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CIO Institute: UK

September 22, 2022

CIO Institute: UK

Location: Newham College, University of Cambridge

Date: Thursday 22nd September 2022

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

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CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


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Join our Opening Panel session moderated by Mark Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology & CISO EMEA -  Ricoh Europe Plc

Achieving an inclusive culture within your organisation requires leadership involvement to ensure integration of these expectations into the business mission. Starting with recruitment, inclusivity should be embedded into the foundations of a business to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

As leaders in the technology sector are striving to make progress toward equity for all workers, unfortunately discrimination still affects employees of underrepresented backgrounds. This includes gender identity, ethnic background and many other traits that contribute to the diversity of the IT department.

  • Mark Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology & CISO EMEA -  Ricoh Europe Plc
  • Kari-Anne Clayton, Head of Strategy & Transformation - Retail Banking CDIO - Natwest
  • Umesh Jetha, CDAO - Moments That Matter - Nationwide Building Society
  • Cleone Wright, Director of Technology Delivery - Three
  • Julia Citron, Head of EdTech - Cambridge University Press & Assessment
  • Gareth Johns, Senior Director, Vertical Solutions - RingCentral

A Keynote Session in Association with Robin AI -

From data lakes to data warehouses, the world’s most important businesses are investing millions to capture and manage critical business data from a range of different software tools, databases and hardware. Companies are often ignoring the treasure trove of contract data contained in business assets, which are created daily and live on company computers or shared drives.

Most business transactions in the world involve the creation of a contract to record core business terms, but the technology we use to make contracts (Microsoft Word) and the technology we use to store them (Adobe PDF) make it nearly impossible to conveniently extract and store the precious data inside these assets.

In this session, learn how:

  • Critical business information is being overlooked in your contracts
  • You can build processes that unlock value for your organisation using simple workflows and more advanced technologies

Richard Robinson, CEO at Robin AI

Join this Keynote session with Snigdha Bircher, Data and Transformation Leader, Nationwide Building Society -

In an age of constant tech development, innovation and change, I’m sure we’ve all noticed that data is exploding! We have more data than we have ever had! Quite rightly managing it is proving to be challenge. We’re therefore constantly looking for ways to get better at managing data, creating governance, investing in tools teams etc to be able to keep pace with the technology and to be able to service customers better- regardless of the industry we’re in !

Let’s take a different perspective into understanding why there is a gap between understanding data management and doing data management! What are our blind spots?

Snigdha Bircher, Data and Transformation Leader, Nationwide Building Society

Join this Keynote Session in Association with Akamai -

Fallen victim to a data breach yet? If not, your organisation is one of the lucky ones – for now. Cyber attackers are using ever more sophisticated attempts to execute cyber-attacks on a daily basis. In today's day and age, the chances of swerving an attack without robust cyber security measures already in-place to detect, prevent and mitigate against threats are second to none.

  • Hear from Akamai’s EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy Richard Meeus and:
  • Discover cyber security strategies to protect your data and estate and learn how to build a solid cyber resilience plan for your organisation’s infrastructure.
  • Understand how to fully protect your organisation from compromising risks such as ransomware, DDoS, Zero Day and Account-Takeover Attacks.
  • Uncover fundamental solutions for use when your organisation falls victim to an attack.

Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director - Akamai

Join this interactive Boardroom Session in association with Origina -

Traditional IT solutions are a legacy of a pre-cloud era and act as a handbrake to digital transformation and adoption of cloud native solutions.

They are necessarily expensive to run, consume valuable resources and no longer align with strategic direction, or are they potentially your biggest untapped asset?

This discussion will centre on a variety of perspectives to examine whether thinking differently about this can allow organisations to unlock budget and take control of the entirety of your roadmap rather than be beholden to the whims of the mega vendors.

Brian Redpath, Enterprise Account Executive UK - Origina

Join this interactive boardroom session with Nina Tatsiy, Regional CIO - British American Tobacco -

A discussion around the current challenges of finding and keeping digital resources. The new trend of very fluid models and lack of commitment to stay longer term in corporations is something we need to find a solution to.

Join this Keynote session in association with Laiye -

The global pandemic has forever changed the business of business. A new social contract has emerged between employee and employer, and power will continue to shift to the individual worker. We see this happening with movements like “The Great Resignation” and increasing employee expectations for hybrid and remote work. Not to mention peoples' desire to do meaningful, value-added work, rather than jobs involving repetitive, manual tasks. These trends are forcing companies to rethink how they empower their people and execute their processes. Learn how Laiye is working with leading companies to make digital transformation across people, processes, and technology a reality.

BONUS: see a live demo of key processes that CIOs across industries can start with to see the immediate benefits of Intelligent Automation.

Ronen Lamdan, CEO - Laiye

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Simon Iddon, Former Retail and Hospitality Group CIO in FTSE, international, several start-ups and fractional CIO to many mid-growth brands -

Innovation is often high on the board’s agenda, but who is in the best position to lead this? what does it actually mean? and not just how do you go about it, but how do you and the business know if it was worthwhile? This round table is to chat and share experiences around the skills and common gaps, who should be involved, and how to approach and ultimately lead the business from “what should we do?” to hearing “can we have more things like that please?” from the board.

Simon Iddon, Former Retail and Hospitality Group CIO in FTSE, international, several start-ups and fractional CIO to many mid-growth brands

Join this interactive Boardroom session -

The session will discuss what Digital Transformation means within your organisation. We will focus on the value that technology teams can bring to driving it forward and consequently the role & approach for the CIO.

This session will provide the opportunity to share your own experiences, explore approaches that have been a success and also ones that have not worked out so well.

Mark Maddocks, CIO - Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Delinea.

Delinea, accompanied by Hamilton Fraser’s CTO, will be discussing the importance of Cyber Insurance.

The cyber insurance industry is evolving fast to help your business mitigate risk. Cyber insurance offers a safety net for businesses threatened by the rapid growth of insider cybercrime and external cyber threats, particularly ransomware. While cyber insurance has been a reliable safety net for years - driven by accelerating insider cybercrime and exploding ransomware attacks - things are changing fast.

It’s important to understand the dynamics of the rapidly changing market and consider how well your security controls will stand up to an insurance company’s review.

This session will help you answer some common questions about cyber insurance and make sure you get all the facts you need.


Mark Lillywhite, Senior Technology Specialist – PAM - Delinea

Peter Agathangelou, Chief Technology Officer - Hamilton Fraser

Join this interactive Boardroom Session in Association with Connect -

According to the McKinsey 2022 State of Customer Care Survey,[1] chatbots, AI tools and automation are the top priorities for tech investment among CX leaders.

It’s easy to see why. Aside from the opportunities for cost savings, automation meets the expectations of customers who are accustomed to asking Alexa and speaking to Siri. What’s more, AI offers a way to increase CX capacity while freeing up human agents to focus on more complex, challenging and interesting interactions. That could be invaluable in the ongoing battle to retain quality staff.

While the logic is clear, many organisations still struggle with the practicalities of having human and virtual agents working alongside each other.

  • How do you determine which interactions go to which type of agent – human or virtual?
  • What choices do you give customers about whether they want to speak to a bot or a real person?
  • How do you manage the handover – mid-interaction – from a virtual to a human expert?

Over the next few years, businesses in all sectors will be working through precisely these challenges. This boardroom discussion offers an opportunity for you to find out how your peers are addressing them.

Connect’s experts  alongside Five9 CX leaders will share their views and insights on the best ways on how to leverage AI alongside human agents in the customer experience.

Intended for executives with CX responsibility, the discussion will examine the technical aspects and the ethical and commercial ones – including looking at the issue from both the customer and employee perspective.

[1] See e.g. McKinsey & Company (2022) State of Customer Care Survey www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/operations/our-insights/the-state-of-customer-care-in-2022

Steven Fricker, Chief Revenue Officer - Connect

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Mike Hudson, Associate Director - Turner & Townsend-

As businesses look to build back after the pandemic, they are facing the unique head winds of a major shift toward hybrid working, and spiralling energy and operational costs. Furthermore, many organisations have committed to 2030 net zero or CFE targets, which invariably will require relocating or major refits of current assets. Faced with these challenges, digital twins have been proposed as the white knight that helps to improve efficiency and re-engage with an increasingly decentralised workforce. This session will discuss the benefits of a digital twin, how they can differ for different industries, and how lessons learnt can be applied to a successful real estate implementation strategy for your company portfolio. We will share insights from our global client list, discussing the merits of top-down versus bottom-up SMART building strategies.

Mike Hudson, Associate Director - Turner & Townsend-

Join this Keynote session in association with Pluralsight -

Today, most organisations have a five-year plan for cloud, but few have a five-year plan for cloud talent. As cloud demand rises and the tech skills gap widens across the globe, businesses are struggling to meet goals or hit deadlines. Organisations need to realise you can’t implement a cloud transformation unless you have people with the right skills to pull it off. That means the talent discussion needs to be front and centre in your cloud strategy.

During this session, Lisa will outline winning reskilling / upskilling strategies to help organisations take immediate steps to close the cloud techs skill gap and accelerate cloud transformation.


Lisa Minogue-White, Strategic Director - Pluralsight

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Ring Central -

Facilitating hybrid working environments successfully is one of the biggest problems for CIOs this year. For those embracing the hybrid model, the main focus has shifted from enabling staff to be able to work from home safely to providing employees with experiences that ensure a level playing field and foster collaboration both inside and outside offices.

But CIOs face several issues as they tackle this new way of working, specifically:

  • Lack of sufficient productivity, document sharing and collaboration tools to make remote work feasible.
  • Logistical hurdles created by in-person versus remote meetings, or a merge of the two.
  • Standardisation of digital tools and processes across multiple corporate and home offices. 
  • Ensuring integrity – of data, security, and even internet connections.

Join RingCentral on 22nd September for an informative discussion where we’ll cover: 

  • The steps that IT executives can take to build and improve the hybrid work experience. 
  • The connection between the employee experience and bottom-line results.
  • How better communications drives employee and customer satisfaction and engagement. 
  • How to ensure integrity of your organisation’s proprietary information and client data.

Gareth Johns, Senior Director, Vertical Solutions - RingCentral

Join this Keynote session in association with WSO2 -

In today’s experience economy, unique digital experiences have become a competitive advantage. But delivering these experiences is not easy, and organizations are struggling to convert strategies into value. Too often, technology leaders have had to focus on building platforms to hide complexity and increase productivity, investing significant time, money, and unique skill sets on infrastructure instead of digital innovation. 

As a strategist or a craftsman in a digital transformation journey, you might be thinking:

  • Why is having a digital platform a critical success factor?

  • What are the characteristics of a digital platform in the modern experience economy, and cloud-native architecture? 

  • How does a digital platform fuel and expedite an organization's digital strategy and the effectiveness of the digital strategists?

Christopher Davey, VP - Solution Architecture (Integration) - WSO2

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Daisy -

After a period of rapid change, 2022 is proving to be a challenging year. “Saviour” solutions implemented quickly and without the usual due diligence are adding to the need for digital transformation that organisations were facing pre-pandemic, and some new priorities have been catapulted to the top of the boardroom agenda as a result of significant workplace change. To what extent can technology help to deliver these new priorities, solve current problems and be a business enabler?

Richard Beeston, Director of Solutions & Strategy - Daisy

Join this Keynote session with Anwar Mirza, Data Strategy & Governance - FedEx Express EU -

This insightful keynote will put Data into the context of Business Strategy and Digital Transformation. Anwar will describe how Data Assets, Data Products & Data Services must be embedded into business operations with the appropriate processes, controls and measures.

Using Data to deliver short‐, medium‐ and long‐term Value in Digital Transformation is a survival imperative. This session will inspire a practical and pragmatic approach toward -

  • Adopting a ‘connected thinking’ approach, methodology and culture
  • Developing a Business Strategy Roadmap with Data embedded into its core
  • Using a Data Governance Framework to deliver trusted data
  • Quantifying and realising a tangible value for data and data quality
  • Educating the workforce with a scalable and flexible data literacy program

Anwar Mirza, Data Strategy & Governance - FedEx Express EU

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with OutSystems - 

Throughout the current pandemic, IT departments have had no choice but to evolve to the speed that the business demanded; from pivoting to remote working and standing up online services to changing business operating models.

But in a world of cost-cutting, skills shortages and greater governance, and with business demands showing no signs of abating, how do the technology leaders steady the ship through the chaos? Join this boardroom session where OutSystems will discuss everything from level-setting with business peers, to building a more agile, iterative and robust IT function.

Nicolas Soum, Business Value Consulting director - Outsystems

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Dynatrace - 

Join Dynatrace for an interactive discussion on how best to manage multi-cloud complexity with the latest techniques, and ensuring you’re offering flawless customer experiences. During the discussion, we’ll look at issues facing your organisations, such as:

• How to gain end-to-end observability of the entire operating environment, from data centres to cloud-based deployments
• How artificial intelligence can simplify operations through techniques such as root cause analysis and auto remediation
• How customer and employee experience can be improved by integrating ‘intelligent observability’ across multiple cloud platforms

Join this interactive Boardroom Session with Nick Harris, CIO, Salvation Army Trading Company -

During this session we will be outlining the complexities of delivering a business case, updates or requesting IT investment around cyber security, transformation or solutions. Join us for an open Boardroom conversation to share personal in room experiences and best practice on how to get your message across to secure funding, resources and influence business benefitting solutions.

We will be sharing experiences on the best communication style to use, what information to share and how to present; verbally or with the aid of PowerPoint. If you are sharing a paper as part of your delivery, what should be the key points.

Whether you work in a small or large organisation, public or commercial, when the questions get difficult at Board / Exec level what style should be used when facing a sceptical crowd and how to win support?

Come and share your experience!

Nick Harris, CIO, Salvation Army Trading Company

Join this closing Keynote session with Adam Forde, Chief Digital Officer - HBK 

*Full details will be released soon*

Join us for a champagne reception featuring closing remarks and the prize draw hosted by our Event Chairs -

Marcus Spurgeon, Head of Change, Governance and Support - Three
Mark Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology & CISO EMEA - Ricoh Europe Plc

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