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CIO Institute: UK

May 4, 2022

CIO Institute: UK

Location: One Great George Street, London

Date: Wednesday 4th May 2022

Time: 08:30 - 17:30 BST

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CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


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Alex Richard

Technology Director


Claire Deuchar

Chief Information Officer


Claire Deuchar

Chief Information Officer


Claire Deuchar

Chief Information Officer


Introducing our Chair and Co-Chair

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Alex Richard

Technology Director


Claire Deuchar

Chief Information Officer


Claire Deuchar

Chief Information Officer


Claire Deuchar

Chief Information Officer


Featured Partners

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Institute Innovations: Tech Start Up

At the CIO institute we understand the speed of technology is evolving rapidly. New and innovative tech start ups have solutions to the challenges of our CIO community - but how does a CIO know they exist: Our Innovation session is born.
We have hand selected 4 tech start ups to present to our event attendees in our new Innovation session.

Hosted by Lee Whatford, CISO - Dominos, this session will allow you to hear from 4 innovative companies, ask questions and vote on the company you believe will add most value to your role and your organisation

Innovation Session Host:

Lee Whatford, CISO - Dominos



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Join our Opening Panel session moderated by Balaji Anbil, Lead Enterprise Architect - UK Ministry of Defence

CISO's alongside CIO's are key players in enabling an organisation to evolve and execute strategy securely and rapidly - but do CEO's give the necessary attention and priority so that organisations can collaborate effectively?

Join our security and IT focused panel as they discuss the changing relationship between the CISO and the CIO; are CISO's transformational, are CIO's exposed at board level and is working together enough to ensure those trust levels are maintained?

  • Balaji Anbil, Lead Enterprise Architect - UK Ministry of Defence
  • Lee Whatford, CISO - Dominos
  • Rob Greig, Global CIO - Arup
  • Claire Deuchar, CIO - RNLI
  • Niall Carter, Head of UK Enterprise - Ring Central


Join this Keynote session in association with Webex by Cisco.

The global pandemic has dramatically changed how we work and how we feel about going back to our offices. A global survey found that less than 9% of the global workforce expect to fully return to the office. The hybrid workplace is here to stay. To that end, it is more important than ever that the leaders of today understand the urgency of preparing for the new era of work.

Hear from Vaughan Klein, Director, Cisco Collaboration EMEAR to:

• Discover the hybrid workplace, a new people-centric approach to work that supports a blend of in-office and remote workers.
• Learn how this new paradigm augments workplace with technology, creating an environment where employees everywhere have meaningful interactions that drive lasting value for your business
• Understand how intelligent, inclusive and immersive experiences that are essential for driving a successful and safe return-to-office strategy.

Vaughan Klein, Director, Cisco Collaboration EMEAR - Webex by Cisco

Join this Keynote session with Rob Greig, Group CIO - Arup.

The IT industry is rife with outdated, and sometimes racist and misogynistic language. Rob Greig discusses how as IT leaders we can recognise these issues and the impact they have on developing truly equal, diverse and inclusive teams.

Join this Keynote session in association with Cloudreach.

The era of IT-driven adoption of cloud technologies is over. The Era of large-scale business transformation is here. Join this keynote session as we discuss the move to cloud-native enterprises and what it means for the CIO.

2022 is the year that companies will leave behind the era of IT-led cloud adoption, moving through business experimentation with the cloud, towards large-scale, all-encompassing transformation initiatives. However, effectively adopting the cloud-native enterprise will require modernization in leadership, reskilling teams for the digital mindset as well and modernization and management of data. Join us to discuss how your CIO peers compare managing services across the wider business and measure the success of transformation in the cloud-native enterprise.

Roy White, Senior Cloud Advisor - Cloudreach

Join this interactive Boardroom in association with Field Effect

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join this interactive Boardroom in association with DarkTrace.

In today’s world, fast-moving cyber-attacks can strike at any time, and security teams are increasingly unable to react quickly enough to innovative and novel threats. It is becoming near impossible for businesses to adequate defend themselves.


Join Hanah-Marie Darley, Head of Threat Research at Darktrace, for an interactive discussion on the advantages provided to businesses through the integration of autonomous technology. Learn how Self-Learning AI can take precise action to neutralize threats, augmenting the capabilities of security teams without disrupting the regular flow of business. Real-world case studies will also be used throughout this session.

Hanah-Marie Darley, Head of Threat Research - Darktrace

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Claire Deuchar, CIO - RNLI

The Situation: 2020 The pandemic has started and everyone is looking at how they can generate funds to keep their organisation going. For the RNLI that meant a pivot in fundraising to digital fundraising, a real focus on our donors and the need to improve our speed.

The Change: The RNLI (with partners) used capability modelling to map what would have the greatest impact on our fundraising and to support our donors. For commercial organisations this would be customer growth and sales numbers.

The Impact: Simplified set of priorities (from 11 to 2). A common set of goals across teams and a joint way of working. An increase in supporters (loyal customers)

What’s Next: Capability modelling for the organisation looking at our complete delivery model, to prioritise impactful change and be part of our ERP scoping.

Join this Keynote session in association with GlobalLogic with -

Large scale transformation is a noble pursuit. The complete digitisation of products and platforms, enterprise-wide cloud migrations, contact centre modernisation – the list goes on. But what happens to everyday ingenuity when you focus company talent, time, and money on multi-year programs?

Everyday ingenuity encapsulates everything from moving the dial on user experiences and internal processes, to introducing innovation labs that challenge the status quo and welcome new ideas to business challenges. Whilst not regarded as impressive as the delivery of a transformation program, these smaller innovations succeed in engaging employees, attracting new talent, satisfying customers, and giving stakeholders something tangible to buy-in to. They add purpose to the everyday, so you have the right people for long-term transformation.

This talk looks at the benefits of everyday ingenuity, the importance of innovating for employees and customers, and how to retain talent in a very competitive market!

Barbara Gottardi, CIO - WEDLVR

Join this keynote session with Noah Stevenson, Regional Director at Multiverse:

  • Learn how address challenges around capability, capacity, diversity, and culture using professional apprenticeships to upskill existing employees in digital, data, and business transformation
  • Discover how to build a more sustainable pipeline of diverse, high-potential entry-level talent
  • Understand how our Data Literacy and Data Fellowship programmes, as well as the Business Transformation Programme, can embed data-driven decision making and agile ways of working across your organisation to unlock your strategic goals and drive growth
  • Focus on real-life case studies from our 400+ partners

Noah Stevenson, Regional Director - Multiverse

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Alex Richards, Technology Director - Boohoo Group Plc.

During this interactive session, Alex Richards, Technology Director, Boohoo Group Plc will lead the discussion around the general challenges faced when trying to introduce agility to an organisation. We will be sharing some of the real life challenges that we have experienced and discussing these issues as a group.

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with OutSystems.

No question about it: Delivering new enterprise applications can be tough and time-consuming — and growing expectations for faster delivery make the job even more challenging. In this boardroom session, Nicolas Soum of OutSystems will discuss how the enterprise low-code approach can simplify and speed up projects for new digital experiences in the era of cloud-native applications.

You’ll learn to:
  • Understand what low code is and why it plays an increasingly important role in digital transformation.
  • Identify the situations best suited for low-code app development.
  • Use low code to support digital transformation and improve financial performance.


Nicolas Soum, Business Value Consulting Director - OutSystems

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Citrix.

Sustainability is a top concern for all businesses, but is it high on the IT agenda? The next 10 years have been titled "the decade to deliver."

Join our boardroom discussion with Gerard Lavin, Field CTO at Citrix to learn how IT leaders can be better equipped to meet this challenge.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Is the Impact of ICT understood by the business?
  • How IT leaders can make a real difference.
  • How greener IT can drive a greener business.

We invite participants to share their own experiences and learn from each other in this interactive session.

Gerard Lavin, Field CTO - Citrix

Join this Keynote session in association with Akamai.

Fallen victim to a data breach yet? If not, your organisation is one of the lucky ones – for now. Cyber attackers are using ever more sophisticated attempts to execute cyber-attacks on a daily basis. In today's day and age, the chances of swerving an attack without robust cyber security measures already in-place to detect, prevent and mitigate against threats are second to none.

  • Hear from Akamai’s EMEA Director of Security Technology and Strategy Richard Meeus and:
  • Discover cyber security strategies to protect your data and estate and learn how to build a solid cyber resilience plan for your organisation’s infrastructure.
  • Understand how to fully protect your organisation from compromising risks such as ransomware, DDoS, Zero Day and Account-Takeover Attacks.
  • Uncover fundamental solutions for use when your organisation falls victim to an attack.

Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director - Akamai

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Matt Mallett, CDIO - UK Space Agency

Analysts predict that the World’s Space economy will almost double in value by 2030 to £490 Billion.

Satellite space data will power high speed internet on the go, driverless cars, integrated smart cities and much more. In response the UK Space Agency has already developed a Satellite Tracking Application.

Mathew Mallett, Chief Digital Information Officer, UK Space Agency will discuss the mission, the challenges, and the future opportunities this data can provide.

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with GTT.

Join GTT’s Senior Director of Solutions Consulting to discuss why Zero Trust is a topic of interest and how it is an essential ingredient in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework. By assuming the worst, Zero Trust architecture minimizes the risk of compromise and limits the potential harm a compromise might cause.

Sevan Boyd, Director of Solutions Consulting - GTT

Hosted by Lee Whatford, CISO - Dominos, this session will allow you to hear from 4 innovative companies, ask questions and vote on the company you believe will add most value to your role and your organisation.

*Full details to be released soon* 

Cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and containers promise easy workload migration, enhanced segmentation of workloads, and faster patching. But the declarative configuration paradigm also widens opportunities for misconfiguration, and security testing is key to hardening and keeping a system secure.

In this talk, ControlPlane CEO Andrew Martin demonstrates lessons learned from 9 years of container-based consulting with real hacks against cloud native systems: from the open-source supply chain and contributor risk, through zero-day container breakouts, to cloud account compromise.

Andrew has been consulting with containerised systems since 2013, and securing government, banking, and critical infrastructure systems. He is co-chair of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Security Technical Advisory Group, Chief Technical Security Office at OpenUK, author of "Hacking Kubernetes" for O’Reilly, author of SANS’ cloud-native curriculum, and a long-standing open-source security evangelist.

Andrew Martin, CEO - ControlPlane

Join this interactive Boardroom with Denesh Ashok, CIO UK - RATP Dev

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join this interactive Boardroom with Umesh Jetha, Chief Data & Analytics Officer - Nationwide

*Full details to be released soon*

Join this interactive Boardroom with Matt Ballantine, IT Director - RHP Group.

As the application of Artificial Intelligence becomes easier for organisations, what checks and balances do you have in place to ensure that just because you can do something, it's something that you should be doing?

In this boardroom discussion, Matt Ballantine from London social housing provider RHP will help the group to explore issues of ethical governance when dealing with data- and machine-driven services, and how in conjunction with Platform Housing they have created and introduced a framework for ethical technology decision-making.

The rapid pace of technological advancement and adoption of AI/ML in enterprise operations is becoming commonplace. Today, AIOps is a powerful combination of contextual information with behavioral pattern recognition, augmented decision making, and intelligent cognitive automation. It is transforming businesses’ IT landscapes in a big way.

With AIOps, enterprises are experiencing improved agility and resilience, delivering enhanced customer experience, and achieving greater business outcomes than ever before.

If you are excited about leveraging AI for your IT operation transformation, come explore with us:

  • What the journey towards autonomous IT operation looks like
  • What AIOps is and how it can benefit your IT landscape
  • Real-life AIOps use cases that drive business value

Arunava Bag, CTO,EMEA - Digitate

Join this interactive Boardroom in association with RingCentral.

Our latest study tells us that 40% of UK employees feel that working hybrid or remotely during COVID has made them feel more lonely and isolated at work. On top of this, we’ve also found that 25% of workers will look for a new job if their employer forces them to go back into the office every day.

This tells us that while employees are craving more in-person connection, they still want flexibility.

How can technology help businesses get the balance right?

During this boardroom session we’ll discuss:

  • The options businesses have when transitioning to hybrid
  • Why making the switch to new communications tools that support hybrid working doesn’t need to be an administrative headache
  • Common challenges related to hybrid work and how to overcome them
  • Strategies that are working well for other businesses
  • The benefit of having all communications in one place.

Niall Carter, Head of UK Enterprise - Ring Central

Join our closing Keynote session with Dax Grant, CEO - Global Transform

In a post-covid world centralised on digitisation within an increasingly connected world and next generation technologies established in the marketplace, it remains essential to instil the next generation of leadership.

In this closing keynote we explore the implications for business and technology executives and their organisations.

A Champagne Reception in association with Webex by Cisco.

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