CIO Institute: USA

CIO Institute: USA

Location: Cornell University, ILR School - NYC Conference Center

Date: Tuesday, October 15th, 2024

Time: 08:30 am - 6:30 pm EST

Event Summary

The Global CIO Institute: New York City flagship event gathers the foremost minds in the industry to delve into the pivotal issues shaping the role of tech leaders today.

As we navigate the ever-evolving realm of technology, this event stands as an indispensable forum, spotlighting the paramount challenges of our time: from harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and fortifying cyber-security defenses, to deciphering the intricacies of emerging technologies, orchestrating digital transformations, and revolutionizing customer experiences.

Join us in this collaborative journey to unravel the complexities, share insights, and chart a course toward an innovative and resilient future.

2023 Featured Attendees

2023 Chair

Introducing our esteemed event chair at the Global CIO Institute: New York City flagship event, Pat Stahl! In his current role, the Vice President of Technology for WABC-TV, specifically with ABC's Local Television Stations, Pat and his team oversee all aspects of news gathering, production, and distribution.

With a remarkable 17-year career in media technology, Pat has consistently delivered on business needs, showcasing his operational strategy leadership skills. Pat is known for building high-performing, customer-focused teams to execute large-scale, mission-critical projects.

Pat's educational background includes a BA from Rutgers University and an MBA from Columbia University.

Join us at the Cornell University ILR School’s New York City Conference Center on October 18th and benefit from Pat's invaluable insights and passion to mentor and develop diverse teams as he guides us through this exciting event. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from an industry leader dedicated to innovation and customer success!

2023 Speakers


The integration of AI into executive decision-making processes has become not just advantageous but imperative. As we stand on the precipice of a new era, where data-driven insights can shape the destiny of organizations, the importance of this cannot be overstated. Join us in this insightful panel, where we will delve into the crux of why AI is the linchpin of future business strategies for top-level executives:

  • Strategic AI Adoption: Explore how AI can be strategically integrated into your C-Suite decision-making process, aligning with your organization's broader goals and objectives.
  • Data-Driven Decision Mastery: Gain expertise in harnessing AI to analyze vast datasets, enabling precise, data-backed executive decisions that drive profitability and innovation.
  • Navigating Ethical Challenges: Understand the ethical considerations that come with AI integration at the highest echelons of leadership and learn how to navigate them effectively, ensuring responsible and sustainable growth.

Preparing your workforce for the future is not just an option; it's a strategic imperative. Join us for an eye-opening session where we will guide you through the complexities of workforce development amidst tech skill shortages. Discover practical solutions to ensure your organization remains competitive and resilient in the face of evolving tech landscapes:

  • Talent Acquisition Strategies: Learn innovative approaches to identify, attract, and retain top tech talent, even in skill-scarce markets.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling Initiatives: Explore effective methods for upskilling your existing workforce, ensuring they stay relevant and adaptable in an ever-changing tech environment.
  • Collaborative Ecosystems: Harness the power of partnerships and collaborative ecosystems to bridge skill gaps and create a sustainable pipeline of tech talent for the future.

In an era of constant change and disruption, mastering the art of change management is paramount for organizational success. Join us for a transformative session where we will provide invaluable insights into navigating complex and transformational shifts within your organization. Discover proven strategies to lead your team through change effectively:

  • Change Leadership: Explore the principles of effective change leadership, empowering you to guide your organization through periods of transformation with confidence.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Learn how to foster a culture of adaptability and resilience, enabling your team to embrace change as an opportunity for growth.
  • Communication Excellence: Discover the power of clear and empathetic communication in change management, ensuring buy-in and support from all levels of your organization.

The transformation of IT architecture is pivotal for staying competitive and innovative. Join us for an enlightening session where we will provide essential insights into the journey from legacy to leading-edge IT infrastructure. Discover actionable strategies to elevate your organization's technological foundation:

  • Architectural Evolution: Explore the process of transitioning from legacy systems to cutting-edge IT architecture, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of technology trends.
  • Optimizing Efficiency: Learn how to streamline operations and maximize efficiency through modern IT architecture, paving the way for enhanced productivity and cost savings.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Discover the keys to building IT infrastructure that is not only scalable but also adaptable to the evolving needs and challenges of your business.

In the race towards digital transformation, Low-Code Platforms have emerged as game-changers, propelling organizations to new heights of efficiency and innovation. Join us for a dynamic session where we will provide essential insights into how we can accelerate your organization's digital transformation journey using Low-Code Platforms. Discover actionable strategies to unlock your digital potential:

  • Low-Code Proficiency: Explore how we can empower your teams to rapidly develop applications and automate processes with low-code tools, reducing development time and costs.
  • Agility and Innovation: Learn how to foster a culture of agility and innovation by harnessing the power of low-code platforms, enabling your organization to adapt to changing market demands swiftly.
  • Realizing ROI: Discover the tangible benefits of low-code platforms in terms of faster time-to-market, increased ROI, and improved customer experiences.

In an era defined by environmental challenges and the need for sustainable practices, technology becomes a beacon of hope for creating a better future. Join us for an inspiring session where we will provide essential insights into how we can drive sustainability and innovation through tech. Discover actionable strategies to be at the forefront of positive change:

  • Tech-Driven Sustainability: Explore how we can leverage technology to reduce environmental impact, increase energy efficiency, and promote sustainable practices within your organization.
  • Innovative Solutions: Learn how we can encourage innovation through technology, enabling your team to develop groundbreaking solutions that address pressing global challenges.
  • Positive Impact: Discover the power of tech-driven sustainability in not only reducing your ecological footprint but also in creating a positive societal and environmental impact.

AI transformation has become the linchpin of achieving a competitive edge. Join us for an insightful session where we will provide essential insights into how we can help your organization realize the ROI of AI transformation, giving you a distinct competitive advantage. Discover actionable strategies to harness the power of AI for business success:

  • Maximizing AI Value: Explore how we can assist you in maximizing the value of AI transformation, ensuring that every investment translates into a competitive edge.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Learn how we can empower your organization to make smarter, data-driven decisions, driving profitability and innovation.
  • Sustainable Growth: Discover the sustainable growth potential that AI offers, positioning your organization as a leader in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Cloud technology has become the cornerstone of digital transformation, the need for seamless cloud migration strategies cannot be overstated. Join us for an insightful session where we will provide essential insights into how we can help your organization navigate cloud migration with ease, resulting in substantial gains. Discover actionable strategies to unlock the potential of cloud technology:

  • Strategic Cloud Adoption: Explore how we can assist you in strategically adopting cloud solutions, aligning your migration with your business objectives to achieve significant gains.
  • Minimizing Disruptions: Learn how we can help minimize disruptions during the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition for your organization and its stakeholders.
  • Optimizing Performance: Discover how we can help optimize the performance of your cloud infrastructure, driving efficiency, scalability, and cost savings, ultimately leading to big gains for your organization.

A robust network architecture is the backbone of any successful organization. Join us for an enlightening session where we will provide essential insights into how we can help your organization develop strategies for building and maintaining a resilient network infrastructure. Discover actionable strategies to ensure your network seamlessly connects the dots:

  • Strategic Network Planning: Explore how we can assist you in strategically planning and designing a network architecture that meets your current needs and is adaptable to future demands.
  • Resilience and Reliability: Learn how we can help you build a network that is resilient to disruptions and reliable in delivering consistent performance, even in challenging environments.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Discover how we can optimize your network's scalability and efficiency, ensuring it remains agile and cost-effective as your organization grows and evolves.

Choose your lunch table based on your preferred discussion topic

  • Security,
  • AI,
  • Digital Transformation,
  • Leadership and talent development,
  • Data Strategy.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the key to sustainable growth lies in harnessing the power of Smart Process Automation (SPA). Join us for an enlightening session where we will provide essential insights into how we can help your organization scale efficiently through SPA. Discover actionable strategies to achieve business scalability:

  • Strategic Automation Implementation: Explore how we can assist you in strategically implementing smart process automation, identifying processes that benefit most from automation, and ensuring seamless integration.
  • Operational Excellence: Learn how we can drive operational excellence by automating routine tasks and processes, freeing up your workforce to focus on high-value activities.
  • Scalability and Agility: Discover how we can help your organization remain agile and adaptable, ensuring that as you scale, your processes continue to support growth effectively.

The concept of delivering seamless experiences across multiple channels has become a critical focus for businesses. As consumers increasingly interact with brands through a variety of digital touchpoints, the need to master this topic is not just a strategic option; it's a fundamental imperative.

  • Customer Expectations: In an age where convenience is paramount, customers expect consistent, personalized experiences across all digital channels.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Understanding customer behavior across channels provides invaluable insights. We explore how to harness data effectively to refine your omnichannel strategy and enhance customer engagement.
  • Competitive Edge: Staying ahead in the digital arena requires innovative approaches. Learn how to leverage omnichannel engagement as a competitive advantage, positioning your organization as a leader in customer experience.

Exceptional Customer Experience is the differentiator that sets companies apart. Crafting unforgettable customer journeys is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity.

This session delves into the intricate art of crafting customer journeys that leave a lasting impression. In a marketplace where products and services are often similar, it's the experience that sets companies apart, turning one-time buyers into loyal advocates. Understanding the vital role of customer-centricity is the foundation of this endeavor. With customers holding higher expectations than ever before, a customer-centric mindset is not merely an option but the cornerstone upon which unforgettable customer journeys are built.

  • Customer-Centric Mindset: Learn how adopting a customer-centric mindset is foundational to creating unforgettable customer journeys, ensuring that every interaction resonates with your audience.
  • Seamless Multichannel Experiences: Discover strategies for providing seamless and consistent experiences across multiple channels, meeting customers where they are and exceeding their expectations.
  • Continuous Improvement: Explore methods to continuously enhance CX, using feedback and data-driven insights to refine and optimize customer journeys.

Achieving alignment between organizational culture and strategic goals is not just a challenge but a necessity for sustainable success. This session explores why this topic is crucial and how it can significantly impact the trajectory of your organization.

In a world where businesses face increasingly complex challenges and competition, the synergy between an organization's culture and its strategic vision becomes the linchpin for success. This topic is not just important; it's a captivating exploration of how the values, beliefs, and behaviors within an organization can either propel it towards strategic success or hinder its progress. In the pages of this session, we'll delve into the captivating dynamics that make this topic both relevant and intriguing, unveiling the strategies to master the culture-strategy fit that can significantly impact your organization's trajectory.

  • Driving Organizational Cohesion: Discover the pivotal role of aligning culture with strategy in fostering unity and cohesion within your organization, creating a shared sense of purpose that drives collective success.
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement: Explore strategies to engage employees more deeply in the pursuit of strategic objectives by ensuring that their values are harmoniously integrated with the overarching vision.
  • Cultivating Adaptability: Learn how fostering a culture-strategy fit can enhance your organization's adaptability and resilience, enabling it to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The role of a CIO has evolved significantly, with technology becoming an integral part of business strategy. As organizations recognize the pivotal role of technology leaders in shaping the future, the ability to master the art of influence becomes a linchpin for CIOs. This session is a unique exploration of why this topic is not just important but also deeply intriguing and relevant.

  • Strategic Leadership: Delve into the strategies and insights necessary for CIOs to elevate their role from a technical expert to a strategic influencer at the board level.
  • Communication Mastery: Explore the nuances of effective communication and influence, enabling CIOs to convey the value of technology initiatives to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Navigating Organizational Dynamics: Learn how to navigate the complex organizational dynamics that CIOs encounter on their journey to the board, fostering collaboration and alignment with diverse teams and perspectives.

The ability to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions is a defining factor that sets industry leaders apart. This session delves into the world of innovation in app design, a topic of immense importance, intrigue, and relevance. In a world where user expectations are ever-evolving, creating apps that captivate and serve user needs has become a strategic imperative. This topic demands exploration as it holds the key to unlocking new possibilities, driving user engagement, and ensuring the success of digital products.

  • Cultivating User-Centric Designs: Explore strategies for cultivating a user-centric approach to app design, understanding user behavior, preferences, and pain points to create apps that resonate with and delight users.
  • Mastering UI/UX Design: Discover the art of crafting visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that not only look great but also offer seamless and intuitive experiences.
  • Leveraging User Feedback and Iteration: Learn how to harness user feedback and iterative design processes to continuously adapt and refine your app, ensuring its continued relevance and success in a dynamic digital landscape.

Leadership is no longer confined to traditional roles and strategies. This session takes you on a journey into the realm of leadership amidst disruption and the integration of emerging technologies. It's a topic of paramount importance, intrigue, and relevance, as organizations strive to navigate the uncertain waters of rapid technological advancements and market disruptions.

  • Strategic Technology Adoption: Explore strategies for leaders to strategically adopt emerging technologies, aligning them with the organization's broader goals and objectives.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Discover how emerging technologies can empower leaders to make informed, data-backed decisions, driving innovation and agility in the face of disruption.
  • Leading in Uncertainty: Learn the art of leadership in uncertain times, where emerging technologies are reshaping industries and business models. It's about charting a course that not only survives but thrives amidst disruption.

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