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CIO Institute: Germany

November 23

CIO Institute: Germany

Location: Westin Grand, Frankfurt

Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Time: 08:00 - 18:00 CET

Event Summary

Join us in Frankfurt for this fantastic opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of tech. This one-day, peer-led conference is designed exclusively for top tech leaders and innovators in the business hub of Europe. With a dynamic, topical agenda that addresses the pressing challenges faced by today's CIOs, the event will delve into key topics including Digital Transformation, AI, Data, and cloud, to name a few.  Attendees can expect thought-provoking, inspiring, and interactive keynotes, boardrooms, and panel discussions, that will provide actionable insights and attainable solutions.

Featured Attendees

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  • CIOs are increasingly tasked with integrating sustainability initiatives into their technology strategies, leveraging data analytics and digital tools to reduce environmental impact.
  • The article emphasizes the adoption of eco-friendly technologies, such as renewable energy sources and energy-efficient data centers, as essential components of a CIO's sustainability agenda.
  • CIOs must engage with stakeholders, including customers and investors, to communicate and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, aligning technology decisions with broader environmental goals.

Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats we face in our modern era. Too often, companies and their leaders believe they are safe when they are not. This is complacency. It hits the hardest. And technology is not enough.

Michael Beaupre, Head of Cyber Security at Hays, leads the fight against cybercrime by advocating for a multidimensional approach unifying technology, people, and processes - prioritized by threats, risks, and opportunities.

He will discuss how organizations can improve their cyber security posture by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, investing in upskilling, and building strategic partnerships at the boardroom level to thrive in the evolving threat landscape.

The State of the API 2022 reports that 51% of developers spend more than half of their company's development efforts on APIs. That's up from 40% and 49% the years before. For such a bulk portion of an organization's time, do we really treat APIs as strategic assets? Or are APIs still just a means to an end? In this talk we try to explain the current standard for API development and how much efficiency and productivity is left on the table on a daily basis.

Johannes Nicolai - Enterprise Solutions Engineer - Postman

Organisations using AI are reporting increasing customer satisfaction year on year whilst making huge savings in operation costs. This session will help you navigate the challenges faced to drive growth.
- Real time decision analysis for predicting behaviour
- Enhance customer profiling using your unique data
- Balancing self service AI chatbots and human interaction for convenient and efficient service

- Personalisation: Delivering personalised experiences tailored to individual customer preferences and needs, leveraging data analysis and customer insight to provide targeted recommendations, product suggestions and personalised communication.

- Proactive engagement: Anticipating and proactively responding to customer needs by providing timely and relevant information, assistance and support.

- Omnichannel integration: Create a seamless and consistent customer experience across multiple channels.

As digital transformation is requiring higher speed in IT delivery, IT is also confronted with upcoming additional regulation in the next years. New legislation like DORA, NIS2 in the European Union are putting a new focus on Cyber Security and Resilience. In this round table we will discuss if this new regulation will slow down delivery speed, increase the shorten of cyber security experts and how IT can closely align with audit and legal functions to delivery the required compliance statements.

Wolfgang Bitomsky - CIO - FCC Environmental

- The Evolution and Importance of DevOps in the Software Development Lifecycle
- Key Principles and Benefits of Adopting a DevOps Culture

Timo Mühlhausen director of Data driven at Siemens

- Why is Sustainability essential for business resilience? - What different types of sustainability are crucial to promote in the workplace in 2023?

- How are current, societal social themes redefining ideals of trust and reliance between businesses, users, markets and partners? What opportunities does this present for big business and tech leaders alike in terms of transformation, security and overall growth?

- How can CIOs use human insight and connection together with analytics tools to contextualize and solve digital business challenges?

- CIOs have the communication and analytics tools to contextualize business and corporate activities in social terms for ecosystem partners, customers and employees. That is mitigating regulatory risk and challenges in the supply chain while increasing the employee value proposition. 

This senior-level discussion will explore the advancement of Generative AI, the opportunities it might offer for enhanced decision-making, content creation and value generation. Join CIOs and other pre-qualified leaders to understand the potential of this powerful technology, and how it might work within your organisation.
- Augmenting creativity by embracing generative AI and breaking down traditional barriers
- Examining simulation opportunities can help enhance your decision-making
- Realising the true value of AI by identifying new opportunities across your network

Join this discussion to discover how to succeed with technological progress and secure business choices.
- Enhanced efficiency and productivity: Digitally-driven outcomes leverage technology to automate processes, streamline operations
- Improved customer experience: By leveraging digital tools and platforms
- Data-driven decision making: Digitally-driven outcomes enable businesses to gather and analyze vast amounts of data from various sources.

  • Understanding the pressures on your organisation to digitalise
  • What’s your digital posture?
  • Understanding where you are in the digital transformation journey
  • Modernising legacy processes and devices Understanding the limits of automation –cultural, technical and financial; how to avoid automating the life out of your organisation
  • Understanding what is required –and what’s missing –from your organisation to support cultural change
  • Championing innovation from the top down – who are the most effective digital transformation champions in your organisation?
  • Understanding how digital transformation may affect the structure and culture of your organisation
  • Continuous feedback –using the principles of agile development in digital transformation

Marco Mueller - Global Head of digital - Bayer

- Identifying vulnerabilities: In this increasingly digital age, organisations face a multitude of security threats. We will highlight the importance of reassessing and identifying vulnerabilities within your organisation's existing security infrastructure.
- Proactive approach: The emphasis is on the need to implement advanced threat intelligence, conduct regular risk assessments and develop incident response plans to stay one step ahead of potential threats.
- Embrace emerging technologies: focus on integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation into security practices to improve detection, response and overall resilience to evolving threats.

This boardroom discussion will bring together CIO’s and other pre-qualified cloud & tech leaders to identify the fundamental considerations to ensure success within the Cloud.
- Aligning your cloud strategy with organizational objectives to identify quick wins and a visible ROI
- Deep-diving into your IT systems to ensure a comprehensive cloud migration blueprint
- Streamlining workflows and collaboration amongst teams to increase agility
- Assessing how Cloud can protect against key security vulnerabilities to help optimise your risk management

Securing and maintaining top talent is a critical objective for organizations, prompting the need for effective strategies in recruitment and talent acquisition to attract and retain highly skilled professionals.
Join the discussion to discuss:
- The Importance of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in Driving Organizational Success
- Trends and Challenges in the Competitive Talent Landscape

In an increasingly interconnected world, safeguarding critical assets and ensuring the security and resilience of data centres is crucial for organisations to protect sensitive information and maintain business continuity.
Join the discussion to discuss:
-The Vital Role of Data Center Security in Protecting Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
- Understanding the Evolving Threat Landscape and Regulatory Requirements

  • Investigating how technology can help improve your employee experience and create a more accessible workplace
  • Focusing your digital transformation projects around digital access and inclusion
  • Making change sustainable by ensuring your implementations are inclusive and accessible to all
  • Understanding the nuances of diversity and neurodiversity to deliver meaningful change for everyone

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