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CIO Institute: France

April 12, 2022

CIO Institute: France

Location:  Paris

Date: 12th April 2022

Time: 08:30 - 16:30 CET

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The Institute Festival Series is a digital event, providing a world-class platform for a dynamic mix of thought leadership and best practice strategies.  

The event provides the opportunity to assist like minded digital business leaders in improving productivity and growth within their organisations. 

Featuring up to 60-80 hand picked C-level and senior IT Leaders from our global IT community, the mornings begin with lively panel debates, engaging keynotes, interactive boardrooms and multiple networking opportunities. 

Experts in the field drive the Sponsor and Delegate led sessions, basing their insights on key business outcomes and the powerful content will aid in making future correct business decisions.


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In this opening panel join: Mallika Mathur-Lheritier, Chief Transformation Officer & VP, Sustainability at RCI BANQUE and Services, Xavier Mangin, IT Director at Global Blue France, André WEI, CIO at Supplay and Javier Perez, Senior Director - Integrations Engineering at Talkdesk.

Hear their thoughts on:

  • CX challenges following the growth of hybrid working

  • How we have moved through hybrid working and overcoming the challenges

  • Future innovations

  • Our internal customers - our staff

Join this Keynote session in association with Acquia.

Three characteristics define an engaging digital experience: convenience, personalisation and respect for customer privacy.

It is important to lay the foundations of trust from which the sharing of customer data will emerge, which is now vital for companies that want to constantly evolve their experience. A mechanism that relies on a stronger personalisation of content and requires the implementation of a robust and sustainable first-party strategy.

To implement an efficient first-party strategy, companies must be well equipped!
A key tool is a customer data platform (CDP).

Acquia's experts will help you understand how this CDP will allow you to:
- Aggregate all relevant customer data
- Pull the right information from there and use it for personalisation
- Collect, manage, analyse and use unified data differently

Digital transformation is now generalised to all sectors of activity. Moreover, contrary to what we could observe a few years ago, expectations in terms of return on investment from these digital transformation projects are increasingly important.

Thus, in this context, the innovative digital transformation which consists in identifying innovative and value-creating solutions takes on its full meaning.

Alexis de Nervaux – Chief Digital & Information of the Terreal Group will share with you his feedback on this digital transformation approach through a few concrete examples.

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Olivier Daloy, CISO at Faurecia. 

The role of the CISO keeps changing along with the evolution of the technologies and the awareness of the users. Less technical and much more dealing with soft-skills, quite often political, it is more and more difficult to attract and retain them in companies.

 Sometimes frustrating but still challenging and motivating, it requires managing risks and influence behaviours, in a progressive way. It also requires adapting to very different cultures and constraints, managing budgets and investments wisely, staying aware of new threats and anticipating future ones, capturing various return on experience, and driving the company's cybersecurity strategy.

 More and more connected to the businesses, aiming at becoming / remaining their enabler, it's also a key role to acquire the certifications that influence the reputation of the company, pass the various audits (internal or external) and red teams in order to give the assurance that the company and its digital assets are properly protected and keep / preserve trust.

Join this Keynote session in association with Pluralsight.

In this digital age, technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. Organisations are under pressure to become more agile, protect against rising security threats, and continuously deliver innovation to market. To accomplish these objectives, L&D and tech leaders must see technology skills as strategic.

Pluralsight gives you confidence that your teams have the skills required to execute your technology strategy.

Join this Boardroom session in association with Rimini Street.

Many organisations have seen their current business models and demands on resources severely impacted by the pandemic, global supply chain issues and the Great Resignation. 
For many, this has driven the need to accelerate their transformation plans, reduce costs, and prepare their organisations for a more flexible working environment. However, Digital Transformation isn’t only about implementing new systems, it’s also about finding new ways to optimise and modernise existing enterprise applications.

The biggest challenge with modernising existing applications is understanding the risk-to-reward ratio before acting. The opportunity cost of any modernisation spend must be seriously considered in terms of concrete ROI for the business.

Join Emma Hose, GVP and Theater GM of Rimini Street EMEA for an interactive discussion and hear how our clients have approached the ‘ERP modernisation’ dilemma, including:

1. How do you develop a business case for change?
2. What are the options for modernisation?
3. Evaluating the risks vs. benefits gained by buying new or upgrading the existing applications.

Join our interactive Keynote session with Rui Pedro Silva, Group CDO at Eriks. 

How do you ensure you are digitalised in every aspect of your business? Transformation starts simple, hear how to create customer focused goals, organisational collaboration and standing out in a digitalised world.

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Xavier Mangin, IT Director at Global Blue France.

*Full details to be released soon* 

Join this Boardroom session in association with Braze.

With a rise in data streaming and predictive models backed by AI/Machine Learning, comes even greater insight into customer behaviour and how to best act on it. In fact, access to the right data allows brands to achieve effective personalisation, boosting revenue by an average of 10-30%.

And CIOs are well aware of this opportunity. 46% cited customer engagement as a new area for expansion and personalisation as a key revenue driver for their business. However, how can they best utilise data to engineer automated human-to-human interactions and elevate digital customer experiences at scale?

Join Ido Bar Oz for an engaged roundtable discussion on best-in-class customer engagement, exploring the winning strategies and tactics used by industry leading brands.

Join this Boardroom session in association with Jay Gupta, Global Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk.

Automation through AI is changing customer experience, and the shift to digital interactions is accelerating AI adoption.  In this session, join peers to discuss  how ‘human-in-the-loop’ technology is democratising AI model training.
Topics will include:
  • How to lower barriers of AI adoption - move fast, increase efficiency, manage risk
  • Operationalizing AI through incremental improvement
  • Leveraging the power of your workforce to maintain AI accuracy

Join our interactive Keynote session with Socheat Chhay, Head of Digital Transformation at BPI France. 

70% of digital business innovations and transformations fail.

Companies need to fully organise themselves for innovation to maximise the chances of success by instilling a specific culture, organisation, processes and systems.

On the organisational side, a fundamental ingredient for success is to have a diverse team with a plurality of expertise and experience to enable the understanding of complex systems that will generate more ideas and drive innovation.

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    April 12, 2022
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