transformational projects.

  • Types of risks that organizations face during transformation, such as technological, operational, regulatory, and cultural risks
  • The role of governance, controls, and metrics in effectively managing and monitoring risks throughout the transformation lifecycle
  • Best practices, lessons learned, and practical tips for mitigating risks. Discover strategies to foster a risk-aware culture, encourage collaboration, and build resilience in the face of uncertainties

With the growing awareness of climate change and its impact on our planet, it’s vital to consider how your digital transformation efforts can contribute to a more sustainable future. This session will focus on the intersection of digital transformation and sustainability, providing insights and strategies for driving climate-conscious strategy.

  • How technology can be leveraged to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization, from optimizing energy usage to enabling remote work and reducing travel
  • Reducing waste and emissions and implementing circular economy principle
  • Creating a collective impact  - working with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders

Erin Boyd, Chief Digital Commercial Transformation Officer, AES

Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, and organizations must recognize that humans play a critical role in defending against them. Join us for an insightful panel session that explores the human factor in cybersecurity and provides strategies for mitigating human-related risks.

  • The challenges and vulnerabilities that humans introduce to the security landscape
  • Practical approaches to empower employees as the first line of defense. 
  • How to cultivate a security-conscious culture, educate staff on cybersecurity best practices, and implement effective training programs

CIOs are at the forefront of a transformative journey. You hold the keys to unlocking the potential of AI in shaping and executing digital strategies that can redefine the very essence of business success.

Join us in this fireside chat, as we embark on an inspiring exploration of the pivotal role CIOs play in harnessing AI to lead their organizations to new heights. This session will delve into the dynamic intersection of AI and digital strategy, offering invaluable insights and strategies that will empower you to navigate the complex terrain of today's digital business

  • Strategic Integration: Discover how AI can seamlessly integrate into your organization's digital strategy, enhancing competitiveness, and fostering innovation.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Learn how AI-driven insights can elevate your decision-making processes, allowing for more informed and agile responses to evolving market conditions.
  • Leadership for Transformation: Explore best practices and leadership principles that CIOs can embrace to drive successful AI-powered digital transformations within their organizations, fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation.

Ramy Houssaini, Digital Trust Executive, BNP Paribas

As technology continues to shape industries and job roles, upskilling and reskilling the workforce has become imperative for organizations to thrive in the digital age. Join this collaborative roundtable discussion to explore strategies for empowering employees through upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

  •  Insights and experiences on the importance of continuous learning and development in a rapidly evolving digital landscape
  • Best practices for identifying skill gaps, designing tailored upskilling programs, and leveraging digital learning platforms
  • Fostering a culture of lifelong learning, encouraging self-directed learning, and supporting employees in their upskilling journeys

Digital transformation has become a key strategic imperative for organizations across industries. Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion where industry leaders, digital transformation experts, and CIOs come together to explore how to measure success in the context of digital transformation initiatives.

  •  insights and experiences on defining and quantifying success in the realm of digital transformation. 
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and frameworks that can effectively measure the impact and progress of digital initiatives
  • Methodologies to assess the return on investment (ROI) of digital transformation projects and determine their alignment with strategic business goals.

Lutz Beck, CIO, Daimler Trucks

2023 Featured Partners

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