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CDO Institute: USA

October 19

CDO Institute: USA

Location: Cornell University ILR School’s New York City Conference Center

Date: Thursday, October 19th 2023

Time: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm EST

Event Summary

The Global CDO Institute: New York City flagship event brings together the leading minds in Data & AI to explore the latest trends and challenges facing today's CDOs and Data and Analytics Professionals. We provide a collaborative space to bridge the gap between Data and Innovation. 

Our Expert Speakers will share their insights and experiences on how to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving Data and Analytics landscape and offer practical solutions to the most pressing issues facing technology leaders today. Join us for an energetic, thought-provoking and informative gathering that will help you stay ahead of the curve in this developing digital world.

Featured Attendees

Meet the Chair

Asha Saxena - CEO & Founder of Women Leaders in Data & AI
Asha Saxena - CEO & Founder of Women Leaders in Data & AI

Asha Saxena - CEO & Founder of Women Leaders in Data & AI, has extensive experience when it comes to Data; Having started her own Data Management Firm 20 years ago, she has always been close to the action when it comes to the Technological Development of Data and its utilization within business. She also recently featured on the Global Data Power Women List 2023, presented by CDO Magazine!

Asha is a Published Author (The AI Factor), Columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine, a well-known key-note speaker on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Women in Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Furthermore she is a partner at CEO Coaching International, a leading coaching firm for growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Featured Speakers


Registration and networking opportunity with breakfast provided.

In this thought-provoking panel discussion, renowned thought leaders and data experts come together to explore the evolving role of the Chief Data Officer in 2023 and beyond. As data and analytics become increasingly critical across industries and sectors, the responsibilities of the CDO continue to expand and adapt to the changing landscape; how much does the Data leader need to be unconventional to ensure organizational efficiency and adaptability? This panel aims to shed light on the current and future scope of the CDO's remit, while providing valuable insights on how organizations across a range of industries can effectively prepare for the data-driven future.

Key talking points include:

- The changing dynamics of the role of the CDO in the context of the evolving data-driven world.
- How can CDOs leverage data to identify new opportunities, create competitive advantages, and foster a culture of data-driven decision-making.
- In what ways can CDOs collaborate with executive leadership and other stakeholders to drive data initiatives that deliver significant value.
- Exploring strategies to overcome organisational/legacy barriers.
- The impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data automation on the CDO / CAO role.


Participating Panellists:


Asha Saxena, CEO with WLDA (Moderator)
Yvonne Li, CDAO & VP Enterprise AI with Advance Auto Parts
Pawan Verma, CDO with ICBC
Sriraman Pattabiraman, VP, Data Management & Reporting Lead with State Street Corp. 
Amrita Ghanekar, CDAO with BNY Mellon

Augmented Intelligence is a human-centered design pattern that enables people to optimize cognition, decisions and outcomes by leveraging artificial intelligence. A tremendous amount of attention has been spent on the artificial components of this consideration, including aspects such as the models themselves, the data, the cloud, costs, and even, water needed to support cooling centers. All of which are necessary to understand how to build for a generative future. Yet, the technological considerations are only part of the picture. Augmented intelligence, introducing generative AI to our businesses and to society at large, depends upon a successful understanding of, and interaction with, the humans who utilize such models. This presentation will introduce the relevant human factors which need to be adequately considered for augmented intelligence to be fully realized and adopted in the foreseeable future. 

Join Matt Lewis, CAiO for Inizio Medical, as he dissects the various challenges and shares his experience regarding the crucial operational advancement.

So much of modern business is reliant on high quality data; slacking in this area can lead to costly backlogs and can easily set businesses up to be competing on the back foot. Especially with the integration of AI into a broad range of business processes, clean data is needed to be sure that reliable forecasts are made and that other projections are accurate. There are a mixture of legacy issues that can cause internal mismatches between different systems, leading to slower communication and missed opportunities. Alternatively, the methods utilized in order to capture data can sometimes be severely lacking and outdated. Overcoming issues such as these is of paramount importance to Data professionals and their departments. Join this boardroom session as we unpack some of the challenges, obstacles and solutions that exist on the path to efficient Data governance and accurate analytics.

Join Harrison EngVP & Data Quality Lead Analyst with Citi as he unpacks some of these themes and ideas, and leads the discussion in this intimate boardroom session. 

During this 40 minute session, our attendee's will have an opportunity to mix and mingle in themed groups. The topics of discussion: 

  • Data Quality
  • Data Governance
  • BI & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence &ML
  • Data Security/Protection

Join our various speakers face to face, to discuss some of the key contemporary issues on all our minds.

Join this Keynote Address by Jyotsna Sharma, Head of Data & Analytics with Mars, as she unpacks the primary challenges faced by data leaders when fostering a data-driven culture across their enterprise, and explore best practices for overcoming these obstacles to establish a data-centric operating model and mindset.

- Empowering employees with the essential skills to interpret data effectively and make informed decisions at all levels of the organization.
- Managing and overcoming resistance to change by securing leadership support and implementing clear and persuasive communication strategies.
- Establishing a unified source of truth by dismantling data silos, fostering collaboration, and promoting cross-functional data sharing.
- Prioritizing data accuracy, completeness, and timeliness to deliver consistent data quality that underpins reliable insights.
- Implementing robust data governance processes and procedures to instill confidence and trust in the data, ensuring its reliability and integrity.

With all the recent hype, it's hard to sift through the noise surrounding Generative AI. But how can data teams move beyond the lab and build real and safe Generative AI applications at the enterprise scale? Discover the key differentiators and relevant nuances this new technology brings to your business and how it can propel your organization forward.

Join Dataiku for this insightful boardroom session, exploring best practises for scaling your AI focussed projects.

Join this session, hosted by Nirmal Sugumar - SVP of Customer Analytics & Sciences at M&T Bank, as we explore how to effectively communicate the value of AI and data analytics projects to leadership, specifically focusing on demonstrating ROI and quantifying the benefits to the organization. We will explore key elements of a successful communication strategy, encompassing understanding your audience, framing your message, and utilizing data to substantiate your claims.

- Discover how to construct a clear and persuasive business case for your AI and data analytics projects by utilizing data-driven metrics to measure success. Learn how to effectively showcase the tangible benefits and demonstrate a strong ROI.
- Leveraging Effective Storytelling Techniques: Master the art of storytelling to captivate leadership's attention and effectively communicate the value of your projects. Understand how to craft a narrative that highlights the impact of AI and data analytics on strategic business outcomes.
- Identifying quick wins within your use cases to showcase immediate ROI. Explore how highlighting early successes can build confidence, gain buy-in, and pave the way for broader project support.
- Linking Projects to Strategic Business Outcomes: Articulate how your AI and data analytics projects directly contribute to driving strategic business outcomes. Learn how to align your initiatives with the organization's goals and priorities to secure leadership's endorsement and support.

Buffet lunch and networking opportunity.

In this panel, once again senior Data experts will come together to examine why it is crucial for the CDO and other Data executives to prioritize responsible and ethical Data management/AI usage, addressing concerns surrounding data privacy, bias, and transparency. By adhering to correct practices, not only can a favourable brand image be maintained, but also consumer data can be utilized in the most beneficial way.

- Ensuring the protection of your vital data in the cloud as well as across a variety of applications.
- Optimal approaches for Data Security and Privacy that ensure trust for both colleagues and customers.
- Handling incidents: What to do when things go awry?


Participating Panellists: 


Asha Saxena, CEO with WLDA (Moderator)

Zee Moradi, CDO with UBS USA

Vijay Venkatesan, CAO with Horizon (BCBS New Jersey)

Moe Emeesh, Lead of Data Security & Infrastructure with PNC


Essentials of Data management can be unified to principles that go beyond the boundaries of domain and scale.
In this Keynote hosted by Satyam Singh, AVP at Barclays we will explore and revisit the necessary elements in data management hoping to revive the motivations for teams under utilising data, teams unable to break through data challenges and team starting out their data journey. Furthermore we will be discussing how best to help businesses design and implement data strategies that improve decision-making, customer experience, and operational efficiency. We'll be aiming to identify and discuss the variety of opportunities that there are to use data more effectively and implement innovative data solutions that deliver tangible results.  

In the dynamic landscape of today's data-driven world, the critical importance of data literacy is taking center stage. Experts, leaders, and professionals from diverse sectors are all interested in its rising significance and the need for employees to be in-the-know when it comes to Data’s evolving application and utilization. This exclusive boardroom will highlight the wide-ranging benefits of fostering a data literate organization, and how best to ensure that there is company-wide informed decision-making, innovative utilization, and efficient communication regarding in-house Data Projects.

This discussion, hosted by Amrita Ghanekar, Snr Director of Data Strategy & Analytics at BNY Mellon, will delve into contemporary ideas regarding how to speedily boost your company-wide acceleration of data literacy initiatives.

In this intimate discussion, join Yang Gao, Sr AI Group Product Leader for Demand & Retail with Mars, as we delve into the critical aspects of AI product management, exploring whether AI success is more reliant on individual talent or a collaborative team model. We'll explore the role of talented AI product managers and how their expertise can drive innovation and navigate complex AI development landscapes, emphasizing the importance of having visionary leaders at the helm. Simultaneously, we'll examine the significance of fostering interdisciplinary teams comprising engineers, data scientists, designers, and domain experts, and how a harmonious collaboration can amplify AI product development, ensuring robust solutions that meet user needs and ethical standards. Throughout our conversation, we'll consider real-world case studies, share best practices, and debate the pros and cons of each approach, ultimately aiming to provide valuable insights into the path to AI success in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape.

During this 40 minute session, our attendee's will have an opportunity to mix and mingle in themed groups. The topics of discussion: 

  • Data Quality
  • Data Governance
  • BI & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence &ML
  • Data Security/Protection

Join our various speakers face to face, to discuss some of the key contemporary issues on all our minds.

Ensuring consistent data quality and availability throughout the enterprise is a significant hurdle confronted by CDOs & other Data Professionals. Having accurate, complete, and readily accessible data is vital at every level of the organization in order to be agile and adaptable. Join this session as we explore how CDOs can establish a robust data quality framework to unlock the full potential of all analytical operations. Join this engaging boardroom discussion hosted by Krishanu Agrawal - Senior Head Data Engineer / Data Scientist with Chubb, where we'll be exploring subjects such as: 

- Defining data quality standards, data ownership, and assigning data stewardship responsibilities. Developing policies and procedures for data management, security, and compliance.
- Deploying data quality controls that monitor the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data, easing the completion of regular data audits.
- Fostering a cohesive data ecosystem: Best practise when Integrating data across the enterprise, so to enable easy access across various departments and applications.
- How to harness the power of data analytics to uncover patterns, trends, and actionable insights that inform business decisions.
- What data visualization tools are available to present data in a meaningful and intuitive manner?
- Strategies for providing comprehensive training on data management best practices to empower employees.

It’s critical to understand the health of your product from your users’ point of view – from the start of their journey at a sign up through to ongoing use. But, many organizations view their users from only an acquisition or retention lens. Join Mary Alfheim, Head of Product Analytics at Amazon Prime Video, to learn how to break down business silos, and measure a full, connected path of conversion, engagement, and retention to maximize the health of your digital product.

Join this in-depth, one-on-one discussion with Manik Gupta, Chief Analytics and Insights Officer with Bayer Consumer Health, as he unpacks some of the key strategies used on the path to making the most of AI. Some of the key themes to be discussed: Data Strategy, Data Governance, Analytics and Gen AI in action. Bayer finds themselves uniquely positioned to unlock and implement cutting edge tech in order to pursue their "Health for all, Hunger for none" initiative. Make sure not to miss out on this deeply insightful fireside chat.

Networking drinks/cocktails and closing prize draw.

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