Eggplant Case Study

Case Study: Eggplant


At Eggplant we help businesses to test, monitor and analyze their end-to-end customer experience and continuously improve their business outcomes. Companies worldwide use Eggplant to surpass competitors, boost productivity, and delight customers. How? By dramatically enhancing the quality, responsiveness, and performance of their software applications across different interfaces, platforms, browsers, and devices — including mobile, IoT, and desktop — in agile, DevOps, and innovative application and data environments.


The Challenge

We wanted to get closer to the C-suite/decision makers within businesses, to understand where their challenges lie and how we can help them test, monitor and analyze their end-to-end customer experience and continuously improve their business outcomes.
From attending various testing events prior, although relevant we felt we had to start being more selective on the type of events we attend and sponsor to be considered leaders within our industry, which is what led to responding to the GB Intelligence Events Team on an upcoming CIO Event and sponsoring that event.

The Solution

Factors that influenced our decision were:
  • The event format, based on 121 meetings with CIOs in our must win accounts, which would usually take months to organize meetings with.
  • The team were approachable and professional, while always being available with any questions/doubts we had, as well as having our interest in mind while promoting our company and solutions.
Yes, we did we had a number of targets to reach which we achieved, together with having organized 121 meetings with CIOs.

“Great event to attend/sponsor and to build connections with c-suite decision makers. We are very happy with the team, organization and 121 meetings we had.“

- Myriam Mahdaly, Events Marketing Manager @ Eggplant


The Results

The team spoke highly of the events and recommended we do them again this year, which is why we signed up early on for another two events.
Not only did we get good meetings booked, but our CTO did a stellar job in his presentation which sparked more interest in our company and what we do.
What we liked most:
The organization of the meetings, the speaking slot, location and GBI team. Very confident on callbacks, connections made.
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