Attendee Terms & Conditions – Digital Boardrooms

Terms & Conditions

As a Delegate I agree to the following terms and conditions set out by GB Intelligence Ltd. These terms and conditions, and the delegate registration form submitted by the Delegate, comprise the agreement between the Delegate and GB Intelligence Ltd governing the Delegates participation in the Digital Boardroom or Digital Boardroom Series. There is no cost for a Delegate to participate in the Digital Boardroom or Digital Boardroom Series. When you register to attend you must consent to us collecting and storing your personal information.


You will not be able to complete your registration process without consenting to us storing your personal data. We will only use the personal data supplied by you for the purposes of administering our Digital Boardrooms and Digital Boardroom Series and we will share your information to our sponsoring company in connection with the Digital Boardroom or Digital Boardroom Series that you are participating in. In these circumstances the personal data made available will be limited to the necessary information required for follow-ups by GB Intelligence and our event partners only. This will be supplied strictly on condition it is only used for that purpose. By registering for an event you agree GB Intelligence to use your personal data including email address and phone number for marketing purposes through email and SMS campaigns. You are able to opt out at any time.


Some events may be recorded and content may be used for marketing purposes. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to the use of the video containing your comments and imagery.

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