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CIO Institute: UK

October 4

CIO Institute: UK

Location: The Randolph Hotel, Oxford

Date: Wednesday 4th October 2023

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

Event Summary

CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.

Featured Attendees

Introducing our Event Chair

CIO Institute Event Chair
CIO Institute Event Chair

William Harris is an experienced Technology and Business Executive having led complex IT Transformation, Business Operating Model and People Change based programs of work. With a background spanning Transport & Logistics, Financial Services, Outsourcing, Healthcare and Telecoms, William has a breadth of sector knowledge.



Join the Opening Panel Session moderated by Mark Robinson, VP of Information Technology & CISO EMEA, Ricoh Europe - 

With no escape from the topic of sustainability in business, the pressure is continuing to build to act on this. During this discussion, panellists will discuss -

- The strategies put in place by their organisations and the steps being taken to achieve their sustainability goals
- How can businesses work together to create a hard impact on sustainability in technology
- How sustainability is shaping decisions made within organisations
- Where does sustainability feature in your priority list? And how much does it really matter to your company?
- What are some of the challenges you are experiencing or foresee for achieving your sustainability goals

William Harris, CIO Institute Event Chair (Moderator)

Rob Greig, Group CIO, Arup

Serena Anand, Director of End User Services, UK Ministry of Defence

Claire Talbot, Global VP IT, Smartest Energy

Graeme Howard, CxO Institute Advisory Board 

Financial services stand at a critical juncture. Cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain are no longer optional. They are essential for survival and prosperous growth. How can legacy institutions adapt to stay relevant? What are the untapped opportunities they should know about?

Join us as we delve into transformative solutions like micro and nano payments, powered by blockchain, that aim not just for profit but for global financial inclusion and social impact.

Christine Leong, CIO, nChain

It’s easy to dismiss innovation if you’re successful, especially if new technological advances seemingly revolutionize whole industries every other week. But organizations do so at their own peril. Digital innovation is the cornerstone of physical operations and competitive advantage. But how do organizations innovate successfully? How do they address challenges to digital innovation? How do they create effective strategies to exploit disruptors and set their people up for success?

In this talk, Mary-Jane Newton will discuss the importance of digital innovation and how to achieve it.

Mary-Jane Newton, Group Head, Digital Education Products, Nord Anglia Education

Recent ransomware attacks have crippled public services and caused significant damage to enterprises across industry. In this session we will explore the latest tools available to protect your organisation from the demands of hackers utilising increasingly sophisticated and prominent ransomware.

- Assessing the evolution of ransomware and why ransomware attacks are emerging
- Exploring new technologies available to prevent and protect against malware attacks
- Uncovering vulnerabilities across your enterprise that are open to being exploited

You’re under immense pressure to put an AI plan in place. Do you have a solid strategy?

According to IDC, the number of organisations actively exploring the use of AI has more than tripled in the first quarter of 2023. With new technologies such as large language models, we all have the ability to get deeper insights from our content, make better decisions, and speed up business.

Join Jessi Yi Ph.D. for a forward-thinking conversation on the state of applying AI to enterprise content and find out how your organisation can capitalise on AI to revolutionise your enterprise content, empower your people and optimise your business workflows.

Join this boardroom to discuss:

- The latest developments in AI for business impact
- How AI-powered tools transform your content creation, curation, and security
- Use cases and strategies for leveraging AI to gain a competitive business advantage

Jessi Yi, Ph.D - Chief Customer Officer for EMEA, Box



Communications technologies that have been around for nearly 150 years will suddenly be disconnected, mobile devices are dominating more of the IT department’s time, and cloud costs are spinning out of control. How can you flip today’s tech threats into rewards for your business?

In this session, Tangoe – the leader in technology expense management -- will teach you how to navigate critical technology changes, slashing costs by 20-40% on average. Plus, you’ll learn it all through the lens of one of Great Britian’s famous TV shows.

Sophie Le Reste, EMEA Managing Director, Tangoe

A keynote session with Dinis Cruz, CISO, Holland & Barrett

Learn how AI-driven “self-integration” is transforming the role of the integrator from template-based integration into more strategic autonomous integration and automation for speed and agility. Get the background you need to rapidly assemble key integration platform services such workflow automation, data synchronization, API management, B2B/EDI, event streams and more to achieve your digital outcomes.


- Steps to build, scale and accelerate your digital business strategy
- Developing more agile and efficient business operations to remain competitive
- Discover how to create new products and business models that transform the business and the dynamics of your organisation

Eleni Kelly, CIO, Pluxee

Discover the powerful collaboration between Neptune Software and EY as they enable Johnson Matthey to deliver PR Approvals against a bespoke workflow in under 12 hours. The Johnson Matthey journey continues with the EY CoE, transforming the SAP timesheet function for hundreds of users with an application developed on Neptune Software.

Vincent Kruse, Country Managing Director, Neptune Software

Networking lunch 

- What is the critical role of CIO leadership in guiding organisations through this era of unprecedented change
- How can CIOs ensure that their technological initiatives align with the broader business objectives
- Strategies to cultivate an innovative culture within your teams and across the organisation
- How CIOs are leading the way in allowing for rapid adaptation to ever-changing technology landscapes

Jo Drake, CIO, THG

- What is a technology strategy? Explore the process of technology strategy - How do you envisage the future?
- Discuss the process of agile governance for your technology strategy
- How to incorporate agile governance in your organisational strategic goals to ensure successful delivery

Darryl Beckford, Chief Architect, eCommerce & Digital, John Lewis Partnership PLC

Join us for a robust roundtable discussion aimed at the heart of contemporary technology leadership: creating inclusive and accessible applications. In a digital age marked by rapid technological change and a diverse global user base, it is essential that our tools and technologies are designed to cater to all. The session, Designing for Diversity: Building Inclusive and Accessible Applications in a Digital Age, will be a deep dive into strategies for creating apps that reflect and respect the full range of human diversity.

Our roundtable will feature industry leaders and pioneers in the tech world who have a proven record of creating applications that are not only functional and innovative, but also accessible and inclusive. We will explore the challenges and rewards of designing applications that consider a wide spectrum of abilities, cultures, languages, and experiences. The conversation will cover various aspects including usability testing with diverse user groups, integrating accessibility features as a core part of the design process, and cultivating a company culture that values and promotes inclusivity.

This is not just a conversation about making applications that are easy for everyone to use - it's a conversation about fairness, social justice, and the role that technology leaders can play in creating a more equitable digital future. Join us and bring your insights, your challenges, and your vision to this important dialogue.

Adam Forde, Chief Digital Officer, HBK

- What is Organisational Debt > Who has experienced this?
- Parallels of Organisational Debt with technical Debt
- Change and how to use these techniques

Neil Manfred, Group IT Director, Airswift

- Explore the ever-growing role of digital transformation in your business processes, value and growth
- The importance of embracing transformation in order to succeed
- The benefits of remaining agile throughout your transformation journey in order to stay ahead of the technology curve

Rob Greig, Group CIO, Arup

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