CDO Institute: USA

CDO Institute: USA

Location: San Francisco, California

Date: Wednesday, June 26th 2024

Time: 08:00 - 6:30 PDT

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Join us at Stanford Univeristy for a day of world-class, end-user-driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practices, and networking sessions.

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2023 Event Chair

Caitlin Halferty, 
Global Chief Data Officer, 
Caitlin Halferty, Global Chief Data Officer, Ericsson

Caitlin Halferty is the Global Chief Data Officer, Ericsson, a leading information and communications technology company.

Caitlin is responsible for implementing Ericsson’s Group Data Strategy and driving high-value data and AI initiatives across the organization.

This includes realizing value from data for the business, customers and employees, and building advanced, enterprise-wide data capabilities. Caitlin was previously at IBM, holding several leadership positions across the IBM Global Chief Data Office and Consulting Business.


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As businesses & society alike continue to embrace the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence, ethical considerations are becoming increasingly crucial. Furthermore, the evoling role of the Data Professional puts them and newly-found place to help drive profit in a number of ways across the enterprise. Striking a blanace between these two facets of the developing skillset of the CDO is key to ensure Trust is maintained by a number of different stakeholders. From the ethical collection and use of data to the responsible deployment of AI technologies, finding synergy between innovation and moral responsibility has emerged as a pressing concern for data professionals globally.

This panel discussion will bring together leading experts & thought leaders from various fields to delve into the complex intersection of Data, AI, and Ethics. The panellists will explore some of the following key topics:

- Ethical Considerations in AI Deployment: Exploring the importance of ethical guidelines and principles in the deployment of AI technologies, and how these considerations impact business decisions and societal perceptions.
- The Evolving Role of Data Professionals in Driving Profit and Ethics: Discussing how data professionals, especially Chief Data Officers, can balance their growing role in profit generation with the ethical implications of data use and AI applications.
- Maintaining Trust with Stakeholders through Responsible Data Practices: Addressing the need for transparent and responsible data collection, usage, and management to maintain trust among various stakeholders including customers, employees, and the wider community.
- Synergy between Technological Innovation and Moral Responsibility: Debating how to find a harmonious balance between leveraging the latest AI innovations for business advancement and adhering to moral and ethical responsibilities in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Join this session as we explore how to effectively communicate the value of AI and data analytics projects to leadership, specifically focusing on demonstrating ROI and quantifying the benefits to the organization. We will explore key elements of a successful communication strategy, encompassing understanding your audience, framing your message, and utilizing data to substantiate your claims.

  • Discover how to construct a clear and persuasive business case for your data analytics projects by utilizing data-driven metrics to measure success. Learn how to effectively showcase the tangible benefits and demonstrate a strong ROI.
  • Leveraging Effective Storytelling Techniques: Master the art of storytelling to captivate leadership's attention and effectively communicate the value of your projects. Understand how to craft a narrative that highlights the impact of AI and data analytics on strategic business outcomes.
  • Identifying quick wins within your use cases to showcase immediate ROI. Explore how highlighting early successes can build confidence, gain buy-in, and pave the way for broader project support.
  • Articulate how your data analytics projects directly contribute to driving strategic business outcomes. Learn how to align your initiatives with the organization's goals and priorities to secure leadership's endorsement and support.

In this keynote address we will be exploring how organizations can leverage the rapid acceleration of data processing and analytics for gaining a competitive edge. The presentation will emphasize the critical role of real-time data analysis in decision-making and strategic planning applicable to range of different industries.

  • The Integration of Advanced Analytics in Business Processes
  • Leveraging Real-time Data for Dynamic Decision Making
  • The Impact of High-Speed Data on Consumer Insights and Market Trends
  • Strategies for Implementing Scalable Data Infrastructures to Support Growth.

Join our roundtable discussion on the growing privacy concerns of generative AI. As generative AI, in particular large language models like ChatGPT, gain prominence, it holds the potential to revolutionize various industries. However, with recent bans on its usage and cautious approaches by companies like Samsung, Apple, and others, we must confront the pressing issue of privacy.

  • Accidental Data Exposure: How can we prevent generative AI from inadvertently revealing sensitive personal information?
  • Protecting Company Secrets: What safeguards can organizations employ to shield proprietary data from generative AI exposure?
  • Deepfake Challenges: How do we detect and mitigate the risks associated with the creation of convincing deepfake videos?
  • Manipulation of Public Opinion: What measures can be taken to counteract text generation that may manipulate public opinion?

In this keynote address, we will delve into the complex landscape of deploying artificial intelligence in various industries across different business processes, highlighting both the potential benefits and inherent challenges that exist. The presentation will provide a comprehensive analysis of risk mitigation strategies and the best practices for safely integrating AI into business operations.

  • Ethical Considerations and Bias in AI Systems
  • Managing Security and Privacy Risks in AI Implementation
  • Balancing AI Innovation with Regulatory Compliance
  • Assessing and Mitigating Financial and Operational Risks in AI Projects.

I this boardroom discussion, we will bring together leading data governance experts to share their insights and best practices in an interactive setting. This session will emphasize the importance of collaboration across various departments and stakeholders in establishing effective data governance frameworks. Participants will explore how to navigate the challenges of aligning diverse organizational goals with data governance objectives.

  • Developing a Unified Data Governance Framework
  • Balancing Data Accessibility with Security and Privacy
  • Enhancing Data Quality and Integrity through Collaborative Efforts
  • The Role of Leadership in Fostering a Data Governance Culture.

This keynote address given by Syed Wafa, Department Head of Strategy & Innovation with Samsung Electronics America, will provide a comprehensive overview of diverse AI deployments, highlighting both successful and challenging cases. It will delve into the key factors that contribute to the success or failure of AI initiatives in various sectors, emphasizing the critical role of data management and strategic implementation. Attendees will learn from real-world examples how AI can drive innovation and efficiency, as well as the pitfalls to avoid in its application. The presentation will also focus on future trends in AI, offering insights into how senior executives can leverage AI for sustained competitive advantage.

A Modern Data Strategy, based on a logical data architecture and powered by data virtualization is essential to enable organizations to leverage their enterprise data to its fullest and make better business decisions. This session will explore how companies can focus on their business goals without having to stop and figure out how to access, integrate, govern, and provision data.

  • Enable business users to immediately and easily access the data they need without worrying about where it is housed, how it is formatted, or how quickly it changes.
  • Logically connect to the data as needed, leaving the source data in its original locations instead of spending laborious time and effort in physically moving and duplicating large volumes of data from different sources into a centralized location.
  • Abstract consumers from complexities of data access and enable seamless migration from on-prem to cloud data sources without business disruption by providing an intelligent access layer between data consumers and data sources.

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In this panel discussion, Industry Leaders will converge to explore the forefront of data strategy, delving into the latest innovations reshaping business strategies across various sectors. The conversation will address the complexities of data governance and compliance, offering insights into creating robust and effective data-driven cultures within organizations. Panellists will also discuss the transformative role of AI in data strategy, highlighting both the challenges and emerging solutions in implementing and optimizing data strategies in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • What are the Emerging Trends in Data Strategy? Exploration into the latest innovations and how they are shaping business strategies.
  • Data Governance and Compliance: Explore strategies for navigating the complex landscape of data privacy and regulations.
  • What is the extent of the role of AI in Data Strategy? Delve into how AI is transforming data analysis and decision-making processes.

This session will provide a deep dive into the world of generative AI, showcasing its ground-breaking developments and wide-reaching impacts. The talk will highlight how this advanced AI is not just revolutionizing industries but also shaping societal norms and practices. Attendees will gain insights into the potential of generative AI to drive innovation, create new business models, and challenge existing ethical frameworks.

  • The Evolution and Capabilities of Generative AI Technologies
  • Practical Applications of Generative AI Across Various Industries
  • Ethical and Societal Implications of Generative AI
  • Future Trends and Developments in the Field of Generative AI

In this rountable session, data strategists and security experts will engage in a comprehensive discussion on establishing and maintaining trust within data ecosystems. They will explore the pivotal role of trust in the effective use of data, emphasizing how it underpins every aspect of data strategy, from collection to analysis. The conversation will delve into the intersection of technology, policy, and human factors in creating secure and trustworthy data environments.

  • Implementing Robust Data Security Measures
  • Ethical Data Collection and Usage Practices
  • Fostering Transparency and Accountability in Data Handling
  • Building and Sustaining User Trust through Effective Communication and Policies.

Industry leaders will engage in an in-depth conversation about the evolving landscape of data monetization. They will explore how businesses can unlock the hidden value in their data assets to drive revenue and competitive advantage. The discussion will highlight both the opportunities and challenges organizations face in monetizing data, including ethical considerations and market trends. Insights will be shared on developing effective data monetization strategies that align with business objectives and customer expectations.

  • Developing Effective Data Monetization Models: Exploring various models for monetizing data, including direct and indirect strategies, and how to choose the right model for your business.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations in Data Monetization: Discussing the importance of navigating privacy laws, ethical data use, and maintaining customer trust while monetizing data.
  • Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Data Monetization: Examining how advanced analytics and AI can enhance the process of identifying monetization opportunities within large data sets.
  • Case Studies of Successful Data Monetization: Sharing real-world examples of how companies have successfully implemented data monetization strategies and the impact on their business.

In this roundtable discussion, leading privacy officers and technology experts will converge to discuss the evolving landscape of privacy in the era of advanced artificial intelligence. This dialogue will explore how AI technologies are reshaping the concepts of data privacy and personal information security. Participants will examine the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in developing robust privacy strategies and policies.

  • Adapting Privacy Regulations in the Age of AI
  • Balancing AI Innovation with Individual Privacy Rights
  • The Impact of AI on Data Collection and Consent Models
  • Emerging Technologies and Their Implications for Privacy and Security.

In the ever-changing landscape of today's data-driven world, the increasing significance of data literacy is coming to the forefront. Leaders and experts across various sectors are recognizing its growing importance and the necessity for employees to stay well-informed about the evolving uses of data. This exclusive boardroom will emphasize the extensive advantages of cultivating a data-literate organization and offer insights on how to promote company-wide informed decision-making, creative utilization, and effective communication related to in-house data projects.

  • Importance of Data Literacy in the Modern Business Environment
  • Strategies for Developing Data Literacy Across the Organization
  • Integrating Data Literacy into Organizational Culture
  • Challenges and Solutions in Promoting Data Literacy

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