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Global CIO Institute: UK

May 23, 2024

CIO Institute: UK

Location: London

Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024

Time: 08:00 - 17:30 BST

Event Summary

CIO Institute Events - A day of world-class, end-user-driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practices, and networking sessions.

2023 Featured Attendees

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2023 Event Chair

Adam Nagus, Experienced Chief Data Officer
Adam Nagus, Experienced Chief Data Officer

2023 Agenda

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Join our Opening Panel Session where we will be discussing 'Evolving Leadership Through The Ever-Changing Technology Landscape' -

- What does successful leadership look like in a hybrid world?
- The importance of a diverse and inclusive company culture to compete with the ongoing battle to attract and retain tech talent
- Leaders required to develop new skills, acquire extra knowledge and switch focus to ensure 'steering the ship' effectively.
- What it means to be a technology leader in the ever changing digital world

Moderated by -

Adam Nagus, Event Chair

Panellists -

Stijn de Bekker, Global Head of Connected Ecosystems, BAT

Claire Deuchar, CIO, RNLI

Jeffery Boslem, EMEA senior Director Collaboration Sales, Cisco Webex

Join this Keynote session with Dan Coleby, Director of Client Technology Value at Content+Cloud who will discuss:

  • The impact that the current explosion of AI is having on the world and on business.
  • What Microsoft have done so far and how their AI tools are poised to revolutionise our work and productivity.
  • How Content+Cloud is helping customers to leverage these Microsoft AI tools to deliver significant business value.
  • What this could mean for you and your business."

Join this Keynote session with Emilia Cardamone, Associate Director, Digital, Turner & Townsend -

- How can organisational adaptability assist in the success of data-driven transformation?
- Upskilling your current workforce to ensure resilience when becoming a data driven organisation?

COPFS is transforming the delivery of public facing services by strategically implementing innovative digital and cloud-based services. Join Keith Dargie, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service to discover how they are delivering their transformation journey with the implementation of -

  • A national digital evidence solution which is modernising and transforming how digital evidence is collected, viewed and shared across Scotland’s justice system;
  • A national Witness Gateway to provide witnesses with online access to information related to their case, managing witness availability and scheduling, and providing enhanced guidance and support;
  • A Defence Agent Portal to transform online access for solicitors to digital services and information about cases to allow them to engage with prosecutors to prepare and resolve cases;
  • Strategically aligned data driven digital transformation and use of AI, Process Automation and Cognitive Services technologies to improve, automate and make day-to-day business and complex case management tasks and customer processes easier and more efficient, enhancing decision support and freeing up time for staff to focus on added activities.

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Cohesity -

Hear the lessons drawn from working first hand with dozens of enterprise victims of ransomware and wiper attacks across the globe, despite some of them having invested significant dollars annually on cyber security.

In this session, we’ll look at why the legacy approach to cyber security has failed to prevent crippling ransomware impacts.

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Resulting IT -

If you run SAP you're probably wrestling with how to build a business case for S/4 HANA and plan your migration before 2027. Resulting's team works business-side with some of the UK's largest SAP customers and have real world experience of moving them to S/4 HANA. Their independent expertise will provide insight into planning your own journey in a facilitated session to explore challenges and best practices with your peer group.

Stuart Browne, Managing Director, Resulting IT

Join this keynote session in association with Tangoe -

 As technology shifts, whether it is PSTN or copper to fibre, MPLS to SD-WAN, or mobile first and on-premise to multi-cloud, there are added layers of complexity for IT organisations. Gone are the days of single vendor solutions. In order to be a viable competitor, thrive in business with the agility and scale necessary, new technologies introduce a new set of challenges for IT. 

A 2022 Vanson Bourne survey of 200 UK IT leaders found that 85% of IT departments were being pressured to deliver more with less and they believed they could save 21% of their IT budget by leveraging an IT expense management (ITEM) platform. Tangoe is the market-leading, global ITEM software and services organisation with over $34B in expenses managed, 400 global carrier integrations and the most language and currency options of any other provider. How can you optimise more, stay innovative and save millions?

Sophie Le Reste, EMEA Managing Director, Tangoe

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Aimee Burnham, Director of Colleague Technology, OVO Energy -

- Considering enterprise level sustainability when road mapping your hybrid working model.
- How sustainability may change your approach to your hybrid working strategy?
- How can you build and maintain human connection in a hybrid working environment?
- The challenges of creating an engaging, inclusive and collaborative culture in a hybrid workforce

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Red Sift -

In this open and interactive discussion, we’ll aim to explore key issues facing CIOs today, and use case examples on current trends to uncover forward-thinking initiatives.
We’ll aim to discuss:

  • Investigating the most pressing and sophisticated security challenges in your environment today
  • Understanding how bad actors are operating today, and how you can prevent and respond to fight back
  • Future Proofing your environment to prevent problems now and into the future

Ivan Ristic, Chief Scientist, Red Sift

Join this keynote session in association with Pluralsight -

As leaders, we realise we can’t implement a cloud transformation unless our people have the right skills. In this session we will explore ideas and suggestions on how to bridge the gap between getting certified and getting experienced with 'real-world' skills, so your teams can be effective in their roles. Together we can enable your teams to successfully and confidently contribute to delivering cloud transformation in your business.

Faye Ellis, Principal Training Architect, Pluralsight

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Cisco Webex -

We will have an open discussion around applications vs activities and how that ties into end-user productivity. Then, we will discuss 7 key areas that will make or break your collaboration plan.

These include Inclusivity, sustainability, security, physical accessibility, platform choice, and how you interoperate & integrate. Finally, how do you tie this all together? Join us for a very open and thought-provoking session.

Luke Nelson, Commercial Sales Manager, Cisco Webex

Join Swagat Choudhury, Global Head of Digital Products: Content & Media Transformation at Diageo to discuss the impact of using AI & Automation to accelerate your marketing and drive your organisational efficiency, effectiveness and agility.

You can expect to hear and share thoughts on -

- How is AI powering marketing automation and how is this impacting your business?
- Exploring the Role of AI and Machine Learning in the marketing space
- How marketing automation is driving sustainable business growth?

Join this Keynote session with William Harris, Group Chief Digital Officer, IQ-EQ -

- As organisations increasingly look to AI to improve business processes efficiency and productivity, we must ensure that AI is used responsibly. What is considered to be an ethical approach to AI?
- Discuss the principles to be evaluated by your organisation to ensure the use and development of AI remains ethical
- Explore the challenges of ethical governance when dealing with data and machine-driven services

Join this interactive Boardroom in association with Ancoris -

Progress through change is the only real direct measure of innovation; but at-scale change can (rightly) feel daunting. On one hand, an avalanche of new technologies create hype, noise, and options that CIOs are pressured to consider. On the other hand, we live in a world of scarcity - from energy, to time, to skills. No large-scale innovation starts as such - when done right, it often begins with individuals who are willing to ‘think big but start now’ and try something different to achieve a new and better outcome. So how do IT leaders tow the line of adopting new technologies that drive innovation, with measured decision making to optimise, reduce and secure IT infrastructure?

Join our boardroom session for a peer-led discussion on:

  • How to manage pockets of innovation to drive real value without overlapping or contradicting one another
  • Transforming your “Innovation Hub” to influence the masses vs. small scale execution
  • Avoiding creating long-term anti-patterns such as silos of expertise
  • Getting comfortable with failure and failing fast: innovation isn’t about getting it right 100% of the time
  • Enabling innovation in a secure and optimised way
  • Managing "hype" without stagnating progress

Matt Frank, Director of Cloud Engineering, Ancoris

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Mat Mallett, CDIO, Chartered Insurance Institute -

- Why it's important during your digital transformation to work from the outside in, by prioritising and considering a customers perspective first and then aligning organisational processes to simplify touch point throughout the customer journey
- How do you empower your workforce to be innovative in a digital culture
- How to effectively increase efficiency and performance throughout your team by promoting collaboration and transparency

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Box - 

Content is your business. Valuable assets like sales contracts, product specs, marketing assets, and videos are at the heart of every process, no matter your industry. But your content faces constant threats from malicious hackers and even well-meaning employees.

Access to corporate networks tended to be more controlled pre-Covid as employees were either in the office and secured via local and network credentials or used VPN to access systems. In both cases, employees are accessing content through corporate-controlled mechanisms. Now, this is not their sole access point with transition to a hybrid work environment.

In this boardroom discussion let’s evaluate how you can create a unified approach to protecting the content that supports your customers and enables your teams — anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Bal Basra, Enterprise Account Executive, Box

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Nivedh Iyer, Director, Head of Data Governance & Management and RegTech, Grant Thornton UK LLP -

- Empower your organisation by making the right high quality data accessible throughout your workforce, leveraging the key tools and data to assist in daily operations, embracing a data-driven culture and drive a high impact growth.
- Where to start with addressing the issues within your data sources and improving your workflow automation to enhance overall efficiency
- Establish adaptable capabilities for your information and data management to drive value and support the changing needs of your business

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Postman -

The State of the API 2022 reports that 51% of developers spend more than half of their company's development efforts on APIs. That's up from 40% and 49% the years before. For such a bulk portion of an organization's time, do we really treat APIs as strategic assets? Or are APIs still just a means to an end? In this talk we try to explain the current standard for API development and how much efficiency and productivity is left on the table on a daily basis.

Vitor Monteiro, Solutions Engineering EMEA & APAC, Postman

Join this closing Keynote session with Dax Grant, Forbes Technology Council -

- Leadership through digitalisation
- Adapting to modern leadership in the fast-changing business world
- Leading by example through digital transformation
- Integrating legacy and innovation within technology

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