CAIO Institute: UK

CAIO Institute: UK

Location: Ascot

Date: Thursday 21st March 2024

Time: 08:30 - 17:30 GMT

Event Summary

The Global CAIO Institute Event Series delivers a world-class full day of collaboration, networking, and discussions focusing on the latest trends and challenges currently faced within the industry. Provided through a dynamic combination of thought leadership and best practice strategies, our exceptional end-user-driven academic platform assists digital business leaders in improving productivity and growth within their organisations.


Featuring 80-100 hand-picked C-level & senior IT leaders from our global IT community, the day will consist of thought-provoking Panel discussions, Keynote presentations, interactive Boardrooms, 1-2-1 brokered business meetings, and networking opportunities. Discussions are driven by experts in the field, basing their insights on key business outcomes and allowing all to access powerful and useful content throughout the event.

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2024 Co-Located Speakers

Event Chair

Kris Kupilas, R&D Digital Transformation Lead, ArcelorMittal
Kris Kupilas, R&D Digital Transformation Lead, ArcelorMittal

Kris currently leads the digital transformation of ArcelorMittal Global R&D. In this role, Kris focuses on harnessing technology to improve operations and drive innovation across the organisation.

With over 25 years of experience, Kris has held diverse positions in international corporations such as EDS (Electronic Data Systems), Hewlett-Packard, and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. His roles have spanned from Systems Engineer and Business Analyst to Project and Programme Manager, Regional Manager, and Account Executive, primarily in the Automotive and Manufacturing sectors.

Outside of his corporate career, Kris has also contributed to non-profit organisations as a Non-Executive Director and Board Member. He has been involved with The Institute of Directors in the UK, previously serving as a member and contributing to its Welsh
leadership council.

Driven by a profound passion for both digitalisation and sustainability, Kris believes strongly in the intersection of these two domains. He perceives digitalisation not only as a tool for enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation, but also as a potent instrument for advancing sustainability both within organisations and throughout entire industries. He is deeply committed to exploring how digital technologies can be
leveraged to optimise resource usage, reduce environmental impact, and foster a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Through his work at ArcelorMittal and beyond, Kris is dedicated to integrating digital solutions with sustainable practices, recognising the inherent synergy between technological advancement and environmental responsibility. He believes that by embracing digitalisation and sustainability in tandem, organisations can achieve long-term success while also making a positive impact on the planet.


This session delves into the vital role of data as the cornerstone of AI-driven advancements, setting the stage for a future where data integrity and AI ethics shape sustainable enterprise growth.
  • Explore current successes and forward-looking strategies, offering a roadmap for leaders to harness the potential of AI responsibly. 
  • Insights on emerging trends and technologies will guide participants towards pioneering data and AI applications, envisioning a future of innovative, data-empowered decision-making.


Silky Vaidya, Fractional Chief Technology and Product Officer, SIRV/ NED & Regional Director UK&I, WIBD

Breno Gentil, Europe CIO, Heineken

Oleg Kravets, Chief Analytics Officer, The Travel Corporation

Alessandro Bovone, CTO, Nokia

  • Implementation steps for Ethical AI Governance for your organisation.
  • Strategies for ensuring responsible AI innovation and deployment.
  • Formation of AI Ethics department and activities to focus.


Sayantan Chaklader, Head of Data Governance, Sony Europe

Raza Ali, Head of AI & Automation, Sony Europe

With so much focus on AI and Generative AI, how do you ensure that you are delivering business value that meets the business priorities and scales to make a meaningful impact. What areas are other companies investing in to scale in a way that is rapid, strategic, and cost effective while understanding the skill gaps and how they are doing it. This topic provides an overview of high priority use cases for AI / Generative AI; the approach to mobilizing and scaling business value; how to think holistically about data and AI; and considerations for technology, people, process, and mindset.


Senior Representative, Keepler Data Tech

Local authorities are responsible for delivering many vital services to residents, visitors and businesses in defined geographical areas. They are also responsible for the built environment. Being responsible means making effective decisions, investing in, and managing, services that meet local requirements whilst complying with rules and regulations set out by central government.

Our ability to do this well is dependent on being able to make sense of the vast amounts of complex data and information that we have access to. Capabilities provided by AI can be used to create a better understanding of the interplay across many of the social and environmental challenges that local authorities need to manage and can lead to more holistic policy development, better planning and optimised service delivery.


Ade Bamigboye, CTO, Royal Borough of Kensingtomn and Chelsea

Wondering how to deliver personalized experiences at scale, meet your customers’ expectations and drive business objectives?  Join us for a deep dive into the current Commerce landscape and thought-provoking dialogue with peers. We'll navigate the hype, spotlight real-world opportunities, and explore how to boost revenue and profitability through AI Search and textual Generative AI experiences. 

  • Discover how powerful indexation and search are the foundations for textual Generative AI experiences and how textual Generative AI experiences will transform ecommerce (B2B/B2C)
  • How to deliver personalized experiences at scale, meet your customers’ expectations and drive business objectives.
  • Move beyond segments to 1-2-1 individual engagements (Business-to-person)

Alex Dean, Sales Director, Coveo

  • Early Stages: Data Collection and Processing: Discuss how AI initially focused on collecting and processing large volumes of data to understand network behaviours, identify patterns, and optimise connectivity. This involved the development of algorithms for data analysis, predictive modelling, and anomaly detection to enhance network efficiency and reliability.
  • Integration of AI in Network Infrastructure: Explore how AI has become integrated into network infrastructure to dynamically adapt to changing conditions and demands. This includes AI-driven network management systems that can automatically adjust configurations, allocate resources efficiently, and optimize traffic routing in real-time. Additionally, discuss the role of AI in enhancing cybersecurity measures, such as threat detection, intrusion prevention, and automated incident response, to ensure the security and integrity of network ecosystems.
  • Future Directions: Sustainable and Resilient Networks: Consider the emerging applications of AI in building sustainable and secure network ecosystems. Discuss how AI-driven technologies, such as machine learning algorithms for energy optimization, can reduce power consumption and carbon footprint in network operations. Furthermore, explore the potential of AI in enhancing network resilience by proactively identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in the face of cyberattacks or natural disasters. This is also foundation to build one of the next big things that the industry is starving of: Digital Trust.


Alessandro Bovone, CTO, Nokia

How can Conversational AI leverage the latest advancements in natural language processing to deliver personalised customer experiences at scale?


In what ways does integrating Conversational AI into omnichannel strategies drive revenue growth and competitive differentiation for businesses?


Exploring the role of Conversational AI in harnessing real-time data analytics for dynamic customer insights and decision-making, aligning with executive priorities for innovation and market leadership.



Kostas Vakaros, Senior Product Manager, Conversational AI, Tesco Plc

Explore the critical role of platform and architecture in harnessing the power of these technologies to unlock data-driven insights, drive innovation, and shape the future of your organisation.

  • Understand the significance of a robust platform and architecture for advanced analytics, AI, and LLM implementation
  • Explore key considerations for building an effective platform that supports scalability, flexibility, and agility
  • Learn about the architectural components necessary to maximize the potential of new technology
  • Discuss real-world use cases, success stories, and lessons learned from organizations at the forefront of these technologies
  • Identify challenges and potential solutions for implementing and managing advanced analytics, AI, and LLM platforms


Charles Phiri, Executive Director, SME AI/ML Innovation, JP Morgan Chase & Co

  • Examining why collaboration between CDOs and other C-level executives is crucial for successful data strategies.
  • Strategies for effective communication and partnership between CDOs and other executives.
  • Identifying and addressing common challenges that impede collaboration.
  • Real-life examples of successful collaborations and the benefits they brought to organisations.

Steve Janoo, CDAO, Diageo

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