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CIO Institute: Germany

April 28, 2022

CIO Institute: Germany

Location: Berlin

Date: Thursday 28th April 2022

Time: 08:30 - 17:00 CEST

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CIO Institute Events (Offered on site and digitally) - A day of world-class, end-user driven academia helping executives make the right decisions. Covering the latest trends and challenges, our flagship events provide a dynamic and agile mix of thought leadership, best practice, and networking sessions.


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Join us for our Opening Panel session where 

  • Thijs Hulstman, Global IT Director at DHL Supply Chain
  • Veaceslav Driglov, CDO at IFCO Management GmbH
  • Esteban Remecz, CIO VP Information Technology & Digital at Iochpe-Maxion, S. A. & MAXION WHEELS
  • Stefan Weber, Leiter IT Operations and Shared Services at DB Vertrieb GmbH

will be discussing 'How Inclusive Teams are the Engines of CIO Innovation'.

Key pointers:

- Diversity and Inclusion - Lack of Women (Problems of Diversity in IT)

- Culture Changes - Matter of Perception and Facilitating this Change

- Education Changes - Starting with Family

- Putting Solutions into Practice

- Vision for the next 5/10 years - diversify IT teams and more

Join Marc Vontobel, Starmind Founder & CEO, to learn how breaking organisational silos can elevate IT Support tickets self-resolution.

Combine the human know-how across your entire organization and AI knowledge collaboration to reduce support tickets by at least 12%.

Increase employee satisfaction and cross-functional collaboration and connect the dots between data points across your entire tech stack.

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Thomas Buck CIO at Vitesgo Technologies.

When Vitesco Technologies had its Spin-off from Continental in September 2021, IT had only 18 month to provide a complete new infrastructure for a more than 8 billion € business with almost 40.000 employees. To separate more than 1000 Applications in time, we needed an Infrastructure that we could make available in no time with enough flexibility to cope with every challenge that would come up on our journey.

Vitesco Technologies decided for an Cloud only approach and this was a major contribution to make the Spin-off in time.

So if you are in doubt, whether a Cloud move makes sense for you or you want to learn from what Vitesco Technologies learned when completely moving into the Cloud , join this session.

Join this Keynote session where Michael Claus, Vice CIO, Head of Architecture and Digital Innovation Management at GEA Group will be discussing 'Change Management in GlobalSAP – a Marathon of Sprints'.

  • GEA has started a program to create one ERP platform for 220 entities coming from 69 different ERP systems
  • Huge change aspects for processes, people and systems – nearly greenfield
  • Starting with business process management
  • 2-template approach to cover already burning platforms

Join this interactive Boardroom with Banu Sahan Entreprise director at Pluralsight.

To stay competitive, leaders need to align technology skill development to their top initiatives. We help you to connect the dots between the skills you have today, the skills you need, and the progress your teams are making. Join this session to find out how Technology Skill Development helps you to build better teams, retain top talent, empower employees to grow and achieve better business results.

Join this interactive Boardroom session with Christopher Davey,VP - Solutions Architecture (Integration) at WSO2.

Creating a differentiated digital experience is critical to most businesses today. And it must be built, not bought. While APIs are the foundation of digital innovation, it takes more than just developing an API to innovate faster.

Come learn what it takes, including the API-led technologies and other components of a cloud-native digital platform, and a few tricks you need to consider that will help you focus on what's important to innovate fast.

By the end of this session you will understand;
- How a digital platform enables fast innovation

- The different technology components, capabilities, and processes companies use to build a cloud-native digital platform

- Some of the best practices that other companies have used to improve API design, and reuse, and deliver faster.

Join this interactive Boardroom in association with F-Secure.

Salesforce's cloud-based platform has become the heart of the communication and data storage strategy in many companies.

As a result, a lot of valuable data is stored in Salesforce and therefore has become the new attack vector for cyber criminals. Salesforce itself does everything to optimally secure its own infrastructure, however it is down to organizations to protect the content that resides within the platform.

We will discuss how to define your Salesforce security strategy and approach, taking a deeper dive into:
- The end-user’s role in the “shared responsibility model”.
- How are threat actors targeting Salesforce cloud platforms?
- Which risks and threats should you prioritize?
- How do you know if security measures you currently have in place are sufficient if your Salesforce is compromised?

Join this interactive Boardroom session whit Open-Systems.

Security teams are facing increasing challenges in protecting against the broadening threats-cape, where major technology trends, from cloud adoption to shadow IT and remote working, have created new risks and vulnerabilities across every industry. 

While most would jump at the chance to hire and retain security staff to provide round the clock protection, the IT security industry needs about three million more cybersecurity workers to handle growing threats.

This, combined with the proliferation of point security products, which can lead to integration challenges and silted views, is significantly impacting security posture, leaving organisations lagging behind in their detection and response capabilities.

Join Open Systems and a select group of IT security peers to discuss your own hiring and retention challenges, how you’re evolving your response to the changing attack surface and how to navigate the increase in point security products while unlocking the full potential of your existing Microsoft investments.

Join this interactive Boardroom session where our speaker will be discussing 'Driving a Culture of Innovation & How to Manage it'. 

This session will address how DHL Supply Chain drives innovation & Digitalisation.

Thijs Hulstman, Global IT Director of DHL Supply Chain will share DHL's 12 focus technologies and how it benefits the operations from an efficiency, quality and safety perspective.'

Join this Keynote session where our speaker Andreas Bogk, Group CISO at Stadler will be discussing 'What influences your cloud strategy? '

What does "moving to the cloud" actually mean, in technical terms? How does the trade off between vendor lock in and cloud agnosticy works?"

Join this interactive Boardroom session in association with Axon Technologies

We all know cybersecurity is necessary, but to what extent should it play a role in organisations both large and small, wishing to protect their clients, environments, and users from potential breaches.

We see a rising tide of security technologies, the continuous merging of geopolitical nation-states and private organisation agendas, and we are sold a plethora of solutions and needed requirements.

Is this the right approach to security or should we be thinking about a more consilient approach to cybersecurity given the reach it has within any organisation?  

Join this interactive Keynote session where Veaceslav Driglov, CDO at IFCO Management GmbH will be discussing 'Digital transformation: Creating Traceability and Transparency on the Supply Chain '.

Data is an invaluable resource, but ultimately, it depends on what you do with it.  Therefore, transition from gut feeling experienced based to data driven decisions is a must.  Strong commitment to utilizing the data and insights that we gather to drive customer value enables companies to become market leaders.  

However, this process should be thoroughly thought through and executed.  Companies should consider the sequence of the 3 C’s rule: connect, collect, and then create!

It is crucial to keep in mind that technology is not a disruptor by itself, being non-customer centric damages many good businesses.  Customers don’t like administrative burdens and would like to enjoy intuitive and seamless experiences limiting their interaction to “red flag” event actions only. 

Our customer-centric supply chain traceability and transparency agenda is to create interfaces that would manage their complex inventories, minimize losses, be able to communicate with us in an informed and sophisticated way and ultimately empower them to make better decisions.

Join this interactive Boardroom session where Esteban Remecz, CIO VP Information Technology & Digital at Iochpe-Maxion, S. A. & MAXION WHEELS will be discussing 'Data Analysis and Data Processing - is Your Maturity Where it Should Be?'

*Full details to be released soon*

Join this interactive Boardroom session where Irina Novikova, Segment CIO and VP IT Asia Pacififc at TE Connectivity will be discussing 'Driving Innovation through a time of Crisis'.

*Full details to be released soon*

Join this closing Keynote session with Mercedes Pantoja, Head of Applications and Data Architecture at E.ON to discuss 'Creating a Sustainable Future'.

*Full details to be released soon*

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