CAIO Institute: Germany

CAIO Institute: Germany

Location: Munich Marriott Hotel City West

Date: Wednesday 12th June 2024

Time: 08:30 - 17:30 CET

Event Summary

Join us at the highly anticipated CAIO Institute: Germany in Munich—an event you won't want to miss! We're excited to announce our new addition for 2024: co-located streams tailored specifically for CDOs, CISOs, and CIOs.

This exceptional event offers a personalised experience for you and hundreds of other delegates. Explore a vast array of captivating sessions from three distinct streams, each offering unique insights and empowering your organisation in different ways. Shape your technological vision, fortify your digital defences, or unlock the full potential of your data through these enriching experiences. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and drive meaningful growth for your organisation. This conference provides an unparalleled platform for networking, learning, and charting the path forward.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Munich as we gather industry experts to ignite insights, foster connections, and evolve strategies. Get ready to embrace the future of tech leadership at this extraordinary conference—a beacon guiding your path. Save the date and prepare for an unforgettable day of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Agenda Highlights:

AI Advancements: Dive into the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative impact on businesses.
Digital Transformation: Learn strategies to navigate the digital transformation landscape and harness its full potential.
IT Architecture Insights: Gain valuable insights into cutting-edge IT architecture trends and best practices.
Leadership Challenges: Explore the challenges faced in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem and discover solutions.

But wait, there's more! Get ready to be thrilled by our exclusive peer-to-peer networking sessions, taking place in the vibrant city of Munich. This unparalleled opportunity allows you to forge valuable connections with industry peers, share experiences and insights, and build a powerful network of like-minded professionals who are passionate about technology and leadership. Embark on your extraordinary journey towards tech leadership excellence, right here, right now.

2024 Featured Attendees

2024 Speakers

2024 Agenda

Join us for coffee and pastries to prepare for the day of learning and networking.

Explore how digital leaders can navigate the complexities of digital transformation and AI integration, emphasizing the evolution of leadership roles and the importance of fostering a culture that champions innovation.

- Adapting leadership styles to embrace digital and AI innovations
- Skills and strategies essential for future leaders
-Aligning digital initiatives with overarching business objectives for sustainable growth

Stefan Weber, Leiter IT Operations and Shared Services Vertriebsplattform, DB Fernverkehr AG (Moderator)

Sandeep Sen, Global CIO, Linde

Marco Mueller, Head of Digital CoE for Digital Solutions Business, Bayer AG

Natalia Ombach, Head of RM Europe/DEI Europe Lead, Turner & Townsend

- Seamlessly connect different systems and applications across your organisation, streamlining workflows and eliminating manual data entry with Workato's powerful integration platform.
- Drive efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks and processes, allowing your team to focus on high-value activities and innovation.
- Enhance collaboration and communication between teams and departments through synchronised data flows and real-time updates facilitated by Workato's intuitive workflow automation tools.

Massimo Pezzini, Head of Research, Workato

Guido Niermann, Head of IT, DB Intermodal Services GmbH & TFG Transfracht GmbH

As the hype around generative AI continues to build, many organisations are grappling with the challenges of digital fragmentation and complexity in their data and processes. In this boardroom session, we'll explore how CIOs can take the lead in driving their companies forward by leveraging intelligent integration and automation to provide the seamless services and applications needed to support change, growth, and scalability. We'll discuss the realities of generative AI, its opportunities for transformation, and practical approaches for scaling AI initiatives in a cohesive, integrated manner.

Discussion points:
- How is digital fragmentation impacting your organisation's productivity, decision-making, and customer experiences, and what are the key pain points and bottlenecks caused by siloed data and disconnected processes?
- How can intelligent integration solutions and process automation help break down data silos, streamline cross-functional processes, and drive operational efficiencies to achieve digital cohesion within your organisation?
- What are the key considerations and strategies for successfully scaling AI initiatives across the organisation, ensuring data governance, security, and compliance, while also fostering a culture of innovation and embracing new technologies like generative AI?

Jacqueline Devadder, Account Executive, Boomi

Join Pluralsight's experts in workforce development, to learn how to unlock the full potential of your tech workforce - simplified and actionable.

Demystify the intersection of skills-based learning and powerful AI technology, offering practical insights for your organisation's growth. Explore tailored approaches, discover best practices, and amplify employee and leader engagement through impactful use cases. 

Anna Imhoff, Global Account Manager, Pluralsight

Laura Schwarz, Principal Solutions Consultant, Pluralsight

A successful cloud security strategy needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of the business and growth of the cloud. Cutting-edge security teams are coming up with new approaches and initiatives to improve their company’s agility through security and accelerate the business. In this session, learn how Wiz helps companies take a modern approach to cloud security.

Toni Beck, Solutions Engineer, Wiz

- Explore insights into building and executing transformative strategies that embrace technological advancements, foster innovation and enhance business agility
- Understand how to align technology initiatives with overall business objectives, navigate challenges and the importance of creating a culture of change
- Delve into the critical components of digital transformation and how to guide your organisation to a future-ready, digitally empowered enterprise

Sandeep Sen, Global CIO, Linde

- What constitutes ethical AI use within our organisations? And what are the key principles of this?
- How can we detect biases in our AI systems? And what strategies and tools can we use for reducing bias?
- How transparent are current AI models?
- What are the long-term strategies for sustainable and ethical AI integration? What is the importance of setting goals and benchmarks for ethical AI practices?

Natalia Ombach, Head of RM Europe / DEI Europe Lead, Turner & Townsend

- Examine the critical role of business leaders in driving and championing change in an overall volatile environment, setting and derivation of a vision, fostering an innovative culture of cleverness and care and leading by example
- Explore the psychological and organizational aspects of change, considering the importance of Emotional Intelligence supporting the overcome of change challenges
- Discuss the importance of clear and transparent communication by considering the need of cross-functional and organizational thinking including effective messaging, stakeholder engagement and feedback mechanisms

Mario Mueller, Senior Director, Infineon Technologies

Fabian Czicholl, Regional Vice President Broad Markets, will take a closer look at the benefits of process automation and discuss what's needed to set the base. He will also discuss the possibilities of AI in the automation of complex business processes and address the issue of data protection. New technologies can be used to orchestrate change, because BPM is not rocket science.

Fabian Czicholl, Regional Vice President, Appian Software Germany GmbH

- Strategic Alignment: Cost-benefit and risk perspectives for transforming (generative) AI into a strategic corporate asset
- Intelligent Integration of AI and Machine Learning: Effective incorporation of AI into (business) processes
- GenAI use cases & learnings in 2024

Marco Mueller, Head of Digital CoE for Digital Solutions Business, Bayer AG

- Explore the various factors that contribute to complexity in IT environments, such as diverse technologies, interconnected systems and organisational structures
- Understand the importance of adaptability and flexibility in responding to changing business requirements, technological advancements and market dynamics
- Discuss approaches to ensure IT infrastructure and applications can scale to meet growing demands while maintaining optimal performance in complex environments

Stefan Weber, Leiter IT Operations and Shared Services Vertriebsplattform, DB Fernverkehr AG

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