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CIO Institute: Germany

February 24, 2022

CIO Institute: Germany

Location: Berlin

Date: Thursday 24th February 2022

Time: 08:30 - 17:00 CET

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In this opening panel join: Wolfgang Bitomsky, CIO, FCC Environment CEE, Frederic LeMaistre, CIO, United Nation Volunteers, Esteban Remecz, CIO VP Information Technology & Digital, Maxion Wheels and Harald Borck-Essel. CIO, DB Zeitarbeit as they discuss the challenges of today's dynamic and identify the role of the CIO. 

Hear their thoughts on:

  • HR perspective: finding the right resources

  • Talent availability: reskilling/training and the right workflow

  • Choosing the right partnership and stakeholders - value for all

  • Timeframes for success


Join our Keynote session presented by Sean Farrington, EVP of Sales for EMEA at  Pluralsight.

Sean will be discussing the importance of the Blueprint.

Build the Blueprint to close tech team readiness gaps in 2022 and show a clear line between your business outcomes and tech investments.

This session will address how DHL Supply Chain drives innovation & Digitalisation.

Thijs Hulstman, Global IT Director of DHL Supply Chain will share DHL's 12 focus technologies and how it benefits the operations from an efficiency, quality and safety perspective.

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Martin Prossowski, Enterprise Account Director Central Europe at F-Secure. 

Salesforce's cloud-based platform has become the heart of the communication and data storage strategy in many companies.

As a result, a lot of valuable data is stored in Salesforce and therefore has become the new attack vector for cyber criminals. Salesforce itself does everything to optimally secure its own infrastructure, however it is down to organizations to protect the content that resides within the platform.

We will discuss how to define your Salesforce security strategy and approach, taking a deeper dive into: 

  • What is the end-user’s role in the “shared responsibility model”? 
  • How are threat actors targeting Salesforce cloud platforms?
  • Which risks and threats should you prioritize?
  • How do you know if security measures you currently have in place are sufficient if your Salesforce is compromised

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Fabian Guter the Solution Specialist Threat Intelligence at IntSights.

Detecting and neutralising threats and planned attacks before they happen - this approach has proven successful in protecting against terrorism and organised crime.

In defending against cyber attacks, it is crucial not to lose valuable time by waiting for the detection systems to kick in, but to be alerted of possible threats before they actually happen.

With Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), you can take action before an attack occurs and take a phishing website or stolen login data immediately offline, for example. We are able to search and possibly find information about your company on the Darkweb, and those most likely will be used for future attacks.

Today, we use that experience to help our global clients detect signs of malicious activity early, to take early countermeasures.

Join our Keynote session presented by Aleksandar Rodic the Global CIO at Fiege.

At a time of decreasing margins, diverse markets, complex customer needs and emerging technologies, it is more and more important to unite the power in an organization to eventually drive in one common direction. Since many organisations are characterised by an extensive stakeholder management with various stakeholders from different business sectors the IT needs to enable the business. The vision " IT is business and business is IT " aims at the desired future IT position and provides the basis to transform into a lean IT & Business high-performance organisation.

Join Aleksandar Rodic as he shares his journey around lean IT and driving high performance.

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Johannes Wechsler the Chief Digital Officer at Bauhaus Deutschland.

The days of “IT doesn’t matter” are clearly over. IT has evolved from a support function to a critical business enabler. IT expenses continue to grow. An increasing number of CIO positions is upgraded to board roles. Overall, great times should lie ahead for CIOs. However, various – in particular digitally born – companies have abolished the classical CIO role and fully integrated business and technology. In case they have still a CIO, she has effectively become the head of IT infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss the different paths that IT organizations can take going forward, as well as the personal implications for CIOs.

Join our Keynote session in association with Imperva. 

Companies all over the world need security now more than ever. 2021 proved to be a year of global disruption on a variety of levels. 2022 will continue to see new security liabilities from digital transformation projects, supply chain disruption will become a playground for cybercriminals and data will continue to be highly targeted by attackers through increased ransom DDoS attacks, rising bad bots and various breaches through APIs and Applications. In this presentation we will explore the modern demands on security, the questions security teams are asking and why unifying defence-in-depth security across network, application, and data is essential in protecting your digital investments.

Join our interactive Boardroom session with Shaun Taylor, International IoT Director at Facilio.

COVID 19 has accelerated the rate of Digital Transformation Programmes across organisations, however over 70% of these projects will fail.

We will explore the Top 5 trends in digital transformation and how you can accelerate your programmes whilst maximising success.

Join our interactive Boardroom session led by Florian Jörgens, CISO at Vorwerk Gruppe.

Florian will be discussing 'The human firewall: How to create a culture of cyber security' and will be providing insight into the challenges and hurdles of awareness campaigns, focusing on key points such as; 

  • Why does the human factor still rank so high
  • How does a didactic thread succeed
  • How are high participation rates achieved
  • What is essential content, what does not belong in it? 
  • Which stakeholders have to be picked up in this context 

Join our interactive Boardroom discussion with Stefan Walters Field CTO for CEM for Digital at Everbridge.

Organisations are becoming mired in DevOps transformations that are stuck in a middle ground according to the latest Puppet State of DevOps Report (2021). Value stream management aims to kick these organisations on by applying the necessary cultural and lean changes required, and by applying the principles directly to ITSM, we can add new efficiencies to team workflows and incident resolution. This session will demonstrate why applying Value Stream Management to Incident Management is as important as its application to Software Delivery and how that can be achieved through a Digital Operations Platform.


  • Understand how VSM may be a fit for your team
  • Where to get started with planning for and applying VSM
  • How to start aligning tools with Measurements

We know organisations can often be reactive in their approach to IT and cybersecurity.  They wait until something happens and then they scramble to fix it.  The proactive CIO takes a different approach.  They are always planning for the unexpected. 

Join our boardroom discussion with Christian Schwendemann, Go-to-market strategy leader at Citrix, to learn how IT leaders and CIOs can thrive in these uncertain times. 

In this session we will explore: 

  • How to increase flexibility and security while cutting hardware and software costs at the same time

  • Granular models of adoption for managed services and their providers

  • Adoption of AI, virtual assistants and chat bots to boost employee experience

  • Tools to bridge the gap between productivity and enabler for an innovative workplace

We invite participants to share their own experiences, and learn from each other in this interactive session. 

Join our closing Keynote session with Rui Pedro Silva the Group CDO at Eriks  discussing 'Digital Transformation - Adopting New Technologies'.

Rui Pedro will be discussing, how do you ensure you are digitalised in every aspect of your business? Transformation starts simple, hear how to create customer focused goals, organisational collaboration and standing out in a digitalised world.

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    February 24, 2022
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