CIO Institute Innovation Tech Start Up

At the CIO institute we understand the speed of technology is evolving rapidly. New and innovative tech start ups have solutions to the challenges of our CIO community - but how does a CIO know they exist: Our Innovation session is born.
Our first session took place at The CIO Institute: Innovation event in London. Hosted by one of our esteemed advisory board members, Graeme Howard (CTIO Covea Insurance), the session allowed the audience of CIOs and Senior IT Leaders to ask questions and vote on the company they believed would add most value to their role and their organisation.
3 tech companies presented to our event attendees in this Innovation session. TecFlair, UtterWorks and Harness discussed and even performed live demonstrations how they can support CIOs and their organisations.
Once the votes were counted the winner was:
Congratulations to Harness the feedback we received was excellent.
To find out more about Harness and why the CIO Institute members voted for them please click here.
Congratulations to our other innovation session contributors:

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